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Sending a quick question from my work desk. But why do people link the Morrígan to horses via Epona? Or just to horses in general?

I don’t think I’ve heard of the Morrigan being linked to horses via a link to Epona but I know She is often associated with horses because of Her link to Macha (who is often listed as one of the facets of Morrigan and/or a member of that sisterhood, depending on how you see Her).  Macha, in particular the Macha who is the wife of the widower Crunniuc that is found in the “Ulster Cycle” of Irish Mythology, is the one who is often associated with horses as she is forced to race against the horses of the king after her husband brags that she can beat them.  You can read more about this particular myth here.  Another link is the fact that one of Cúchulainn’s horses is called “Macha’s Grey” or “Liath Macha”.   Hope that thelps! 

The day after Halloween had been a major turning
point in Jupiter’s demeanor. Some grew crazy with
holiday shopping nightmares and other’s simply
couldn’t get enough of the Christmas music that
played nonstop on the radio. Santa’s face was
plastered over Jupiter like Wanted posters, his
jolly, red cheeked face brought excitement to the
small children and reeked havoc for parents
rushing to get their children’s wishlists full filled.

The flashes of red that danced in Charlie’s head
were not that of Santa nor were they visions of
gumdrops, but blood. Tremendous amounts of
blood. Her dream or rather, nightmare panned
to Dandy. She was alone with him save for the
source of the blood beneath them. It pooled
around her feet, staining her porcelain skin. 
The man, who Charlie presumed was his
victim, clawed at her, begging for her to
revive him. She didn’t know what frightened
her more; the blood or that she couldn’t
help him in any way as she was paralyzed,
left to stare at his mangled form courtesy
of Dandy.

The eerie and sadistic grin Dandy’s mask bore
was not only familiar, but it was enough to draw
a shrill shriek from her lips, and even more than
enough to draw her from her sleep. Shooting up
out of a dead sleep, Charlie gasped. Her body
shook and it was obviously confused as she was
both sweating and shivering all at once. Taking
a moment, she regulated her breathing. A pillow
wouldn’t have comforted her now. And despite
her nightmare being centered around Dandy
and his horrible and gruesome act, he was
the only one she wanted. The only one that 
could calm her.

With quivering legs, Charlie got out of bed, 
heading into the hallway toward Dandy’s room.
He was most likely asleep as it was three AM
from the looks of the clock that hung across
the hall. Stealthily, she opened his door, sliding
between the small entry way she’d given herself.
It was dark with only the light of the moon to 
illuminate Dandy’s body. Hesitantly, she climbed 
up on the bed, chewing on her lip as she watched 
him to make sure she didn’t wake him from his
sleep. Sure, she’d have to explain in the morning
as to why she was in his bed, but it would wait. 

Her adept fingers pulled the comforter over her
as she nuzzled as close to him as possible
without actually touching him even though
she wanted nothing more than to sleep in his
embrace. His presence alone was enough to
calm her as she shut her eyes, breathing deeply.