*the to do list

I have tried out many alternatives (because for some reasons I have an obsession with apps) and here are the ones that I actually recommend / I am using right now:

stepdancer87 asked:

What do you do to fight complete breakdown of productivity when you're very far down the depression rabbit hole? So much needs doing in such a short amount of time that I'm freezing up.

I make a list. I do one of the things on the list, and then I cross it off. I do this until the list is finished, focusing only on one item at a time.


I’m a military man Clark, I have to believe that when push comes to shove, America’ll do the right thing. Kind of like Lois did the right thing by you tonight. For years I’ve been giving her boyfriends an impossible list of chores to do, not to test them….

          To test Lois?

Those poor bastards, I put them through hell. Lois never said a thing. That’s how I knew she didn’t love them.

Note to self:

If I’m in a bad mood: go outside, talk to someone, journal, listen to music.
If I’m anxious: breathe deeply, meditate, draw, make lists, clean something, let go of whatever problem you are trying to solve, and if it’s really bad go running.
If I’m bored: play an instrument, write a song or poem, make something…anything, study a language, make a list and do it.

To keep the daily depression and anxiety away: Run. It only has to be a half mile each morning. Set an alarm. Don’t allow yourself to sleep all day, even though you want to. Set a goal for yourself each day. Move toward something you want.

Always remember: let go of the things you can’t change, you can’t fix everything, sometimes you have to be comfortable not knowing the answers, you deserve what you want, but you have to ask for it, put your needs first, and love yourself.

little autistic things: being sent to the shop to buy something i’ve never bought before and having to ask

“what brand? what if they don’t have that brand? what amount? what if they don’t have that amount? what if they don’t have any of the alternatives in the shop, where should i go instead? do i need to ask people who work there anything? what do i say? can i have a list? i know it’s only one item but can i have a list”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a long travel from home to school, and vice versa. It's around 1-1.5 hours each. How do you suggest I use that time? :)

Hello! You could use it to:

  • Plan your week.
  • Make to do lists.
  • Read over your notes.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Catch up on the news.
  • Spend the time relaxing (music / breathing exercises / etc.)

Dareth Shiral, Emma Lath [x]

Confusion and pain end in anger and hurt, all here for your heartbroken (and probably very mad) Lavellan. [photo credit]

Track Listing:

1. Like Real People Do | Hozier [x]
2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room | John Mayer [x]
3. Everything | Ben Howard [x]
4. Hallelujah | Jeff Buckley [x]
5. Winter | Daughter [x]
6. To Be Alone | Ben Howard  [x]
7. The One That Got Away | The Civil Wars [x]
8. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) | Sky Ferreira [x]
9. Fear Through the Eyes of Madness | Coheed and Cambria [x]

// You know that one old SpongeBob episode where he’s like ‘What do I do today’ and pulls out this massive fucking list of which every bullet point lists 'Go to work’?
Can I get someone to find a picture of that list and replace each of the 'Go to Work’ with 'Metal Gear Solid 5’ please and thank you

Family reunions suck?

Anon: Could you do #25 “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing.” with Crowley?

Characters: Dean, Sam, Crowley

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Type: Fluff

Warnings: Language and a little angst

Words: Idk

A/N: So this is my first Crowley x Reader I hope I didn’t mess this up. Next up is prompt #46 (Dean x Reader), don’t miss it. Send in whatever prompt or imagine catches your fancy!

“Come on guys please?” You plead for the last time.

“Nope.” Dean answers simply.

“Sorry Y/N.” Says Sam with an apologetic smile.

“B-but you can’t let me go alone.” You whine.

“Come on Y/N how bad can they be?” Dean asks

“Yeah they are your family after all.” Sam agrees

“Well I didn’t ask them to be and trust me when I say that I would rather face fifty demons alone than spent an afternoon at my stupid family reunion.” They boys chuckle at your childish out-burst.

“What’s this I hear about facing fifty demons?” A voice with a heavy British accent asks from behind you. You jump slightly and spin around to face none other than the King of Hell himself.

“Y/N has a family reunion to go to and she wants company but we are about to leave on a case so we can’t help her out.” Sam explains as you find yourself too flustered to answer.

In truth the King of Hell has been apearing all more recently around the Bunker, popping in to ask an occasional question or just to bug the Winchester brothers. Either way you always find yourself flustered when he is around and the slightest of glances by him can make you a blushing mess. You don’t really want to admit it to yourself but you might have a crush on Crowley.

“I see, it is quite the perdicament you have found yourself in Y/N.” Crowley says casually

You are to shocked to form an articulate answer so you just nod in agreement.

“Hey Crowley how ‘bout you escort Y/N to her family dinner?” Dean suguests, you shoot daggers at the older Winchester who is more than aware of your behaviour around Crowley.

“Well I’d be honored if the lady were to accept my company.” He says graciously as he offers you his hand.

“O-of course! But y-you don’t have to.” You stutter and take his hand.

“Nonsense I’d love the opportunity to meet your lovely family.” He says and you scoff at his words.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it lovely.” You mutter under your breath.

“Alright so it’s settled then, you’ll take Crowley to your reunion and well see you in a few days after the hunt!” Sam says cheerfully, glad that neither he nor his brother have to go with you.

“Great” You say unenthusiastically before turning to Crowley “Um we have to be there at five so… uh I’ll see you then?”

“Absolutely.” And with a snap of his fingers he vanishes into thin air. Once he’s gone you round on the Winchesters.

“Why the hell did you do that?” You demand angrily

“Oh come on Y/N it’s not like it isn’t obvious that you like him. Heck even Cas has noticed that you act strange around him and he can’t take a hint if it bit him on the nose and held on for a week.” Says Dean and Sam nods in agreement.

“I hate you guys.” You mutter as you turn to go to your room

“We love you too!” The boys’ call after you in unison, you roll your eyes but shoot them a grin over your shoulder.

Once in your room you glance at the clock on your wall, it reads 1:30 pm so that gives you about three and half hours to get ready. Well better start with the basics. You sigh to yourself. What am I going to wear?

Opening your closet you are greeted by an assortment of jeans and plaid and leather jackets. You are hoping to dress up a little bit so your family will have one less thing to criticize you about and… because Crowley will be there. You only have a couple dresses but the one you think most suitable for the occasion is a knee-length midnight blue dress.

After picking out the perfect outfit you hop into the bathroom to take a shower. You soak under the hot water for what feels like hours, letting all your muscles relax and it feels amazing. When you finally stop the water you step out of the shower and towel yourself dry until your skin is a nice pink color. The time is now 2:15 and you start to tackle your hair deciding that curly is the way to go for this occasion.

You get your hair dryer and hair-curler and get to business. Tackling your hair is no easy feat, sometimes you think it has a mind and will of it’s own. This time it was being particularly difficult because when you would dry it, it would puff up making it harder to then gather and curl.

An hour and many curses later you have finally gotten it to sit perfectly on your head. Finally! Now it’s time for a quick lunch break. You sneak out of your bedroom and to the kitchen praying that the boys don’t see you and cause you any further embarrassment. Thankfully no one is there so you quickly make yourself a sandwich and escape to your room.

Once you little lunch break is over it is 4:00 pm which gives you exactly one hour to get dressed and do your makeup. You slip on your dress and admire yourself in the mirror and you think you look damn fine. The dress fits you like a glove accentuating our curves and your hair frames your face perfectly making your eyes stand out more. You now go get your makeup bag and stand in front of your bathroom mirror.

As a hunter you usually don’t have a reason to wear makeup so every time a situation calls for it you leap at the chance. You begin your makeup ritual first cleaning your face, then applying foundation and concealer, adding a hint of blush. You use dark blue eye shadow and line your eyes with eyeliner giving yourself a slight cat eye. Lastly you put on some light pink lipstick and deem yourself ready. When you glance at the clock you see time has passed faster than expected and it is now 4:55.

As a final touch you slip on black heels and grab your clutch with your wallet and phone in it. Taking a deep breath you assess yourself in the mirror one last time before stepping out side. When you get closer to the library you can hear voices speaking softly, but they stop when they hear you approaching. You hold your breath as you walk into the room and every single gaze lands on you.

Sam, Dean and Crowley just stand there for a minute and stare at you in stunned silence. Crowley is the first one to recover and he makes his way over to you. He takes your hand and kisses the top of it before saying: “Darling you look absolutely beautiful.”

You’re not so bad yourself. Is what you want to reply but the words get stuck in your throat making you blush and mutter a small “thank you”. Crowley is wearing one of his usual suits but he has a rose in his suit pocket today.

“All ready to go?” He asks you in that deliciously rich voice of his.

“Y-yes.” You say and take the arm he offers to you.

He walks you to the door and you say quick goodbyes to the Winchesters who seem frozen in place.

“Where to?” He asks once you’re outside. You tell him your parent’s address and with a snap of his fingers you are now standing on the porch outside the house.

“Wait!” You stop him as he goes to knock on the door, he turns and look at you questioningly “Um what am I going to tell my family about you?” You ask

“Well I’m assuming they won’t take too well to ‘King of Hell’ so you can say I’m a salesman and well as for my relation to you… I’ll be listening to what you have to say.” He says with a small smirk. You roll your eyes at him and nudge his shoulder playfully trying to cover up your blush.

Crowley knocks on the door and not two seconds later the door opens to reveal your smiling mother.

“Y/N!” She squeals delighted as she moves in to hug you.

“Mom hey! May I introduce you to Crowley he is um… he is… my boyfriend.” You blurt out hastily. You can bet your eyes are the size of saucers and your face has to be red as a beat. Thankfully no one seems to notice since your mom is too busy introducing herself to Crowley and ushering you inside.

“You just make yourselves comfortable here in the living room while I go get your father and the rest of the family.” Your mom says before rushing out of the room.

You do everything in your power to not look at Crowley but you slowly feel your gaze drifting to him. He has an amused smile on his face “Boyfriend eh?”

“Oh shut up I was panicking!”

All he does is chuckle “Don’t worry my dear.”

“Gah just hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing.“ You snap at him. He takes your hand in his much bigger one and you feel a pleasant tingle spread through your whole body.

*A few hours later*

“Well that didn’t go as horribly as I thought it would.” You confess as Crowley escorts you out of your parent’s house.

“I still don’t know why you have such a problem with them. They seem like perfectly normal people.” He comments

“Yeah well you haven’t lived with them…” You say sarcastically.

“Well as your boyfriend I think it was time to meet them anyway.”

“You are not going to let that go are you?”

“Maybe I don’t want to…” He says before zapping you back so you are now both standing outside the bunker.

“Wait… explain that…” You say eyeing him and noticing the nervous shift in his stance.

“Maybe I want to be your boyfriend in real life.” He finally mutters.

You can’t even respond properly so instead you launch yourself at him and wrap your arms around his neck. “Maybe I want to be your girlfriend.” You whisper in his ear.

“That’s all I wanted to hear.” He replies and hugs you back.


My Planner

This is my planner. It is a 2015/16 planner from typo, I believe it cost me about $8 nzd. I have tried bullet journalling and a filofax but neither worked for me. I found a filofax too bulk and I did not like how I could not plan ahead easily in a bullet journal. When you are as busy as I am it is important to me to have a planner which I can write assignment dates, exams, and everything else I have going on down in. This planner is A6 page size and has one page per day.

On the side of each day this planner has the time, I use these to keep track of class times, appointments, and when I am working. Whenever I have an assignment or test due I write that next to a star on the top of the page.

I also make to-do lists like you would in a bullet journal, I use check boxes at the bottom of each page as my to do list, and when I have a lot to study and I want to plan what I want to study each day I will make note of this in my planner. I will also have post it notes on some days if I have a lot to do or if I did not have my planner when I made my list, in which case I just stick the sticky note in later on.

I colour code my classes, although I don’t know if this does anything other than add a bit of colour to each page (which is nicer to look at). Otherwise I write everything in black pens. I tend to write in sharpie pens or with staetdler fine liners, both of these pens bleed through a little bit although not to bad.

xoxo ~ Laura

This week has been busy, busy, busy and I’ve got a laundry list of things to do each day when I get home every day (which I ever seem to complete).

But this week has also been AWESOME, so there’s that.

Sometimes something’s gotta give. Yesterday, that meant an impromptu rest day, today that meant a shortened 45 min sesh at the gym. Hopefully, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Unrelated - I have an appointment to get my haircut on Saturday. SO EXCITED. I keep seeing pictures of my shorter hair and gawd I loved it. Plus, I not-so-secretly want to be Clara Oswald and wouldn’t mind getting my hair cut like hers.

However, I’ve been trying to grow it back out and then chopping it off and donating it once it’s long enough (as I did a couple of years ago).

I’m torn between wanting to change it up and wanting to keep growing it out so I can donate it. What should I do?!? Bah. So indecisive.

Really unrelated - what do you tell a 4th grader who asks you if you think Trump is mental because “he wants to send me and my family back to Mexico…”? 😳😳😳

I’m torn between remaining unbiased but OH SHARING MY OPINIONS. All I could do was muster a, “well, you should read more about him and all the other candidates.”

Things sophie could do that would make skeptics go “good for you sophie turner err hunter umm cumberbatch!” anon:
  • get a job all on her own w/o the help of family or friends. like full on, adult style, apply and get and keep a job by herself
  • get a job and don’t mention her husband other than how excited he is. in fact, don’t use her husbands name for any promotion at all in any way (since she is supposedly so very famous on her own, right? why would she need to do that?)
  • keep an honest resume. only have jobs listed that actually exist. mention her real involvement, including awards that are given to a team vrs saying she won them all by herself, erasing the hard work of everyone around her
  • take a physics class. learn about time and space. recognize that she cannot credit work on projects that have not happened yet.
  • be honest about her personal life. don’t lie about every aspect of her existence. don’t lie about her clothing in magazines. don’t lie about how long she has known, dated etc her husband,  5 months to 2-3 yrs to 17yrs.
  • don’t erase her husbands history so that she is the only woman linked to him romantically, so that the other people in his life that he loves, including memories and relationships that bring him joy, are erased
  • care for and love her child. don’t put her fetus is dangerous positions that could cause it harm, don’t drink while pregnant, don’t fly late in her pregnancy when its rec you not do so. don’t participate in activities and vacation spots that are not recommneded for pregnant women, no matter how fun it is for her, put her and benedicts child first (oops, a little late for that one)
  • learn to look normal on camera. once. just once. natural. once. ill take once
  • show love for her child. when asked about her first baby, the child she has w her love, her soul mate, the right one who has grounded her. after she has given a child to a man who has longed for them forever, don’t shut people down and demand that she not be ref to as maternal. that is a slap in the face to her child as well as the father of her child (the father who has wanted a child forever and describes himself so). it makes her child sound like they are not important. many, many, many, many celebrities talk about their love for their children w/o exposing their privacy. this also becomes a bit null in the next point since…
  • don’t then turn around and sell her childs private information for publicity. now i know what you’re thinking, but nonny! you just said talk about her child now you’re saying don’t?! what im saying is she can describe the joy at motherhood and family w/o revealing private info BUT
  • she went on to provide for the pub her childs most intimate, private details. his full name, birhtdate, where he was born. All for exclusive media coverage. perhaps their son, who dind’t ask to be born to celebs, would prefer to not have all that info out in the pub. don’t shill her child for publicity.
  • while we’re at it, don’t use her husband for publicity. if her marriage is for love and not a thing more, don’t add (wife of benedict cumberbatch) to every bit of work she does. Stop using and trading off his fame
  • brush her hair
  • stop cringing at her husbands touch. thats weird. you DID make a baby after all, and its obv she can be loving and affectionate to people on camera, we’ve seen it
  • realize that makeup and clothing are not the same thing when it comes to matching. orange dress doens’t mean orange makeup
  • reign her friends in. her husband has said that his privacy is important to him. tell her friends and family friends not to make intimate details of private family events public on social media. namely, the most intimate day of you life (since she sold her childs information for publicity) the wedding. her husbands feelings should be most important to her. surely more important than her friends instagram and twitter views. more important than a family friends shop using him to get patrons.
  • don’t humiliate her husband during work in front of international entertainment media by throwing a tantrum and stomping off. every couple fights, but that could damage his career. its ok to be mad, but humiliating him like that is not something you do to the love of your life
  • read up on human anatomy, physiology, and how gestation in humans works on planet earth
  • dont be rude to her inlaws and husbands family. he loves his parents, don’t stomp in front of them leaving his elderly parents to trail behind, struggling to catch up and be included in their sons big day. dont hand her tiny purse off to his niece like some common help beneath you. i know she is his PA, but she is also his, and her family.
  • have mercy. don’t sing.
  • dont coldly blur her husbands face out of pictures on one of the biggest porfessional nights of his life so she can sell shoes
  • learn that you can’t just put a bird on a pile of junk and call it art. there was literally both a simpsons and portlandia episode about that.
  • figure out that white ladies showing tits isnt revolutionary. miley fucking cyrus does it, and she is a mess of epic styles.
  • did i ask her to have mercy and not sing?


TFOE: I went into this post already liking the title…the more I read….

Bless you nonny. Bless you.

goinuptonight asked:

Hey! Can you do number 11 on the prompt list with Dean :) Thanks!

Of course! 

Word Count: 1097. Whoops, got carried away. 

11: “Soaked to the bone, he continued.”

Keep On Going

You were done. Abso-friggin’-lutely done. Dean Winchester was getting on your last nerve. You two had been stuck in close proximity for way too long during a damn hunt, and your ride back to the bunker was eight hours long.

At about the halfway mark, Dean pulled over at a motel in a small town and you scrambled out, practically jumping for joy when you got to stretch your aching limbs. As you walked towards the motel’s little lobby with your duffel bag slung over your shoulder, your stomach growled and you sighed.

“Dean, go get us food, I’m starving. I’ll get us a room and text you what number.” You commanded, not bothering to look to see if he was doing as you said, and you smirked when you heard the Impala door slam shut and drive out of the parking lot.

Walking into the lobby, you haggled the price of a room to a ridiculously low amount- a flash of cleavage and a flirty smile worked wonders on the tired, lonely young man at the counter. After giving him a fake name and number, you took the keys and made your way to your room, sending Dean a text with the number. He didn’t respond and you didn’t care, walking straight to the bathroom. You stripped down and stepped into the shower, sighing in relief when you turned on the water and it came pouring out at a nice, warm temperature and not too crappy of a pressure level either.

By the time you were done shaving and washing your hair, Dean was banging on the door to the room, demanding to be let in. You sighed and made a move to shut off the water, but your foot caught on the curtain and down you went, slipping and banging every part you had somewhere on the tub. Letting out a screech (as well as a few choice words), you laid on the floor of the tub, afraid to move and inflict further pain on yourself. The water was hitting your stomach now, and you were biting your lip to hold back tears.

You let out another yell as the door from outside came crashing down, Dean kicking it in. He ran into the bathroom where you were, and stopped, staring at you for a moment. You blushed and suddenly burst into tears, embarrassed and in pain and unable to hold it in. Without a second thought, Dean strode forward and leaned down to pick you up, not caring that he was getting soaked by the shower in the process, his full attention on you and the noises and faces you were making.

You were gasping and wincing and whimpering, but you desperately tried to hold it all in, wanting out of the shower. “D-Dean, shut off -shit- Shut off the water. You’re soaked.” And indeed he was. Soaked to the bone, he continued, and finally succeeded in picking you up carefully and walking you out to the bed.

“Sweetheart, you gotta be more careful. Let’s get you dried off and then we can bandage you up.” He said softly, walking back into the bathroom to grab a towel and shut off the water. You wanted to protest, but your body was screaming at you to give in and let yourself be taken care of, so you did just that. Dean came back out and gently dried you off, acting professional, like a nurse, his focus entirely on you. When he got to your lower half, you held your breath, waiting to see what Dean would say, probably something snarky or flirtatious, but instead he kept quiet, being as gentle as he had been.

Once you were dry, he grabbed the first aid kid and some ice, and the two of you set about communicating where you were hurt. “Luckily for you, it looks like it’ll just be bruises (Y/N). Maybe some sore ribs, but you’ll survive.” He reported, chuckling and shaking his head as he stood up and headed towards the bathroom to change. You huffed and nodded. “Thanks Dean.” You called out, groaning loudly as you sat up. Dean walked out in a shirt and his boxers and shot you a look, looking over you. He handed you your duffel and you blushed, quickly pulling out an old shirt and throwing it on, trying not to groan as loud.

He smirked and winked when he noticed your shirt. Or rather, his shirt on your body. “Nice shirt there, sweetheart.” He said coolly, a teasing note in his voice, and you glanced down, biting your lip and looking at him shyly. “S-sorry. I didn’t mean to steal your shirt. I honestly forgot I had it.. It’s just so soft, and you hardly wore it anymore.. I didn’t think you’d notice or mind..” You mumbled. Dean walked over to you and sat on the bed beside you, his hand reaching up and tucking a strand of your messy hair behind your ear.

“Trust me (Y/N). I don’t mind at all. You look great in my clothes. You should wear them more often.” He said with a smile, licking his lips. You tried not to stare, instead looking at his eyes, but it didn’t do you any good, because as soon as your eyes met his, you were a goner. He leaned in slowly and you did the same, your eyes fluttering shut. His lips pressed gently against yours and you sighed happily, shifting forward to deepen the kiss, but a stab of pain in your ribs made you pull back with a hiss.

Dean let out a sheepish chuckle and ducked his head. “We can do more of that when you’re all healed up, ‘kay sweetheart? We both need our sleep now. And I have food if you want it.” He offered, but you shook your head, your stomach feeling queasy. “No, no food. Sleep sounds good. G’night Dean. Thank you for taking care of me.” You said quietly, closing your eyes and leaning your head back. Dean looked at you a moment longer, watching as you fell asleep quickly, then he laid down beside you, holding your hand.

One night weeks later and back at the bunker, you walked into your room, and on your bed  was a stack of t-shirts with a small note. “(Y/N)- Take your pick, wear one tonight and meet me in my room. See you then. -Dean” And with a grin that rivaled the Cheshire cat, you pulled one on and took off down the hallway.

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Day 3 - Top three things on your To-Do list if you found yourself in the series…

  1. High five Lory. He is the true unsung hero of this series. 
  2. Hug Kyoko and tell her that she is beautiful and precious and too good for this world. 
  3. Punch Ren in the arm and tell him to hurry up and talk to Kyoko about everything. I want to see babies by the end of this series, dammit.

10 Day Skip Beat Challenge (2015) | masterpost