*the sisterhood of the traveling pants

Proof that Blake Lively's Bridget from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is Definitely Gay™

1) she plays soccer, the gayest of movie sports

2) she pursues an unattainable relationship w a man so she can ‘feel something’, later doesn’t feel what she was looking for after sleeping w him aka compulsory heterosexuality aka she gay dude lol

3) smirks and says 'not right now’ when her grandma asks if she has a man in her life

4) goes on an archaeological dig. this is gay. i don’t make the rules it just is.

5) wears exclusively gay clothes from the mid 2000s im looking at u booty shorts and cargo pants

6) lugs around a khaki duffle bag over her shoulder literally everywhere she goes, so gay i can’t handle it all oh my word

7) wears gay af flip flops at least two (2) times but probably more.

thank u for ur time


“Well, I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? If I define myself by things that are always changing, like the public’s opinion or what I’m doing, there’s no stability in that.”

- Blake Lively

Happy birthday Blake Lively!!


“We were there for each other to understand the things that no one else in the world could. There were some things we would never make sense of and we were there for those, too. We were there for the things we couldn’t face alone. Or the ones we didn’t want to face at all. Together, it was as if we formed one single, complete person. Wild, unstoppable Bridget. Shy and beautiful Lena. Tibby, the rebel. And me, Carmen, the writer.”

ID #63435

Name: Naomi
Age: 15 almost 16
Country: France

I love to read, my favourite books are “Looking for Alaska”, “Harry Potter” and “The Sisterhood of the
Traveling Pants”.
I’m a huge fan of series too, I watch a lot of them: Vampire Diaries, Friends (obviously), Scrubs and Dear White People are some of my favourites.
I also listen to music all the time. I listen to every type of music but my favorite french rapper is Orelsan and my favourite band is The Chainsmokers.
I’m fluent in french and I’m almost fluent in english, I’m trying to learn german and I’m looking for someone to teach me some of the languages. But I would love to meet someone with a different culture and languages so it don’t have to be someone from germany. I hope one day I can travel the world so I want to know as many languages as possible.
I’m just looking for someone I can talk to about anything. Also I hate small talks.

Preferences: I would like somebody around my ages, just not less than 14.
I would like someone with an open mind but that’s it.