I found my friend standing there, up on that bridge one night. Standing right in the middle of the highway. He had lost hope, too. He thought there was no going back. But there’s always a way back. A way home. What he did, he didn’t think he could make it right, but I found him there. He was lost and had nowhere to go. He was standing on the median - Alone, hopeless. He was my good friend and he was up on that bridge thinking he didn’t have anyone left.


#BrandonFlowers, #RonnieVannucci Jr., and #DaveKeuning perform a bit of the song “Spaceman” acapella during the music video shoot of “Spaceman”.

#TheKillersTown #TheKillers

“ I have my whole arm up to the K planned out. The K and the Bolt are more killers centered.. I decided on the Bolt cause battle born helped me out so much for that half of 2012.. The symbols on the hot fuss tat, individually they mean Everything. Will. Be. Alright… My favorite song and another personal meaning behind it.” “I feel all the true victims love the killers equally, we all just show it in different ways.. Some with tattoos, other fan pages, and others just a simple decal on their cars you know.. ” … Good night travel well Frankie❤️ I would like to ask for help on behalf of his friends and family for funeral arrangements. The link is in my Bio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You #thekillers #Frankie #everythingwillbealright #victimfamily


“Mark @staugust Stoermer, did you bring your dancing shoes?”

(Complete Silence)

“That’s ok I know you did” 😎

#TheKillersTown #TheKillers #MarkStoermer #BrandonFlowers

I’m sure many of you remember Frankie @frankieq9 a very dedicated person and passionated Victim. unfortunately Frankie got extremely sick a few weeks ago and now is in a deep coma. I know we are a big and a united family. so I ask you to pray for Frankie’s health and for his loved ones. #prayforFrankie #Victimfamily #thekillers #ronnievannucci #markstoermer #davekeuning #brandonflowers


THE KILLERS / HOT FUSS / 2004 / Singles 🏢🏢 #myedit #thekillers #BrandonFlowers #markstoermer #davekeuning #ronnievannucci #Hotfuss #singles #videos #openthesky_letmefly



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