Love’s Aftershock

Love has thrown me
into an ocean, where I cannot
touch its depth nor rest my head
on its chest. Not until I am able
to hold its waves with my bare hands.
And that’s impossible.
Love play games like that.

I have only one wish,
to rest my head
and stay that way.
Unmoved by the aftershock
of love- of being so intensely
and wholly in love, yet losing it
all when it is over.

Thrown down again,
knowing nothing.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

darknesswings124-deactivated201  asked:

Hey! I just started a blog for helping with the anon-hate, 'against-anonhate'. Can you give me a list of blogs you know need a lot of love so I can put it there? I'm trying to help as much as possible and I'm getting people to run it in shifts so we can go around the clock as well, so you can get some sleep without as much worry c:

Thank god, some sleep, haha!

The blog: against-anonhate

People who need help: 

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Update 1

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And many more, probably! #affectedbyhate

Attention people receiving anon hate

Note: I tagged everyone I could from fluffydestiel’s list and freewillsam’s spreadsheet.  

I want you to know some things. Did you know that crows consistently harass eagles? Eagles are powerful enough to knock them out of the sky, but instead, they just fly to new heights where crows can’t survive. You are an eagle– powerful enough to overcome whatever gets at you, but you’re also merciful enough to transcend them– but you still leave them far behind. You know how abusers will tell their victims “you’re not good enough” or things related? The victims start to believe it because they hear it over and over again, despite it being untrue. Don’t let this happen to you because of anons, people in real life, or your own depression-caused thoughts. Now, you obviously cannot just talk your way out of a mental disorder. You do have the power, though, to slam the door on bad thoughts (and bad anons) if not stop them from knocking. It’s hard, but possible. You need to do the opposite of anons and your depression. I want you to PROCLAIM, out loud, every morning, that you are kind, smart, lovable, loving, and more. With enough repetition, you’ll start to believe it! When you believe it, you will be it, and you will be aware of it. (If this is the part when you start thinking, “I doubt it,” don’t believe that. That’s your disorder talking, and what it does is not your actual attitude. I am not a medical expert but I do have experience.) It will be harder for you than others because your thoughts gravitate in directions you don’t want them to against your will (I have OCD so I get it), but you ARE strong enough. Stay on your meds and keep seeking professional help. I don’t know how religious you are, but it’s how I best explain things. God does not make junk. You are a talented, kind, smart, important, worthy, and loved person. Psalm 34:17, “the righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” I also like Jeremiah 29:11, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ Declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Another quote thathelped me was from Charles Spurgeon, “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it only empties today of its strength.” Your mind attracts what you continually (willingly) think about, so condition yourself to be what you want to be. 

Once again, do not listen to anon hate or your own bad thoughts. Would you take multiplication advice from a first grader? Of course not, because they don’t know multiplication. Don’t listen to people who know nothing about you. Their hate has no foundation. It is about them, not you. They are discontent with their lives and envy yours (your passion, your community, everything). They don’t see a way to make their lives match yours, so they seek to destroy you because their envy scares them. People tend to take negative comments more seriously than positive. It’s the longer-to-build, seconds-to-destroy kind of logic. That is super faulty, though, for all the reasons I just described. Listen to the love. Listen to the support, because it comes from your friends, and your friends know you. They can attest to your amazingness. If people know you, they will only speak words of love, because that’s all there is to say about you. Love. These anons and your depression will try to point out your flaws– don’t believe them. I won’t be doing you favors by saying that you’re perfect; you have a few bugs here and there like the rest of us because you are a person. But hey– you are a work in progressnot a failure. You need to be around to see what marvelous work you are going to be. You do NOT have worse, or more, flaws than anyone else. You ARE amazing, special, kind, lovable, loving, and crucial to the people around you. You have so much to offer the world. Know that you are loved– by your friends, by your family, by me, and by God. 

Please feel free to share this with whomever! 

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