*the way way back

so if shiro is gone and keith ends up actually piloting Black (temporarily???), does that mean he’ll be able to hear Black in his head like he would with Red? or would he be flying blind?? 

if so: imagine him and Black just gushing about how great shiro is and how much they miss him and how they’re gonna get him back no matter what 

Toot-Toot! All aboard the positivity train!

Guys I’m so proud of us! Look at this community! We were able to flip these tables around! Understandably, Jack hasn’t been around and we’ve all been stressed and with all the hate everything became tense however finally- FINALLY- we were able to become the community I knew we always were! We have been there for each other, we’re doing the Positivity Tag, we are doing all these things for Jack and the JSE community and it bring a smile to my face whenever I see it. We are getting there guys! We are showing everyone that this community cannot break so easily, we will not go down without a fight. We also didn’t succumb to arguing or bickering over this. Sure there’s a few posts here and there but guys look at all this positivity we have built. We are still up to our names and I’m sure Jack will be happy when he sees what his community has done! I know I’m sincerely proud for every single fan whom has written a blog, drawn a picture, written a Fanfiction, a theory and anything else! Because you guys are showing what the JSE community is! And I’m proud to still say that I am a part of that community! So let’s keep this train going! Cause I don’t ever want it to stop! P.s. Pat yourself on the back, if you’ve liked or reblogged or even read anything positive! Because you deserve it you wonderful human being! Double p.s. If any of you guys are feeling anxious or scared or anything, message me, because I will not hide away from your rants, or your words. I would rather have someone tell me all their fears and doubts and allow me to try to help with Jack’s absence then to have someone wallow in silence. So please! Don’t feel alone- I’m here for anyone and everyone! I love you guys so much! And you too @therealjacksepticeye ! Can’t wait till you see that your community is still up and running and trying to spread positivity once more!

hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha why is Max being. So mean :) what the fuck :) shadowhunters writers :) who :) gave :) you :) the :) right :)

i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.

I think Eris would be as emotionally devastated by Tower Apocalypse as any other member of the Vanguard, but if the Cabal Imperial Fleet or whatever nicked the Moon on the way to the Earth you know she’d be looking up there, picturing thralls swarming like panicked ants, and smiling

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For a while now I've been following your blog but I haven't caught up due to school so ever since early January I haven't seen it and i come back TO SEE A MIKAYUU GEM AU???? I ACTUALLY SCREAMED IT'S AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR THIS ART THAT HAS COME FROM THE HEAVENS :33

AAAH Thanks for keeping an update w/ my blog!!! I’m really glad you enjoyed that AU!!! 


Wish: “You’ve been gone for 2 days! What kind of ball did you go to!??”

Sparky: “Do you really think I got all my presents from the ball?? I went to the Verdant Cavern to make trades with the Gumshoos like you wanted… Don’t get angry, be happy you have such an awesome party partner working with you…”

Three self improvement things I used to do that I want to bring back:

-make time to exercise every day, even if it’s just stretching/strength building
-make time to write every day, even if it’s just a scribble of a poem
-make time each week to make sure I try something new, even if it’s just a new recipe or walking in a different direction than usual


oh. oh.


“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“