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Befor you start reading this imagine,you need to know that some parts of my own life are in it, but i hope you still enjoy reading it. 

Part 1

I had a big fight with one of my friends in la, we moved form la to omaha where me and my family live now for 2 years . after the fight i called 3 of my best frinds jack johnson, jack gilinsky and sam wilkinson. Jj live just across the street thats why he was the first one who came over to my house. I told him everything and he got a bit mad at me.

“Just don’t fight for a friendship like this anymore, i don’t know if you can even call this a friendship, i mean he never really texted you anyways, so it’s not worth it  no matter how long you guys have been friends” jj sayed annoyed „But i was friends with him for i guess 2 or 3 years now he helped me throgh a hard time“ i sayed to jack j, he geave me this look like ‘girl don’t try to make it better’.

Jack johnson and me have been frinds since i moved to omaha.

„don’t try to make it better (Y/N) ,because you can’t, he was a asshole ,he didn’t treat you right and i told you this so many times befor and don’t tell me that everything is ok now because we both now that it gets worser day by day, i can see it when you look at me!“ jack talked down to me. „i know but i can’t stop liking him, he was like my best friend.“ i nearly whispert.

„(Y/N)…“ jj started as someone knocked on my door.

„Come in“ i sayed a bit annoyed because i thought that i was one of my brothers again.

„hey guys!“ two tall boys entered my room jack gilinsky and sam wilkinson, i also know both since i moved to omaha with my family and both of them were really close friends of mine and jj.

„hey“ i answered smiling looking at sam, I had a crush on him since… well i dont know since i saw him for the first time. Sammy smiled back at me. Honestly, i guess he know that i like him but that was one of the tinyest problems i had right now. Sure it bothered me but against the thought that one of my closesed freinds didn’t want to be friends with me anymore and that i cut daylie always thinking that i’m not good enought and know one really understod my problems and ,my parents didn’t even tryed to help me was sam the last problem i had right now.

„but look jj, just imagine that jack would text you ‘dude i don’t care about our friendship anymore’ and do not reply to any of your textes anymore. How would you feel? Huh, wouldn’t you try to fight for your freindship?“ i asked, with a whiny voice, i could feel the tears come up again, but the last thing i wanted to do was cry infront of the boys.

Jack g saw it and came up to me and gave me one of those hugs where he pulled me so close to him that i always feeled safe and he knew that i loved this hugs so much, jack g was one of a few people who knew that i cut and everything and no matter how bad my day was, how much i cryed or how late it was, i just had to text or call him and he came around to cuddle with me or just to listen to one of my dumb storys again and after that he always maked me laugh, thats what i love so much about him. After i pulled myself away and smiled at him, i turned to jj again „guess what it’s not worth talking about it right now.“ i sayed in a serious way. I stood up from my chair and walked to my bed, jj and glinsky still siting on my couch.

I layed down next to sammy, he turned around to face me and smiled the whole time, but i couldn’t smile and i neither could look at him right now. The whole situation stucked in my head and then the tears stremed down my face. I got up and walked to my bathroom, hopeing that no one saw me crying, but sammy saw it he walked after me and grabed my hand.

„why are you crying, whats wrong?“ sam asked in a sad voice, honestly i didn’t really know why he thought about this anyway, because he mostly tryed to not ask me whats wrong because he knew what was going on with my depression

 and panic attackes, he just didn’t k ow about cutting and that i tryed to kill myself 3 times. „it’s just… guess whatt, nevermind.“ i answered and walked into my bathrom and locked the door behind me.

Music was playing in my room so i knew that no one could hear me cryind in the bathroom. 15 minutes later i came out with fresh make up and a fake smile on my face. „ohh youre ok, i already thought you fell into the toilet or something“ jack g sayed laughing, i know that he knew that i was crying, cause he was my best friend and i could never lie to him, no matter, what healways  knew exactly when ii cryed my eyes out. „I’m alright“ i answered also laughing.

„ alright i leave now“ sammy sayed. „ why where are you going?“ jack g asked him, „i have a date now“ sam answered and winked. My mouth slowly opend but closed even faster. „y-you go on,on a date now?“ i asked, „who is she? Someone we now?“ jj asked. sam first turned to me and the to the boys „yes i have a date now and she’s one of (Y/N) friends.“.

I was cheerleader at my school and nearly everyone knew me, not becuase i was a cheerlader more because my big brother Nick was one of the best football players from our school.

I faked one more smile,even if it hurted so much to know that he would go on a date with one of my friends, well good friends who go out with my crush, they knew that i liked him. „ who is she?“ i asked still smiling. „jess“ he answered aslo smiling. As he told us who she is jj and jack looked at me with wide open eyes, „jess?“ i asked, „yes“ sammy sayed, „haha no way youre kidding arent you?“, i looked at him in a serious way „ sam, please tell me youre kidding!“ i sayed with a angry voice. „no i’m not kidding, and i need to go now, i’ll call you later“ sam sayed. He hugged me and leaved.

„didn’t you tell her that you like him?“ jj asked and he sounded a bit afraid. „of course i told her that i like him, she my best friend she was the first one who knew it!“ i answered screaming and crying running back to my bathroom.

What a awful person do i have to be that people do something like this to me was the only thing i thought.

Thats part one, let me know if you liked it and if you want part two :)