The most recent box office revenue of male actors

  1. 👑 Yamazaki Kento👑 (Orange & Wolf Girl and Black Prince)
  2. Miura Haruma  (Attack on Titan part 1 & 2 )
  3. Kimura Takuya  (Hero)
  4. Oguri Shun (Nobunaga no Concerto)
  5. Koichi Sato (64 part 1)
  6. Yamada Ryosuke (Assassination Classroom)

To those people wondering why Yamazaki Kento is getting all the manga live action roles. This is why, producers and directors have trust in him. 

His movie “Orange” and “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” are both shoujo manga. It’s not a big budget film like “Attack on Titans” or “Assassination Classroom”, but still Kento’s movies are box office hits. Not only that if you look at the ranking his movies are the only romance. If you rank base on budget and  subsequent revenue there will be a stark difference too.