“Wishpins” Pushpins Encourage You to Never Stop Dreaming

As a child, you might’ve made a wish on a dandelion. OTOTO Design (creators of the adorable Nessie Ladle) capture this whimsy with Wishpins Pushpins. Modeled after the real plant, a series of clear seeds that detach from a green base and stick to a cork board.

Before that,OTOTO instructs, “Make a wish, now pin it to your board. This wish flower might not make all of your dreams come true, but it will make sure you never forget them.” The Wishpins are now available through Amazon.

Not a Bride But Still Blushing by cjr

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 5074

Derek owns a bakery. It just so happens that it’s Stiles’ favorite.


In which Laura is super cool, Erica is a tease, Boyd is a cake decorator, Scott is a friend, Allison beasts at video games, Lydia is a boss, Stiles eats croissants, and Derek blushes a lot.

Nemeckí dôstojníci na inšpekcii dobrovoľníkov z Ostlegionen (Wehrmacht), 1943. Odporúčam film “Mai Wei”, ktorý je o ázijských vojakoch, ktorí sa dostanú práve do Ostlegionen.

German officers at the inspection of volunteers of the Ostlegionen (Wehrmacht), 1943. I recommend the film “Mai Wei”, which is about Asian soldiers, who get to the Ostlegionen.