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this is big gin, who was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition! i lost my job as a nanny since my babies are moving to florida and won’t start my new one until april 3rd. i need to purchase medicine and finishing paying for her bill at the vet which is roughly $110. if you could reblog or donate it would mean so much to me and my baby. i’m selling some melanie martinez merch and vinyl too if you’re interested. message me. my paypal is alleecats@yahoo.com

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I was tagged by @whygrover and I can’t tell how much I loved doing this mood board :) thank you 

I wanted this mood board to show how my aura is feeling like right now, so it’s dark and blue with little hints of a lighter color (most white) I don’t know for you, but for me it transmits peace. I hope you liked it :) 

and now I tag @alexfierrno @demidorks @artemisaro @why-you-spurgus @nico-doctors-note-di-angelo @tactileintrovertedace @leo-otakuna @notesofsolace @nannie-starrison and whoever feels like doing this :D 

Lol okay so I’m a nanny and the little girl that I keep is 2 years old. today we were sitting on the couch watching one of her shows and I was under a blanket because I was cold and she always wants to sit with me so she came over and got under the blanket.
She randomly decided that she was gonna try to tickle me but she like mis-aimed and started tickling me on my butt but it 1) tickled and 2) scared the hell out of me because I wasnt expecting that so I jumped and told her to stop. she laughed about it and then stopped but did it again later and it scared me again so I like fell off of the couch and told her to stop again a little more serious but she thought it was hilarious so she was like cracking up about it and that made me laugh so now she wont stop doing it so I basically have to protect my butt from a 2 year old .-.

she says ‘I’m gonna sit with you and touch your butt so you’ll freak out again’ and her mom thinks its absolutely hilarious

The King’s Favor. Part II

The ceremony was held in the great hall of kings and it had progressed smoothly. The royal family, their many relatives and the elites of Erebor were present to bestow their blessings on the little prince. The halls were decked with the finest tapestries and decorations and hosted large tables bearing enough food and ale to feed all of Erebor for a week. It was a royal celebration and it couldn’t fall short of grandeur.

You had a mildly busy day.

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No, the Asian woman in that viral BBC video isn’t the nanny

  • Two adorable children took the Internet by storm Friday morning when they stumbled into the background of a very serious live BBC interview their father was participating in remotely.
  • In the video, a woman enters just in time, scooping up the kids and shutting the door behind them.
  • Twitter users seem to believe she’s the family nanny, but all signs point to the woman in the video being Kelly’s wife and the mother of his children. 
  • Consider this tweet from 2012 where Kelly refers to her as such (Above)
  • Many people suggested that racism against women of color is at work in the assumption that an Asian woman is hired help. Read more (3/10/17 2:29 PM)

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Why I think Bangtan didn’t starve and turn the house upside down while Jin was away.

A.K.A. The long overdue “Yoongi is a Responsible Adult and will Probably make a Great Husband in the Future” post

(Attaches multiple gif and jpg receipts from Bon Voyage)


They legit trusted him with their money from the get go! 

He gave them all money equally and they all listened to him to know how much they will all spend!

And he was really responsible in budgeting and accounting the money to last euro/ krone for them all.


He was present in all grocery trips except for the Namjin one.

And he knew which items to buy for the dishes they wanted to make.

He also thought about what the other members wanted when they did their grocery shopping.

And yes, he settles the bill. Everyone else can carry the stuff for him.


Jin cooks complicated shit but Yoongi will definitely not let them go hungry even if it is just Ramen and Meat all the way! LOL

He was legit always in the kitchen during cooking time!

AND AND AND! He always made sure that he served the kids first before he digs in. He kept counting the bowls and split the ramen to make sure everyone had some.

When he was cooking the meat, he kept standing up to cook while the others ate. And when they were grilling sausages, he told Jimin to give Jungkook some coz the maknae hasn’t tasted it while he was cooking ramen inside the van.


When everyone was packing to leave, he was still picking up the mess after everyone.

He was barely awake but he started cleaning up when they were in the camp.

He even takes the trash out. (a.k.a. Yoongi taking us out)

Ok… we know he hates washing dishes (I do too) but they have Jimin for that.

and Kookie is the official laundry man…

And as a BONUS for the KIDS…

He loves spoiling them… He always buy them ice cream!!

He loves them so much and will take care of them. It might not be obvious, but he will do it without being told. He is a responsible hyung.


as long as Namjoon doesn’t break things faster than Yoongi can fix em

TRUST MIN YOONGI! Yoongi can handle this shit!

P.S. The Yoongi is a lazy ass joke is sooo old. He loves sleep…who doesn’t? When you work as hard as him… You’ll also miss normal sleep and catch naps where ever and whenever you can. You’ll probably love sleep and treasure it all the more… 

Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook has a recipe in it from Leonard of Quirm for a cheese sandwich that involves designing a new bread baking pan and several war machines and then ordering out for pizza.  The recipe is pretty funny and I was in the midst of typing out the whole thing to post it when I realized that there is something much more important I need to bring to everyone’s attention:

How did Nanny Ogg get a recipe from Leonard of Quirm????????