Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #5: Raphael

What is there to say about Raph that hasn’t been already? He’s a short-tempered, fight-loving tough guy with a soft center deep own. I gotta say this version of Raph is really great. While he still has some anger issues that I think will always linger, we’ve really seen him mature and grow. He’s gone from envious of Leo to being the first to lay his life on the line for him, hes become more compassionate, and grow from a cocky jerk to a cocky but good-hearted team player. Plus I have to say, out of all the non-regular voice actors (as in ones you don’t see do ti as much) Sean Astin was the one who won me over the most. His Raphael is PERFECT. I’ll even say it, he’s better than Rob was, but hey this Raph is different from 80′s Raph. His character development has been great and I very much enjoyed this take of Raph over all others.


Top 10 TMNT 2012 Characters - #4: Leonardo

This version of LEO, OMG. I‘m gonna be honest, although I always liked Leo in past versions I found him boring. I think because while we had Donnie the Genius Raph, the Brawler, and Mikey the Party Guy, Leo the Leader felt too much like a killjoy. But I LOVE how 2k12 Leo was done. He didn’t start as leader and we had to watch him grow into the role and struggle with wanting to be responsible and want to goof off. He’s faced many challenges, but he always came out on top and has gone from a hero fanboy with no true concept of the real world to a great leader who will do everything in his power to fulfill his mission and protect his family. It’s been a great thing t watch and Leo’s dorky personality and his growth have been one of my favorite things about the show. Not even all the voice changes with him could ruin it for me, XD.


Top 10 TMNT 2012 Chatacters - #6: Michelangelo

The party king himself! I’m going to be honest, Mikey is mixed for me. I have a lot of problems with how under-utilized he’s been lately aside form comedy, being the designated victim in recent episodes, and I just feel like as with Casey,t he writers aren’t sure what to do with him. Still, I love Mikey. He’s fun and his comedic use does help lighten the mood. He is by far the most pure-hearted and accepting of the main characters and while it hasn’t worked all the time, it had helped in many cases like with Leatherhead. But despite that, he is a skilled ninja and he adapts quickly, a side I wish fandom remembered more because Mikey can protect himself. He just may need more affection than the others at times. Mikey is just fun and he serves that role well, and that is why I love him!


“I don’t think you should ever pursue a career in singing, Kit…”

“Wow, Kylan. You sure know how to charm a guy.”