*the lost child

Sometimes you’re the sheep
And sometimes you’re the wolf in sheep’s clothing
I am both
And I feel stainless steel teeth at the edge of everything I am
Waiting to come through
When my kindness is finally spent
When my heart decides to give up the ghost to my “better” sensibilities
But those sensibilities are corporate cruel
They are the lost child grown into a person that routinely says “don’t touch me”
I fear those stainless steel teeth on my worst nights
When they’re trying to protect me
Like the wolf is my mother
But I don’t feel protected
I feel the pitch black of her pupils devouring what little humanity I still have


You guys hear about this young couple in Cincinnati that both committed suicide literally just a few days ago? I came across it on Facebook and I find it so sad how ignored black mental illness is. These kids were depressed and neither of their families took it serious, all they had was each other and when Mercedes, 19y, killed herself (April 20th), Markeice, 20y, followed 2 days later(April 22). Markeice even went as far as posting a Facebook live video minutes before he died saying his goodbyes to everyone and wrote a long suicide note on his page but they didn’t get to him in time. From what I’ve been reading in the condolences is, Mercedes was pregnant with Markeice’s child and really needed her family support, they gave her the opposite. When she died, her family blamed Markeice and denied him access to her funeral. He was devastated that he just lost his partner and child on top of being blamed by her family and treated as such. He ended his own life 2 days before her funeral service. May this young couple and their child rest in peace and may we all remember to pay attention and listen when one of our fellow brothers and sisters come to us with any mental situation and take it as seriously as possible. This could’ve all been prevented if they were taken serious and actually listened to. R.I.P Mercedes Shaday and Markeice Brown 🙏🏾👼🏾


happy birthday, Harry


T H E   T R U T H   - EXO’rDIUM Opening VCR

It is hard to know, what is true or what is false.
We all believe what we see with our eyes.
So people do not believe each other, fight each other, and hurt others.
But this is why we are so special.
However, we people, are sometimes very dangerous.
We care about each other, but we also hate one another.
When one’s truth collides with other’s truth, so many things gets destroyed.
Is that why?
This is the reason, why we have them.
From now on, I will tell you from when they existed, and where they are.
And the truth lies all around us.
The nine stories that I will tell you from now on, is the truth that people did not know.

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