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“i will rip this town apart until it rains blood.”

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Elijah took an annoyed breath as he switched the phone to his other ear. You had just given him the same response to his plan that his brother had only moments before. It annoyed him to no end how similar you two were. It was no surprise you two got along so well. You were practically the same person.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 009
warning  : smut
summary : Kai has set rules when it comes to him and Reader doing things and Reader breaks one of them.😈
* gif by pipesmleah

Kai couldn’t help but smile seeing her curled up on the bed next to him just as the sun was starting to seep through the curtains. It had been seven months since they had met , almost five since they became a couple and during this entire time his life had changed completely , all because of her. Y/N had been the only one to give him a chance and somehow she had found her way into his heart. He loved her more than anything and was pretty sure he’d die if it meant saving her. That’s how much he loved her and knew what he felt was real and the most strongest thing he had felt in his entire life.
    “So absolutely beautiful —” he whispered , kissing her forehead gently before slipping out of their bed to surprise her with breakfast in bed , listening to her heart beating the entire time. He loved listening to her heart beat. It was the most important sound to him because as long as her heart beats , there was a reason for him to be. Without his Y/N , he just felt so damn lost and he never wanted to go back to the person he was without her.
    “So hot in that black shirt and those boxers.” said Y/N biting her lip returning him to reality. “I can’t even - ”
Kai had gotten so lost in his thoughts about the night before while arranging the food tray , he hadn’t even noticed he was no longer alone in the kitchen. He turned around , seeing her push herself off the door frame taking a step inside wearing nothing but his t-shirt barely covering her body. Her hair was still messy and she looked so hot in that moment for a second he forgot what he was doing was a surprise.
    “No , no , no. You are ruining my surprise.” said Kai pushing her out the door, trying very hard not to think how she is 100% naked underneath. “Go back to bed. I’ll be there in five - “
Y/N grabbed the door frame trying her best not to get pushed outside. Last thing she wanted was to sit alone two doors down when what she wanted was right there. Their activities the night before had her so eager to stay in the kitchen with him , it was completely out of her hands. Kai was like a drug to her - the more she had the more she wanted and could never get enough of his touch or his kisses or him in general.
    “Fine. I’ll go.”
    “You will ?” he replied taking a step back from her , studying her face. “You are lying.”
    “Damn right I am.” she said jumping up into his arms , wounding her legs around his waist before smashing her lips against his. Lately his girl just couldn’t keep her hands to herself anymore and he didn’t protest. Kai couldn’t get enough of her or her surprises lately , like sneaking into the shower with him when she was supposed to be at college or pulling him somewhere they could be alone every chance she got.
    “Mmmm I love it when you do that.” he said , shoving her against the wall by the door.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers more greedy than ever pulling the air out of her lungs as always. Her fingers tangled in his hair , pulling him closer to her as if there was anywhere to go. Kai could barely make himself let go off her, specially after the way his girl tugged at his lip at the end of the kiss. He let her go on the ground gently watching her walk out the door , running into the kitchen not a second later.
    "I thought you were going back to bed ?” he bit his lip watching her bend over , looking for something inside the fridge. Kai couldn’t help but stare at her slim legs and her core right there waiting for him. Was the light playing tricks on him or had she started to get wet?
    “Where is it ? Did you eat the last piece of cake for breakfast?”
    "No.” he shortened the distance between them in a few short steps. "As much as I love chocolate , I love having you for breakfast way more. And what is so wrong with my pancakes that you don’t want them this morning?”
    “Who said I don’t want them ? I am starving , why can’t I have both ?”
    “Anything you want , sweetheart.” he said softly , bending over her. Kai snaked one of his hands around her waist while pointing at the chocolate cake with the other , swiping some of the frosting with his finger. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment trying not to think about what they could be doing in that moment , but it was too late for her to even try. She gripped his wrist cleaning out the frosting from his finger pushing her ass back at him while she did. Kai traced his fingertips on her thigh , innocently brushing them against her clit a moment later. He pushed the fridge door closed sliding one of his hands down to her core while the other went the other way , cupping her breasts through his shirt.
    “You are such a naughty girl.” he whispered , sucking on a spot on her neck. “I haven’t even touched you yet and you are already wet. You haven’t played by yourself have you?”
Y/N moaned softly , closing her eyes for a moment when his fingers began drawing soft figure eights on her clit turning her skin on fire again. Ever since Kai and she became a couple and moved in together , her skin rarely had a normal temperature. Not to mention his rules. There was something about ‘rules’ and ‘punishments’ that just did something to her and Kai was being so dominant when it came to them being intimate , it was all driving her completely insane.
    "No.” she moaned, pushing her hips down on his fingers. "But we are not doing this now.”
    “Aren’t we ?” he whispered in her ear. “I think we are. I want you – ”
    “Mmmm no.”
    “ - I always get what I want.” he nibbled on her earlobe , spinning her around a second later. “And right now I want to eat you .”
Kai’s lips smashed against hers , slowly backing her against the fridge taking her breath away completely just like always. He knew what his kiss did to her because the second he pulled away resting his forehead on hers , her heart rate had gone off the charts and her breathing just wasn’t there. Y/N demanded mouth to mouth after every kiss which was more than exciting for him since he felt the same way. Her hands moved up his chest until they hooked around his neck and their lips meet again in a deep passionate kiss just as his crotch pressed against hers, right before he pulled away leaving her breathless again.
    “You look a little dizzy. Are you feeling okay?” he said innocently , lifting her up onto the kitchen counter. His fingers brushed against her cheek and he leaned in a little closer to her. "Maybe you should sit down … or lay down — with me on top of you – while I make you scream my name.”
    “I c-cant breath - ” she grinned for a second before their lips collided again in a hungry demanding kiss. Y/N’s legs wrapped around his waist , pulling herself closer to him while her hands tugged on his shirt pulling it over his head. Five months together and the sight of his bare chest always made her feel tingly on the inside. Y/N bit her lip for a second and she reached her hands towards him wanting to trace every inch of it but Kai held them behind her back.
    “No , no , no.”
Y/N sighed. Out of all the rules the ‘no touching’ one was the one she didn’t like the most. How was she even supposed to keep her hands off him when he looks like that ?! Not possible. There wasn’t even time for her to protest before Kai’s fingers found their way inside her making her moan out , going in to the last knuckle curling around slowly before pulling out and doing it all over again without taking his eyes away for a second.
    "God you look so fucking hot moaning my name while wearing my shirt I just want to bend you over and have my way with you right here.” he whispered resting his forehead on hers.
    "So do it.”
    “You have classes. How are you going to go there if you can’t walk?”
    “Fuck me Malachai –” she moaned not a split second later.
    “Mmmm my sweet little Y/N – You know what happens when you call me that. No way I am letting you go anywhere today. Remember the rules ?”
His girl nodded and he pulled her by the thighs towards him until she was almost completely off the counter. Y/N looked down at him as he placed his hands on her inner thighs parting them a little wider , darting his tongue out , flicking her clit with it without breaking eye contact with her.
    “So delicious - ” he said, pushing his tongue inside her.  
No matter how many times he did that , every time felt more intense and magnified that the last. There was something about the way his tongue curled inside her while his nose brushed against her clit that just got her so crazy. Kai blew a light stream of air onto her clit , dipping his fingers inside her feeling every inch as they curled around before pulling out while he sucked and nibbled on her clit making her feel like she had high fever. His eyes were fixed on hers , darkening with each passing second until they were completely black with lust. Y/N loved that look in his eyes , seeing all the devils dancing in them each time he flicked her clit or his fingers hit her spot.
    "FUck , this feels so good –” she moaned , struggling to keep her eyes open.
Kai couldn’t get enough of seeing his girl looking like that - her mouth semi open , moans mixed with whimpers leaving her lips and the thing that turned him on the most — his name rolling off her tongue constantly while he devoured her hungrily unable to stop even if he wanted to. He loved how her body responded to every touch , to very curl of his fingers -
    "Look at those walls clench around my fingers.” he cooed. “I could never get enough of having them do that around me. ”
Y/N bit her lip slipping down towards him. Kai’s fingers pumped in an out so fast and combined with the way he was eating her out , moaning and groaning while sucking on her clit - it was all too much. Her walls clenched around his fingers again making her skin feel like it was on fire. All she wanted was to reach her hands towards him and push his mouth further on her but that wasn’t an option unless she wanted to get punished. Yet the thought of getting punished by him was turning her on like crazy in that moment for a moment her hands nearly reached for him.
    "Kai — I am so c-close.” she whimpered.
    "Hold it.” he demanded , slowing down his fingers’ movements delaying her release while pushing his boxers down. Y/N nodded , struggling to keep her hands away from him in that moment. She wanted to wrap her fingers around his hard lenght and drive him just as crazy as he was driving hers.
    "Please let me touch you –” she moaned , barely able to keep her eyelids from drooping. Each curl was pushing her closer and closer to the edge until she almost slipped. So many rules to keep. He wasn’t making it easy on her and sometimes she wondered if he invoked like 5 of them each time to see when she’d break.
    “No.” he scooped her up , letting her down on the kitchen table. Kai pinned her hands over her head , brushing his fingers against her cheek and slowly trailing his fingertips down her neck feeling her blood. pulsating in her veins. Her heart was beating like crazy , the heart beats almost visible through her skin.
    “So freaking hot with that look in your eyes.” he moaned , teasing her entrance with the tip of his lenght before entering her slowly , making her feel every inch on the way in. “It drives me completely insane.”
For a moment he waited , giving her a little time to catch her breath. Everything was downhill from there. Kai’s thrusts were fast and hard right from the start , making her body jolt forward each time his lenght filled her in to the brim , withdrawing and going in harder and deeper hitting her spot every time.
    “Fuck you are so tight around me – ”  he groaned.
Kai knew she was right at the edge with her walls clenching that frequently around him. He wondered how she was so damn good at keeping control. It was driving him nuts. Purple black veins flashed under his eyes and he picked up the pace, watching her hands ball into fists and could smell her blood which meant yet again her nails had dug into her palms.
    “Please let me c-cum.” she whimpered.
Kai slowed down slightly - withdrawing almost completely before going in slow driving her completely insane. It was a torture but the sweetest kind , thing was this time felt different. He had never said that many ‘no’s to her and she could barely hold it , or keep her eyes open. Y/N’s back kept arching off the table even though he held her down and his touch was only pushing her further towards the edge.
    "No.” said Kai with a devilish grin on his face , listening to her whimpers and moans turn into small screams colliding with his moans and groans. His hand slipped under her shirt , grazing his fingertips over and over around her belly button , slipping down towards her clit. Holding it was becoming harder with each passing moment , he could tell but he wanted to push her limits this time.
    "Fuck–” she begged again. “P-please — I c-cant hold it m-much longer.”
    "Yes, you can and you will unless you want me to punish you again.” he grinned at her. Kai’s thrusts got even faster and Y/N couldn’t hold it no matter how much she wanted to. His lenght entered her so hard , hitting her spot while his thumb drew rough eights on her clit , pushing her right over the edge before she had had the time to blink.
    "OH FUCk Kai –” she screamed , feeling an intense wave of orgasm tear through her body. Kai watched her thrash before him , barely able to suppress the smile on his face. He didn’t mind mind her eyes were closed. He didn’t mind her hands not being over her head as he had demanded either. A louder moan tumbled off his lips when her walls clenching around him triggered his orgasm , riding through both of them until they were finished.
    “I was wondering when your self control will snap in two." 
    "Kai I -”
    “Shhh sweetheart.” he said softly , pressing his lips against hers for a moment. “I understand. I really do. Only you did break a rule.”
Y/N’s lips crashed with his pulling out the air out of his lungs completely. Kai looked confused as to why she had kissed him specially since he had just said there was a punishment in her future.
   "I love you –”
   "I love you too sweet cheeks , but that’s not going to save you now.”
He brushed his thumb against her cheek , gently touching her lips right after , scooping her up a moment later. Kai carried her to their room, unable to take his eyes away from her the entire time. Y/N’s heart was beating so fast he was afraid it might burst or something and the way she was looking at him – how were her eyes doing that ? It was like they had turned into hearts just like in cartoons. He let her down on the bed gently and pulled out two ties from the nightstand’s drawer. Y/N braced herself on her elbows watching him play with them in his hands before tying one of them around her eyes and using the other to tie her wrists over her head.
     "What are you going to do to me?” she rolled on the bed.
     "I haven’t decided yet.” he thought out loud. “Funny , when I set the rules I had so many ideas but now - it’s all blank. I wonder -”
Y/N could hear him pacing around her , adrenaline and excitement but also a hint of fear flowing through her body. What could he have in mind for her now ? Being blind folded wasn’t knew - Kai had started to do that to her the night before he had set up the rules. It was exciting - the anticipation, not knowing what’s going to happen next …
     "Feet apart.” he said leaning in towards her with some buzzing sound around him. “You are going to love this one. I know , I will. One , two , three –”Y/N wondered what he was counting , her mind slowly processing how the buzzing sound got louder after each number and then she found out what it was , moaning so loud the sound was almost a scream. Kai pressed the vibrator against her clit and she felt her entire body light up in flames at once. When had he gotten one of those?
     "A fitting punishment.” he thought out loud , placing his hand on her stomach to hold her down. “You wanted to cum so badly — now you get to cum , over and over again. Weird , that sounds more like a reward doesn’t it ? There is a catch though -”Y/N squirmed , whimpered and moaned or more like screamed as another orgasm tore through her body. Kai kept his hand on her stomach , holding her down while playing with the vibrator’s settings switching between speeds but keeping it mostly to the highest one. There was no control over the sounds coming out of her mouth - it was all a mixture of whimpers , moans , screams and syllables not really forming words.
     "Oh shit – oh – FUCK —”Kai listened and watched unable to take his eyes off her as another orgasm tore through her body , making her thrash and squirm on the bed. Seeing his girl’s back arch off the bed while he tried to hold her steady on the bed was such a big turn on for him , Kai hadn’t even realised when he had gotten this hard again. His fingers wrapped around his lenght and he stroked himself for a few moments before ditching the vibrator giving her a few moments to catch her breath listening to her heart rate trying to calm down.
     "So wet. There is even a wet spot on the bed.” he grinned tearing his shirt off her and lifting her legs over her head. “I think I even made you squirt."He teased her entrance with the tip for a few moments before entering her slowly , making her feel every inch of his hard lenght before withdrawing almost completely and filling her in again. At first his thrusts were slow and deep , picking up speed every time getting her mind foggier by the second. No matter how much on fire she had felt with the vibrator , Kai was the one who made her feel like her skin was literally fire. The way he somehow always found the right angle to enter her and hit her spot was more than enough to make her lose it. Her back kept arching off the bed , her head throwing back again and again as another orgasm approached. Y/N had lost count how many there had been. Four ? Five ? Everything was a blur and she felt like she was floating on a cloud made out of fire. Her heart was pounding like crazy and she could barely breath , every sense in her body had been magnified off the charts
.     "I can-t — K-Kai st-stop ….”
     "Mmmm no.” he moaned thrusting inside her even faster using his vampirism to cheat. Y/N’s hands reached for him trying to push him off but he pinned them over her head again , slowly leaning in until his forehead rested on hers , feeling her walls clench around him almost at the same time his lenght twitched. His vampirism showed and he sank his fangs in her neck for a few seconds almost pushing her off the edge again.
     "Kai – I cant “ she whimpered. “S-stop , p-please.”
     "And there is your catch , sweetheart.” he moaned untying her hands and pushing off her blindfolds from her eyes. “That wonderful magical word I love hearing you say so much.”Kai’s thrusts slowed down so suddenly Y/N had no time to process what was happening around her. Or maybe her mind was too clouded at the moment to process it. There was no way to tell which one it was , specially with her boyfriend looking at her the way he was in that moment.
     "You mean to say that — I should’ve just added — 'please’ for you to — stop?”
     "Yes. That easy.” he grinned at her , pulling out of her when she gripped his wrists mouthing 'Don’t.’ Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek giving her a small smile , continuing to enter her very slowly. He could hear her heart and breathing trying to do the impossible and catch up with each other and failing every time.     “Wait – are you going to do this every time I — cum without permission?” she struggled to take a breath. “Cuz that was – awesome.”
     "You weren’t supposed to like it.“ he said a little amused , not even caring how her eyes had closed or that her hands had tangled in his hair pulling him down for a deep passionate kiss.
     "Whoops.” she said innocently. “You know you can go a little faster now right ? I’m perfect– fuckk "Y/N held onto his biceps while Kai’s lips pressed against hers , muffling her small scream when another orgasm tore through her body triggering his. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head while he rode through both their highs before collapsing on the bed next to her.
     "I — I think I’ll stay here. Can’t feel - my legs.” she laughed. Kai laughed with her. “I’ll be back in a moment. I think you need ice -”
     "Ice ? Wh-what ?“ she asked confused just as Kai whooshed himself out and in of the room. "Kai ?”
Y/N watched her boyfriend play with the ice cube in his hands before slowly trailing it all the way from her core up her body towards her neck , not taking his eyes off her. A small smile spread across his face seeing her bite her lip for and throw her head back at the feeling before his lips collided with hers.
    “Feeling less on fire ?” he whispered.
     "Not even close.“



True North {SE Pt. 3}

I unfortunately could not make this the last section, there were too many moving parts. But this is super, super angsty so I hope you enjoy it!

Link to first part: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/162905370050/guess-whos-coming-to-dinner

Link to second part: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/163149696545/just-this-night-se-pt-2

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Stefan decided to stay at the school but Elena had to go back to the Salvatore Mansion, she was expected to. Four times she’d said to Stefan, “I should go” and four times he’d responded, “Yeah you should” and four times neither of them broke their gaze or shifted an inch to signal that she should get ready before Elena found the resolve to leave his arms and get dressed. Now, she was parked outside the house, laughing and crying at the same time, her body experiencing every contradictory feeling imaginable. She didn’t regret it — tonight; finally allowing herself to breathe again, to accept that his touch revitalized her, awakened her. Even now she felt at ease, sane, and yet touched with exhilaration, like she had when she and Stefan were together, something within her had been returned and she felt good.

What she did regret was breaking her vows, was betraying one of her dearest friends. It was a particular kind of torture, to feel herself come alive beneath Stefan’s gyrating movements, only to feel a vehement guilt the moment they were away from each other. She felt guilty for leaving him at all, for coming back when it was too late, turning them both into disloyal people, and she felt profoundly ashamed for her unfaithfulness.

               Elena took a deep breath in and exhaled. She had to pull herself together. It had been a little over two hours since she’d been gone. She couldn’t waste any more time in the car. Giving herself a pep talk, she opened the car door and headed toward the mansion. She saw Bonnie from the driveway, a glass of bourbon in her hand. When Elena made it onto the porch, they both stared at each other before Bonnie looked away and stared straight ahead, taking a sip from her glass. Elena took an urgent step toward Bonnie and took her by the hand.

“You can’t hate me now,” she said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bonnie, please. I was suffocating before tonight.”

“I know.”

“I felt the way I did before I even met Stefan, like … I didn’t know how to live anymore, but then, I couldn’t feel anything, before tonight I was feeling the absence of everything I did feel when I was with him, it was maddening. I felt like I was going to go crazy.”

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Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Warnings: Nada

Word Count: 1068

Prompt Request: “71 , 53, & 1 with kai ? thank youuu :)” - @mooonshines

Malachai Parker has been your best friend for almost a year now and of course your brothers, Stefan and Damon were not okay with it at first. They even threatened to rip his heart out of his chest if he even thinks about laying a hand on you. But now that it’s been awhile that you’ve been best friends with him, they’re not as on edge as they see how much he genuinely cares about you.

You and Kai were having drinks and appetizers at the bar, cracking jokes and telling crazy stories about your past. Out of nowhere, your brothers make themselves known at the bar right beside you.

“Aw you guys are on a date? Cute.” Stefan joked before gesturing at the bartender to order his drink. You ignored your brother because you just weren’t in the mood. You hated being constantly teased about that. Kai, on the other hand, just smiled in amusement.

“You love birds.” Damon chimed in to tease you as well.

For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.” You snapped.

“Mmhmm.” Stefan fake believed you. The bartender gave Stefan and Damon their drinks, then they both started on walking away to take their drinks to the pool table.

“Catch ya later, sis. Have fun on your date.” Damon clicked his tongue as he followed Stefan.

“I think they’re funny.” Kai added.

You and your best friend ended up drinking more than you planned. The two of you weren’t necessarily sloppy, just simply not having a filter and started saying whatever comes to mind.

There has been a mixture of music genres playing throughout the night at The Grill, but this time, slow dancing music started to play. Kai hopped off of the stool, holding his arm out straight towards you.

“What now?” You raised your brows in question.

“Dance with me, my bestest friend.” He nodded his head as a ‘come here’ motion. You didn’t move a muscle which Kai assumed meant no. “Come on! Don’t be lame.” With his fingers coming from the body that extended out, he used the ‘come here’ gesture again.

“Fine. Fine.” You wined and got up your feet.

Your right hand held his left and since your best friend is a lot taller than you, you rested your head on his chest and he rested his chin on the top of your head. The physical contact was so close that you could hear his heartbeat. It gave you a feeling of warmth.

Kai randomly sighed dramatically which gave you a feeling of confusing. “What Kai?” You asked.

“Feelings are hard. Really hard.” Malachai paused. “So yeah, like I just kinda want to tell you that no matter what, I’ll always protect you, Y/N.”

“Me too. You’re my best friend.” Even though it’s quite obvious, you still wanted to reassure him that he’s important to you.

Out of the blue, he lifted up your right hand and spun you around like a ballerina which caught you off guard, making you chuckle. Then, Kai pulled you in close again, but this time it was so that the two of you gazed into each others eyes.

Why, just why did this gesture slightly change your feelings for seeing him as just a friend to now something more? Was it the alcohol or have you always felt this deep down inside?

“I thought I just like you, but no.” He looked up at the ceiling as if there was someone up there. “I kept telling myself ‘no Kai it’s just more than that’.” He changed the tone of his voice as he’s mimicking himself and finally, the heretic looked back down at you. “So like-”

“Okay come on spill.” You already had an idea of where this was going, but Kai was just blabbering and all you wanted was for him to get straight to the point already.

“I love you okay?” He confessed. Your brothers heard because they were already using their vampire hearing to eavesdrop once they saw you and your best friend get way too close. They set their drinks down and watched from a distance.

“You what?” You were in disbelief and pulled away from him, taking a step back. From all of the goofy things you’ve done together this past year, those numerous times he’s seen you without makeup and when you were at your worst, he comes to confess that he loves you. You wondered how long he’s been feeling this way and questioned yourself if you even feel the same.

“Oh come on. You’re going to make me repeat myself while your brothers are standing right there ready to snap my neck.” Kai glanced at Stefan and Damon, then focused his gaze back at you.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” You quickly glanced at your brothers, then grabbed your purse and jacket from the bar counter to leave the premises. Kai immediately aimed for your wrist, grasping it roughly to get your attention. It slightly alerted your brothers, making them take a step or two just in case anything goes down.

“Y/N please.” Kai begged. You’ve never seen him look so desperate.

“Honestly Kai. I just need some time to process this.”

“I’m not letting you go and we both know that you don’t want me to either. After everything we’ve been through.” Finally, he released his grip on your wrist and allowed you to walk out the door, not taking his eyes off of you as you’re leaving. Stefan followed after you to make sure you’re okay and Damon made his way towards Kai.

“What in god’s name is wrong with you, twat?” Damon snarled.

“Ha.” Kai fake laughed. “Like I have the time for you to belittle my sociopathic self.” He wasn’t in the mood to be around Damon, nor is he ever, so he shoved past him so that he can go outside and get some fresh air.

Right now, this environment reminded him too much of the good times he’s had with you. All he wanted was for you to say that you love him too. If not, it’ll break him because you mean too much to him. You were the one person he’s ever genuinely cared about. The one person he stopped killing for, but you need right now is to time to think and you’re hoping that Malachai Parker will have the patience for it.


Word count: 1,830

Request: You and Kai cuddle on a rainy day

Kai ran his fingers through your hair, gently combing it as your head casually rested on his lap, your body laying flat on a nice green grass under the beautiful blue sky. You reached out your arm and put a strawberry on his lips, him taking a bit out of it and then taking it out of your hand as he gave the other half to you, a smile appearing on his face.

‘How about you comb my hair now?’ Kai asked making you laugh, his fingers softly massaging your scalp.

'Nope, keep doing it, Parker.’ You chuckled as he leaned down, his face right above yours, his lips line with your eyes. Even though you have been watching him from a different angle, he still looked perfectly and the way he smiled at you, his shiny teeth showing every time he laughed made you happy and made you realize how lucky you were.

'It’s totaly not fair, but at least you can’t mess it up.’ He trailed off and looked away for a split second and when he least expected, you propped yourself up and dug your fingers into his hair, quickly tousling his hair. He parted his lips and looked at you wide eyed as you knew what would he do next. You quickly got up and started running around the beautiful meadow, but only a second had passed and Kai was already up on his feet, chasing after you.

'Oh, no you didn’t!’ He said through laughing and wrapped his arms around you from behind, your laughed filling up the air. He kissed your forehead and spun you around, placing a small lock of hair behind your ear.

'Giving up on your revenge, Parker?’ You winked at him and chuckled as he fought so hard not to start laughing, but that was way stronger than him. 'Damn it! I can never remain serious whenever I’m around you.’ You intertwined your fingers with his hair, fixing the damage that has been made, your palm brushing against his cheek.

'Never. I just need to come up with a great 'revenge’ for that. Maybe tickling or hiding your stash of chocolate?’ You furrowed your brows and looked at him befuddledly, his arms wrapped tightly around you as if he was afraid you would run away from him.

'I don’t- have that- um- I don’t have my super secret stash of chocolate that has a special place in the house.’ You answered him, trying to avoid his gaze because you knew he was telling the truth. You leaned in and locked your lips with his when you felt a small drop of water falling down on your cheek. You pulled away and looked up as it started raining more and more as seconds passed, your hair getting soaked.

'Shit!’ He pulled you closer and moved a lock of wet hair from your face, brushing his palm against your cheek. 'What- I- we need to go, Kai.’ You muttered, blinking away the droplets of water that kept falling down onto your face. Kai’s eyes piercing into yours, their blue colour looking like the ocean after the storm, having a special glow everytime he looked at you. You couldn’t help but smile and lean against his palm, his warmth radiating through your cheek as you closed your eyes, not caring about the rain anymore.

'You look very beautiful.’ He almost whispered and smiled for a split second.

'Let’s see if I’ll look beautiful when I have a fever and won’t be able to move my body.’

'Shh, don’t ruin this.’ He said through a laugh, his finger pressing on your rain stained lips. You ran your fingers through his wet hair as he cupped your face and pulled you in, his lips gently locking with yours, kissing you slowly and gently, shivers rolling down your spine. His hand caressed your back, trying to pull you closer even though there was no space between your bodies. He pulled away, his hands still cupping your face as he leaned down and pressed his forehead on yours, closing his eyes for a few moments.

'We should really go now.’ You whispered and parted your lips, your hot breath tickling Kai’s skin.

'You’re right, my lady.’ He quickly picked you up into his arms and ran as fast as he could and in no time, you were standing in front od his place, safe under the roof. 'After you.’ He opened the doors and let you in as you took of your sneakers on the way in, placing them in the corner not too far from the front doors. You nervously walked in, a medium sized living room flashing before your eyes. You looked around his place and realized you have never been here before. Kai has always visited you at your place and you somehow never found your way to his place before. It looked modern, nicely decorated and even though it looks small from the outside, it was completely different from the inside. You wrapped your arms around your body, rubbing your arms with your hands, trying to warm up a little bit as you started feelong the coldness from the rain. Kai gave you a sympathetic look and walked towards you, his hands finding their way to your waist.

'I should probably go home and change.’ You stuttered and looked down at your feet.

'I have clean and dry clothes in my room. You can choose whatever you want.’ He whispered and kissed your forehead gently, his body so close to yours, as your heart picked up its pace.

'I wouldn’t want to- um-’

'I’d love to see you in my clothes again.’ He smiled at you as he took you by your hand and led you towards his room. You stepped in and looked around, surprised as to how you felt like you were at home. It was beautiful and it definitely said Kai.

'Pick whatever you want.’ He whispered in your ear and hugged you shortly before he left the room, closing the doors behind him. You looked around before you walked towards his closet and opened it, at least a dozen of black shirts appearing in front of you, his trench coat not too far from them. You smiled at the thought of Kai wearing it because of how incredibly sexy he looked in it and how you got to wear it one time even though it was way too big on you. You picked one of his black shirts and closed the closet as you took of your wet clothes, throwing it down on the floor, leaving only your panties and a bra on. You picked up your wet clothes and walked out od his room, a beautiful scent spreading through the house.

'What does smell so great?’ You approached him and sat down right in front od him, his eyes glued to your smile.

'Just some toast, bacon and coffee and I have some chocolate if you want.’ He carefully arranged two pieces of toast and bacon on your plate before placing it in front of you. 'You look great.’ He whispered in your ear and kissed you right above your ear.

'It’s way too big on me.’

'I like it.’ He smiled at you, making your heart melt. 'You should wear it more often.’

'Only if you won’t hide your apartment from me anymore.’ You chuckled and took a bite out of your toast, your fingers playing with a cup of coffee that was placed in front of you.

'I’ve been hiding it, not from you but from everyone else so I can have you all to myself without anyone interrupting us.’ He placed his arm underneath your legs and wrapped one right under your breasts as he picked you up and carried you to the couch, placing you on top of him. You were completely laying on top of him, your faces only inches apart as his hands stay on your back, caressing it gently.

'It’s great having you here.’ He whispered and placed a lock od your still damp hair behind your ear.

'Really? Why is that?’ You placed your hand on his chest and leaned down, placing your chin on top of your hand, having a perfect view on his beautiful and soft lips.

'Because I can finally be me and I’ve dying to show this amazing place to someone and you were just lucky enough to be around.’ He chuckled as you lifted your head up and furrowed your brows before pecking his lips softly.

'And if I wasn’t, you wouldn’t show it to me? Like ever?’ You asked, your voice almost a whisper.

'Of course not.’ He muttered. You furrowed your brows and then hit his chest playfully when you realized he was joking about it, again. 'Of course I would.’ He said and pulled you in for a gentle kiss.

'You know I love you a lot.’ He muttered as you got up, holding his hand.

'I know.’ You chuckled and jumped a little bit, your fingers still intertwined with his.

'What are you doing?’ He asked befuddledly, his brows furrowing.

'Dancing.’ You trailed off and started jumping around, trying to dance but what you thought is that it probably looked ridiculous. Kai started laughing and propped himself up on his elbows to see better as he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

'You’re so weird.’ He chuckled and got up, as he started walking towards you, but just when he reached out his hand to grab your arm, you stepped back and started running around the couch, your feet bare on the wooden floor.

'But you like how weird I am.’ You jumped a bit a few times and turned around, feeling energetic as you couldn’t stop smiling. 'It’s one of those things you like about me.’

'I like everything about you.’ He trailed off and then used his vamp speed to run towards you. Not even a second later, his arms wrapped around your waist from behind as he picked you up and spun you around, a loud laughter escaping your body. 'Including your craziness.’ He let you down and turned you around before he picked you up again, your legs wrapping around his waist.

'Well, I have picked up your craziness. At least we match.’

'Yes we do.’ He kissed your lips passionately, your fingers running through his hair as he carried you to the couch and gently let you down. He sat down beside you and pulled you closer, his arm wrapping around your waist as you placed your head on his shoulder.

'I love you.’ You whispered and closed your eyes, his fingers traving invisible patterns on your arm. He kissed the top of your head before turning on the TV as you and him spent the entire day watching your favourite movies, while the sound of rain hitting the ground kept echoing through the window.