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Kung Fu Panda 3 Full Movie

In original movie “Embrace of the Serpent (2016),” he will take us to the most extraordinary location of all—inside the mind. When Box Office’s movies with the same theme, produces imaginative, fairy tale and fantasy films. Hungry Hearts is successfully increases the row of film Hungry Hearts is the character of the classic story, which was filmed for the first time. Great credit to the director of Hitting the Apex , who greatly gives a new color in the world of cinema. Surely this is a new thing for Disney films over the years. The main characters are superbly appointed and the title of the film is usually loved by the audience which makes it all become iconic and remembered for all time.

Chicago officer sues estate of teen he fatally shot

Chicago Tribune: A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed his neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager’s estate, arguing the shooting caused the officer “extreme emotional trauma.”

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Photo: Officer Robert Rialmo states what becoming an officer means to him during a interview with a Tribune reporter March 26, 2013, at the Chicago Police Academy graduation ceremony. (Rachael Levy / Chicago Tribune)


2332 Bella Vista Drive, Santa Barbara, California |  Homeadverts

Private and tranquil home with panoramic views that go clear down to the Santa Barbara Harbor. Beautifully styled with a center courtyard, this 3-bedroom home has a 4th guest suite/office.


…I just wanted to write Jack being cute in the kitchen and really loving to feed rhys. okay? okay.

Jack works the kitchen like a master.

Rhys has seen him working in the office plenty of times. Back hunched, one hand in his hair, furiously muttering lines of coding as he looks over them, or making casual - usually disparaging - remarks about reports and who wrote them. This is a sight Rhys is used to when Jack works. But that’s when he’s working, ergo, right now this is new and confusing to Rhys.

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mikaylafinch asked:

Hello! I was thinking about HLV and I was wondering if it was ever explained how Mary got in and out of Magnussens office? I'm not sure if I just missed something but I've seen the episode multiple times and cant recall there being an explanation other than when Sherlock says "then she left the way she came"?

Hi! Nope, that was never explained. Like so many other things that episode. Sigh.

My theory: Janine let her in. Several minutes are dedicated to Sherlock explaining to John (and us) exactly how stacked the security is at Cam’s office. And somehow Mary gets in? Not in disguise, but looking like an assassin? An armed assassin? Is she Spiderwoman?

Mary knows the value of a confidante. And Janine had no problem doublecrossing Cam – the fucker bragged about flicking her in the damn eye, it’s not like he treated her well (and he must have had dirt on her). So yeah, I think she let Mary in and either let Mary knock her out, or Mary just did it as a precaution sans permission, because that way Janine doesn’t look complicit. Same reason Janine faked all happy-surprised at Sherlock’s proposal even though no one was there to see her reaction: Cam’s security cameras were recording everything.

Also worth noting:

SHERLOCK: And, of course, because he’s in town tonight, the letters will be in his safe in his London office while he’s out to dinner with the Marketing Group of Great Britain from seven ’til ten.

JOHN: How do you know his schedule?

SHERLOCK: Because I do. 

He knows Cam’s schedule because he’s ‘dating’ Cam’s personal assistant. Except, Cam WAS home. So Janine lied to Sherlock. Either that, or Cam’s plans changed. But the point is, Janine knew Sherlock was investigating Cam and that he thought Cam would be out, so I think she knew there was a good chance Sherlock would try to get in that night.

Here’s where it gets hairy: did Janine lie to Mary, too? I honestly don’t think Mary was expecting Sherlock and John to show up. Why didn’t Janine warn her? 

This could go a hundred different ways. My favorite theory assumes that Jim is alive and Cam, Mary, and Janine are all working with/for him. By a month after the wedding, seeing Sherlock all nicely devastated and turning to drugs and all, I think Jim would be impatient for him to learn the truth about Mary and get on with the game. So if we assume Janine’s ultimately answering to Jim, she’d be the only one in the break-in/shooting scene who actually fully knows what’s going on:

  • Cam doesn’t know Mary’s coming for him. He’s scared shitless when she’s threatening him. He has no idea Jim’s betrayed him by assigning Janine to be both his PA and Mary’s confidante. 
  • Mary doesn’t know Sherlock and John are coming, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked Sherlock about whether John was there (and wouldn’t have risked doing this tonight at all had she suspected they’d be there). Janine told John back in 221B that she “hasn’t told Mary yet” about dating Sherlock. Gee, I wonder why. Like Cam, Mary has no idea Jim’s betrayed her by telling her confidante to allow Sherlock to crash her Cam-killing party.
  • Sherlock doesn’t know Cam or Mary are there and he has no clue Janine lied to him. He later assumes Mary “befriended” Janine for the same reason he did – to get to Cam. He has no idea Jim’s involved.
  • John remains utterly clueless about all things in the universe.

“But if Janine knew Sherlock was using her, why was she so mad when she visited him in the hospital?” Why shouldn’t she be?? Just because she knew what he was doing doesn’t make it okay that he did it! She said “we could’ve been friends,” and I really think she meant that. 

I also think her parting “I’ll give your love to John and Mary” is threatening af. Because she knows Mary shot him. And maybe that’s a hint that despite what happened, her and Mary are still good. Although that might be wishful thinking on my part. :)

Anyway! tl;dr: Janine let Mary in because Jim wanted this shit to go down.

 finn and rey were probably super cute as kids and most likely grew up without getting goodnight hugs or kisses

rey’s 19 and has probably now only been hugged twice in her life that she can remember

finn was taken by the first order when he was a literal baby, what if he tried to get one of the first order officers to pick him up but no one ever did? 

what if rey saw happy families on jakku and wished she could be a part of that but then felt guilty for not remembering to be patient and wait for her own family to return?

I bet after they get reunited finn and rey would hug a lot to make up for what they missed out on growing up

During Office Hours
  • Featuring: Akiyoshi Zaizen from Our Two Bedroom Story
  • Rating: Mature, smut content.
  • Author’s Note: First prize for my follower fanfic giveaway goes to @retroandreal ! I apologise for taking so long and the rather abrupt ending, I hope you enjoy it! ;)
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It was a Friday. Leanne was grateful for the fact that it was Friday. She just had to get through today. Following which, she was going to go home and do nothing at all. With that thought, she started editing the article that was due next week. But, she couldn’t help her eyes from wandering towards Akiyoshi’s office. If she was busy, he was even busier. Perhaps they could cook together tomorrow night. “Ah, concentrate, concentrate!” She exclaimed to herself, pulling her gaze back to her computer.

“Does that work, telling yourself to concentrate?” Takuma’s voice sounded right beside her. Leanne’s head swirled around, finding her lips mere centimeters away from her new colleague. “Woah, what are you doing so close?” She asked, immediately pushing her chair so that she was a respectable distance away from him. He wasn’t part of Seasonelle, but they were working on a joint release with his magazine. More accurately, he was supposed to be working with Minato but somehow he always found his way to her. “Minato’s in the conference room.” She pointed towards said room with her thumb, hoping he’d get a clue.

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Guys let me tell y’all! I was in the human resources office today with a bunch of my co-workers and one of the managers and they made her watch the Formation video. Everybody was STANNING and it was all around praise. One of them said “I feel like this is the real her” and when Bey went “I work hard” she went, “She DOES work hard!”… I wanted to say YASSSSSS so bad but a bitch had to keep her composure and be professional kjdlhfdsfkd

anonymous asked:

has iyami ever hit on totoko in the manga? he's often seen doing it on the '88 anime but never in the '66 one so i've been wondering about that

practically never. to my memory, only in one AU chapter in Moretsu Ataro where they’re all (adult) office workers

Iyami/Totoko is Awful and the 80s anime is normally really good but I still curse it every day for it. some episodes are… gross

there are moments when I think of the people I have loved and who have loved me. and I think of how lucky I was to experience something only him and I would share forever even if it only lasted a minute.
there are moments I wonder if I’m ready to go back out and fall again but then one of my flings messages me and I run. I’m not ready yet. Jon and I were over six months ago… i ended things offically with Ryan after three years two months ago.. those are major characters in my story. i need to know who I am alone before I try to make myself mash with someone else. i need to spend days lonely and sad and happy and joyful. i need to learn how to love my own company. saying no to dates and nights out with people I know I could hold hands with is hard but I need this time. time to heal. time to reenergize. time to believe in love again.

of course I miss love. but I miss myself more.


Took honey to an adoption event at the bark box offices. They had a giant pile of toys. #adopt #pitbull #Vine #like #cute