The Fades - Episode 1.01

There’s a couple of things you should know, Paul. One: you’re never as odd as you think you are. And two: the things that scare us are the things that keep us human. Never be afraid of being scared. Just don’t allow being scared to dictate the choices you make.

CL Features On Various International News & Music Sites

Billboard feature: (click here for full article).

“The track aims to lift the singer’s presence in the U.S. music market.”

Noisey feature: (click here for full article).

“CL: This song was made a few years back on New Years Day. I was in the studio with my producer Teddy randomly and we decided to make music. We started watching music videos of Wu-Tang on YouTube and “Method Man” came on. I went in the booth with the lyrics and started humming this melody which ended up becoming “Lifted.” 

Fuse TV feature: (click here for full article).

“CL owns the show with her eclectic fashion and swagged-out B-girl attitude, but she also gets some company from a legendary rapper.”

Mashable Asia feature: (click here for full article).

“The music video, directed by Dave Meyers (Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control) is an ode to New York City, with backdrops in the meatpacking, Brooklyn Bridge and SoHo with an all-star cast of a who’s who of downtown cool kids like Luka Sabbat.”

Stereogum feature: (click here for full article).

“Her new single is called “Lifted,” and it’s basically half a remake of “Bring The Pain,” the 1994 debut solo single from Method Man.” 

Vogue feature: (click here for full article).

“CL is a master of bold beauty statements—that signature heavy winged liner, the river of silver strands that whips around her as she moves. So today, when the Korean pop star released the video for “Lifted,” her first full English-language single, the onslaught of striking hair transformations came as no surprise, but rather, her latest master class in chameleonic style.”

TheFader feature: (click here for full article).

“CL makes her way through the city bopping along, enjoying 40s and a bit of smoke.”

Time feature: (click here for full article).

“Some of her faster rhymes evoke Nicki Minaj, but like Ke$ha before her, most of her lyrics are crafted as catchy sing-alongs over a minimalist reggae-infused beat.”

USA Today feature: (click here for full article).

“America, meet CL. She’s going to be taking you by storm, just as she took New York in the music video for her much-anticipated U.S. debut single, Lifted.”

Super stoked to be working with @nicoledollanganger! We’re reissuing ‘Observatory Mansions’ and 'An Ode To Dawn Wiener’ with bonus tracks on vinyl, cassette and CD. Check out an interview with Nicole and new song over at @thefader now, and catch her on tour currently with Teen Suicide and Elvis Depressedly. Pre-orders at www.runforcoverrecords.com

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The Fades Episode 1.02

It has to be possible for me to have two lives by being two different people because … I can’t say goodbye to what I have. And because if I do, then I don’t really know what we’re fighting for.

@therealdennisg talks with @thefader about his summer road trips to #Memphis with #Drake: During Drake’s childhood, you and he would take trips to Memphis in the summer. Is there a memory that sticks out in your mind that represents the best part of those trips? I mean we started driving to Memphis when he was five years old. How many years we came to Memphis? From the age of five to when he was 17. The most memorable thing is that the last time he actually helped me drive, from Toronto to Memphis. At the age of 17, he helped me drive the car and that was history. Was he a good driver? Yeah, by then! The only issue that Drake and I used to have is when we were driving down, when he got old enough, was whose turn it was with the radio. I would listen to soul music, R&B, and he wanted to listen to Kanye and rap music. We had an issue about that and we split times on the radio: You listen to rap for an hour, I listen to R&B for an hour. We still talk about that today actually. Another memorable moment was when he was eight years old, he said, “I’m going to do more music, more movies than you ever did. More commercials and more music.” I said, “Okay we’re going to see. Let’s make a five dollar bet.” He was excited about that. At a tour he did in Memphis at the Cannon Center, I had to pay him his five dollars. We laugh about that. Those were good memories.

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