kc au week  ⇏ day 2. adversaries

       ↳  ☆ heaven is a place on earth with you  ☆ au: Klaus is a fallen angel, said to have been driven to madness before going completely rogue. And who could blame him, after the countless horrors he must have witnessed ruling hell for centuries on end? But his freedom is threatened by Caroline, an angel stripped of her wings. And if she wants them back, she must track down Klaus and eliminate the threat he poses before his recklessness shatters the delicate boundary the separates humanity and divinity. It was supposed to be easy, but nobody had bothered to warn her that the devil was so damn devilishly handsome.


so like most people I am very terrible at social interaction so I’m taking it upon myself to find people in the same fandoms as me and make friends cause y'all are my people and you get me ok 😂

here’s a list of all the shit that I like (that I could remember off the top of my head):

• One Direction
• 5SOS
• Melanie Martinez
• The 1975
• Ariana Grande
• Ed Sheeran
• The Vamps
• Shawn Mendes
• New Hope Club • Why Don’t We • TØP

• Teen Wolf • Stranger Things 
• American Horror Story 
• The Vampire Diaries
• Riverdale
• Pretty Little Liars
• Supernatural 
• I legit just started Breaking Bad
• Scream • Hemlock Grove

other various things you should know about me:
• i only type in lowercase (with only few exceptions 😂)
• i curse a lot 
• i’m very shy but once you get to know me i get very weird real quick • Spider-Man and Captain America are my shit • I LOVE HARRY POTTER • i highly enjoy memes

• i’m Canadian wat up 🇨🇦

• i speak English and i’m fluent in French

• i’m a dancer (10 years strong❤️)

• i’m a senior in high school 👩🏼‍🎓

and lastly just message me and we’ll become instant friends ok don’t worry 😂😂

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request: I was wondering if you could write a fic where the mf gang™ hates kai but after he helps the reader with her anxiety, they start to warm up to him? And no one could ever help her like he did lol. I hope that makes sense

a/n: insp. from the beautiful stelena 2x02 scene

gif cred - @mystic-falls


Mystic Falls was filled with the scent of buttery and caramelized popcorn, and speckled with colors of fleecy pink cotton candy and twinkling neon booths. It was the annual fair, which meant waves of students and adults alike came flooding onto the patchy green grass and into the bustling world of rides and purple paper tickets. Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena, all stood distributing fluffy overstuffed toys at a water gun booth, their faces lighting up when they saw (Y/N). She emerged from the banner covered entrance wearing a lavender dress that ruffled around her waist, her hair falling in loose curls around her face. 

“Hey!” Caroline beamed when she made it to them.

“Hey,” she gave a half a smile.

“What’s up? How come you were late to your shift?” Bonnie inquired with a tilt of her head.

“Oh, nothing,” she waved dismissively. “Just got a little caught up.”

“Well, it’s good you’re here,” Elena flung her arms around her neck in a hug, smiling into her hair. “We’ve missed you.”

“I’m sorry,” she frowned, squeezing her friend, “I just haven’t been feeling well.”

“But you’re back from the dead!” Caroline glowed, adding with a whisper, “just like me.”

The girl’s laughter got caught in a swirl of chortles with her friends, the aqua sign sending a blue sheen over their faces. She gave a weak laugh as her expression lowered a bit, the events of a few years ago dawning over her features, remembering Caroline’s bloodied and tear stained face as she’d struggled with her transition. 

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Caroline nudged. “Don’t think about that, we’re here now, all happy and safe, why not celebrate that?”

“You’re right,” she nodded.

“Just-” Bonnie cut her off, “right after you finish that shift?”

The girl nodded and spun behind the wooden frame where children lined up and plucked colorful guns from a bin of cool water. She snapped a ticket off the next contestant, “already on it.”

“We’ll wait!” Elena insisted, “we can’t just leave you here!”

“No, go!” she smiled. “I was late, after all. Go have fun, I’ll meet you in a few.”

Bonnie jutted out her lower lip, her dark eyes narrowing, “by yourself?”

“Don’t worry ladies, she’ll have me,” a familiar voice snapped into thin air as the chocolate haired heretic dissolved beside the purple dressed girl.

“Ugh, ew,” Caroline groaned, “even worse.”

“I’ll be fine,” the girl persisted, bringing her eyes up to look at Kai Parker’s mischievous blue orbs. “You’ll be on your best behavior, won’t you, Malachai?”

Kai cocked his head to the side with a flicker of his tongue over his teeth, grinning when one of the water guns began uncontrollably sending water in all directions and over the bickering children. Then he shrugged, stopping it all together when met with the glares from the girls, “of course. Now why wouldn’t I?”

“I’ll stay,” Elena decided with a push of her hair behind her ears.

I’ll be fine,” she snapped again, a little more aggressively this time.

Bonnie sighed, giving the boy a shake of her head, “I can’t believe you can stand to hang around alone with this sociopath.”

“He’s not-” the girl began, stopping abruptly when she felt, from under the booth table, a firm hand decorated with silver rings, pressing firmly against her own. “I’ll see you soon,” she decided, her words coming slow and thought out.

Each girl gave Kai a fleeting look of disgust before spinning on their heels and disappearing into the crowd. Suddenly, the sound of tinkling rides and laughter seemed to come in a dull throb to her ears, the rainbow halo of the nearby carousel blurring in her vision.

“(Y/N)?” Kai’s voice echoed as if from underwater, “Hey, (Y/N)?”

She snapped out of her trance, turning to the heretic, “mhm?”

“Everything okay, sweetheart? For a second there it looked like-”

“No no, don’t worry,” she tilted her head, giving Kai a playful shove when he scrutinized her, “I promise.”

Kai dropped his hand from hers and ran it through his brown locks before dipping them snugly in his pockets. He wore a big black coat and dark ripped skinnies, his tattered white converse encrusted with dirt. His rings sparkled under the booth lights, blue eyes big and happy.

“Thanks for stopping me just now,” the girl said as she handed a yellow giraffe to a babbling little girl, absentmindedly plucking a ticket from the next student.

“I’m happy you’re here,” she confessed.

“Missed me?” he smirked, knowing very well how much she did. “I saw you just a few days ago.”

“Oh shut it, Parker.”

He caught his lower lip between his teeth, aching to wrap her in his arms, kiss her, do something, anything at all, but he didn’t.

“Do they know?” he asked in a hush.

“No, and I’d very much like to keep it that way,” she swallowed nervously, focusing her eyes on the next member in line.

“Come on,” Kai urged, trying to tear her eyes back to his, “you can’t keep this stuff bottled up.”

“I’m not,” she shrugged. “I have you.”

His heart did a flip as he gave a bashful smile, “and?”

“And,” she breathed, leaning her hip against the oak as she fidgeted with her violet dress, “that’s all I need.”

Those blue eyes crinkled, dimples on his cheek, “you’re something else.”

She smiled, “plus, I’ve been feeling a lot better anyways. I think I’m through this,” she turned.

He rubbed with agitation at his stubble, disbelieving of her words, “yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said with a lack of confidence.

She sweetly addressed the little boy who’d won a dog plush, ignoring Kai’s disbelieving glare. 

“Then…” he began quietly.

“What?” she said, scribbling with black marker over her shift as a boy slid behind the booth to cover her position. She ducked out of the stall and into the busy grounds, Kai following close behind her silver heels.

“Then show me,” he urged into her ear as they walked.

She could make out her girlfriends near a crimson circus tent, her pace picking up as she hurried towards them in silence.

“Hey, answer me,” he hissed.

She cleared her throat and walked faster.

“(Y/N)!” he commanded in a low rumble.

She said nothing.

“You asked for this,” he grumbled, grabbing her lightly by the wrists and poofing them out of the open fair grounds right as Elena raised her eyes to the girl, shaking her head in bewilderment and swearing she’d caught sight of a lavender dress only a moment ago.

She found herself at the outskirts of the fairground under the lanterns that circled the exit, the music and chatter coming distant now.

“What was that for?! Put me back!” she hollered.

“Not until you tell me what’s really going on,” Kai pleaded, his voice desperate. He grazed his fingertips over her wrists, tugging her gently when she tried to pull away. “You said you wouldn’t push me away, remember? So please,” his voice broke, “don’t.”

Her shoes crunched under the dirt and gravel as she tilted her head down, “why bother, you already know, don’t you?”

Kai nodded, bringing a hand to her cheek, “but why would you lie?”

“Because, Kai, I just don’t want to drag you into this anymore. So you know what, go ahead, see for yourself,” she bit at her tongue.

The heretic closed his eyes as he glimpsed through snapshots of her memories, landing on a particularly dark one. He saw the girl curled against a wall, later with her hands on the shower, another time against her bedroom door. The room spun, tears clung at her chapped lips, she fought for oxygen that didn’t seem to come. Nobody helped, she just curled alone, the panic and fear eating her up from the inside out. She screamed, a low cry emanating from her throat, her eyes red, but nothing and nobody came. 

He pulled his hand away with a gasp, his eyes fluttering open, a tear trailing down his cheekbone. She blinked up at him, her lip trembling, “is that what you wanted to see?”

But he just shook his head and yanked her into his front as she went flying into him, her nose burrowed into the crook of his neck and breathing in his dark cologne and piney scent. He wrapped his arms snugly around her, his lips atop her forehead as he cradled her in his embrace and squeezed her like she was his lifeline. He didn’t care when she sobbed into him, when her tears stained the hem of his shirt, he just cooed to her and swayed her in his hug, never once daring to let go.

“I’m sorry,” she said through a sob as she pulled away, her eyes red.

“No,” Kai commanded, brushing his thumb to sweep off her tears, “don’t say that.”

“It’s just gotten so bad,” she wiped harshly at her nose.

“I’m here, it’s okay,” he tried, cupping her cheeks in his palms.

“These panic attacks, t-the anxiety, I don’t know, Kai…it just feels like I’m drowning all the time. But I can’t let anyone know or I’ll drag them under the surface with me. And I didn’t want you to have to do that, you don’t deserve that. Especially because you’ve been so happy recently and I didn’t want to ruin it just like I ruin everything-” she rambled helplessly. 

“No-you don’t- I don’t-” Kai stuttered over his words, pausing to think. “I’ll never be happy if you shield yourself off like this,” he sighed. “But you’re right, I’ve been so happy, but not because I’m selfish, because I saw you smiling and laughing, and god does the sound of your laugh make me happy,” he said.

The wind snapped at her skin and brought goosebumps to her arms, so Kai peeled away his coat and tucked it around her arms.

“Look at me,” he insisted, his blue eyes sad.

She did.

“I won’t let you get through this alone, I swear to it. And I’m not telling you to fix yourself because I know healing takes time, and this stuff doesn’t come easy. But I’ve hurt like you before, so believe me I know that the crushing lonesomeness and isolation I endured will only make it worse. You’re just a little unsteady, is all. But so was I. So am I. And I’ll be with you for every step of the way until you don’t feel scared like that,” he whispered. “Got it?”

She nodded, her eyes red, but gave a true smile to the heretic, “got it.”

Suddenly, a set of voices cut through the starry night. The carnival was blinking out into the splotches of darkness, the upbeat music whirring away with the over saturated colors of the rides.

“(Y/N)?!” Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline called as they bolted towards their friend. “Are you okay?!”

They saw her tear stained face and pale skin, Elena grimacing, “did he hurt you?!”

“I swear to god-” Bonnie growled and raised her hand to the heretic.

“STOP!” she said, curls spilling over her face, “all of you!”

“(Y/N),” Kai breathed.

“No,” she shook her head, “I’m sick of watching you get harassed by them and watching you just stand there and take it after everything that you’ve done for me,” she faltered.

Kai just nodded and slid his fingers between her own for comfort.

“Stand by you? This psycho-” Caroline began.

“Don’t,” she snapped. “You have no idea,” she said through clenched teeth, “what I’ve been going through. And I didn’t want to make a big deal about it because we already have too much going on without me in the way, but I….”

The wind rustled the girls hair as they stood, lips bent to a frown.

“I’ve been going trough an awful time, mentally,” she gulped. “And I thought I was past it, but I was wrong. I’ve had trouble eating and sleeping, and doing things that come easy to most people, and sometimes it just becomes too much.”

Their eyes softened, “we had no idea…”

“I know, and I liked it that way. But you deserve to know. And you also should know that Kai is the one who kept me going, who kept me fighting, who kept me alive.”

She felt a squeeze of his cold rings against her flesh.

“When I couldn’t sleep at night, he was there. When I felt an attack coming on, he was there. When I almost pushed it to the edge, he was there,” she whispered. 

“And I couldn’t do it without you,” she said, turning to face the heretic. She touched her forehead to his, her nose brushing against Kai’s, “I…”

“I know,” he soothed, closing his eyes.

“Thank you.”

She’d said it so softly they’d almost missed it.

“Thank you, Kai,” Elena said again, louder this time.

Bonnie nodded, wiping at her bleary eyes, “I’m sorry we weren’t there for you.”

“But you were, and…” Caroline trailed off, giving a nod. “You did what we couldn’t. I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”

The three girls stared at them, pleading forgiveness.

“It’s okay,” she sighed, pulling from Kai. “I should’ve been more honest, and I will be from here on out, I promise.” Then she extended her arms, “And I love you guys.”

She was wrapped in a nest of arms and hugs and I love you’s, her friends like a blanket of warmth tingling over her nerves. They smiled and sniffled and pulled away, all giving a nod to Kai that said to him what words didn’t need to describe.

“Girls night sleepover later?” Elena piped up.

The girl turned and locked her eyes to Kai’s misty blue ones, he gave the okay, but she frowned.

“Actually, how about we do that tomorrow? I think I want a little more time with Kai, if that’s ok?” she interjected.

“Of course,” Caroline smiled.

She felt Kai’s familiar grip around her wrist, “Where are we goi-”

She hadn’t even finished her sentence before she’d landed atop the ferris wheel, squished into a cart with the heretic, who gave her the fondest of smiles. He snapped his fingers and the golden lights buzzed and crackled, illuminating the inky black of the empty fair grounds.

“You really stood up for me back there,” he murmured, tracing an absentminded pattern over the edge of her lavender dress.

“Of course,” she smiled, looking over his face, which shone dimly against the warm lighting.

“You even turned down girls night,” he joked, “must mean I’m a pretty special guy.”

“Yeah, you are,” she answered without thinking, her lips twitching.

“Do you feel better?” he asked after a moment, scooting closer to her.

“I do, a lot,” she said, resting her head against Kai’s shoulder. She closed her eyes and breathed him in.

“Are you scared?” his voice came low.

She opened her eyes again to see him dangerously close, his blue orbs searching her face. Her heart did a flip, her insides churned, and she momentarily lost her breath.

“A little,” she said, unsure of what exactly she was referring to.

“Me too,” he swallowed, his jaw pulsating lightly.

He caught his lower lip between his teeth, aching to wrap her in his arms, kiss her, do something, anything at all, and this time he did.

He gently crawled his fingers beneath her jaw, tilting her mouth up and locking his lips perfectly into place against hers. She sighed against him, pressing into his lap as she closed the gap between their bodies and they both became one buzzing mold of fire and electricity. She ran her fingers through his hair and deepened the intensity at which she consumed his taste, his silver rings grazing her cheekbone. Then she smiled, smiled so much she had to pull away because she couldn’t contain herself.

“What?” Kai snorted when he saw her expression and flushed cheeks.

“I can’t help it,” she giggled.

“Help what?” he tilted his head like a puppy.

“Smiling, containing the butterflies in my stomach, feeling happy-” she chuckled and sunk into his lap, eyes drawn to the stars in the sky..

“And where’s this coming from?” he brushed his fingers through her locks with ease.


He sighed happily and kissed her forehead.

“I guess I never had a reason to feel so happy before,” she blinked up at him, “until you.”

I want to be optimistic and wait for the ratings to drop as viewers abandon this train wreck of a show, and for the writers to realize Iris is killing the show and get rid of her, but I can’t. Unfortunately this is the CW, and if someone on the board has the hots for a certain pairing (like it happened on The Vampire Diaries), even though that pairing is abusive, unhealthy and detrimental to ratings, it will still be dragged on till the end. To me, Flash had only 1 season. Which is too bad, because the show was amazing.
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Thank you for 3,000 followers, I’m gonna love you forever! Seriously though, I started this blog because I fell in love with a few characters from a TV show I was binge watching on Netflix, and I never expected to have the amazing experience I’ve had. Thank you to everyone who has reblogged my edits, given me music suggestions, and listened to me rant about Delena in your messages. I can’t wait to create more content! Thanks again!

Saw this on Pinterest creds to owner. But like this has been happening to me at the library like I want to know what the book is about not someone’s opinion