*the mask

  • ACTION COMICS #40 inspired by BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, with cover art by Joe Quinones
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  • BATGIRL #40 inspired by PURPLE RAIN, with cover art by Cliff Chiang
  • BATMAN #40 inspired by THE MASK, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • BATMAN & ROBIN #40 inspired by HARRY POTTER, with cover art by Tommy Lee Edwards
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #20 inspired by THE FUGITIVE, with cover art by Tony Harris
  • CATWOMAN #40 inspired by BULLITT, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #40 inspired by THE MATRIX, with cover art by Brian Stelfreeze
  • FLASH #40 inspired by NORTH BY NORTHWEST, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz
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  • SUPERMAN #40 inspired by SUPER FLY, with cover art by Dave Johnson
  • SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #17 inspired cover by GONE WITH THE WIND, with art by Gene Ha
  • WONDER WOMAN #40 inspired by 300, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz

“I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad.”

One of my favorite episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog was The Mask. You know the one where Courage helps Kitty rescue her “friend” Bunny from some abusive mob dog? I used to love the scene at the end where they reunite on the train. I’ve been feeling very inspired by Kitty and Bunny lately. I guess after ten plus years my brain still wonders what happened to them after they rode into the sunset. 

See this mask?

Now if you don’t know this mask, let me show you why this mask is important.

see this man?

okay that’s not a flattering picture of Jim Carrey. Here’s a better one.

Y’all remember the mask right? that one movie where Jim Carrey goes from his normal already wacky self into this.


Now why am I bring this up?

Well…someone very special wears a mask in a very special game called bendy and the ink machine. 

His name is Sammy Lawrence.

now…If you are thinking what I am thinking…

I wonder…

does the bendy mask he wears have the same idea behind it?

cause the mask is all that’s left of Sammy at the end of chapter 2.

Let that sink in. 

Can you imagine Sammy being normal and his dork grump self, and suddenly he puts a bendy mask on for the hell of it and suddenly he’s creepy ‘Will sacrifice you for his senpai bendy’ Sammy Lawrence? Can you imagine the power he felt wearing the mask? Can you imagine him wearing the mask so much his body starts becoming inker with every use and now he’s stuck wearing the mask because if he takes it off he’ll literally become an ink puddle but wishes to return to his true form and is trying to find some way to do so?

cause I can.

I can imagine that very well.