therealhannahsimone:This week’s episode is one of my favourites. Cece finds the piece of paper where her and Jess wrote down the address for Apartment 4D when they were apartment hunting for Jess five years ago… It also marks an end of an era for Cece. She is moving out of her own place and into the loft. It was pretty weird to say goodbye to a set that we may never see again but the show is growing up… Oh and you get to see the first time Cece and Jess met Nadia. Lots of weird Cece/Jess flashbacks where they relive their move to LA and their lives before they met the clowns. Can’t wait to watch it with all of you on Tuesday xo #theapartment #newgirl #cecesaysgoodbye #nadiamcmouseoriginstory #season5yo


“For a while there you try kidding yourself that you’re going with an unmarried man. Then one day he keeps looking at his watch, and asks you if there’s any lipstick showing. Then rushes out to cach the 7:14 to White Plains. So you fix yourself a cup of instant coffee and you sit there by yourself and you think… and it all begins to look so ugly.”
The Apartment (1960)


Just #wokeup from my #beautysleep because I couldn’t make it to the #gym in time before the #outreach over at #TheRegalInn and fell asleep back at #theApartment. I want to keep sleeping, but I’m about to take my #AdvocareWorkoutRegimen and force myself to go to the gym right now.

Its Day 3 of the #24DayChallenge and I am feeling great! Its just another one of them days where ya gotta say “#DoItNow!”. #upperbodyday #Advocare #24DC #NoExcuses #DontHoldBack #NoEffortNoResults #ILikeResults (at University Gables)

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