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Disney Week Edits ~ Atlantis the Lost Empire

Another round of Disney Edits for editing practice ^^ I’m just loving Disney Week <3<3

featuring: @highwaytothegrangerzone, @lupinaesthetic, and @askwhathasthiscometo

Happy Disney Week Loves


Hercules Dreamcast-

Aaron Tveit as Hercules (Have you seen him singing “Go The Distance?”)

Alec Baldwin as Hades (One of my friends thought up of this)

Laura Osnes as Megara (If she doesn’t get casted as Ariel in the live action Little Mermaid, I want Disney to cast her as Meg in Hercules, come on she would rock “I Won’t Say I’m In Love.” Hey, if she could play Bonnie Parker, she could play Meg)

Norbert Leo Butz or Lin-Manuel Miranda as Philoctetes (If Aaron gets casted as Hercules, I kinda want Norbert to play Phil because I love their chemistry, but I could see Lin as Phil too)

Rick Lyon as Pain

John Tartaglia as Panic

Kevin Spacey as Amphitryon

Susan Egan as Alcmene (I want the original Meg to make a cameo in this)

Jeff Bridges as Zeus

Gwyneth Paltrow as Hera

Kristen Wiig, Maya Ruldolph, and Jenny Slate as The Fates

Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley, Heather Headley, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas Jones as The Muses

Hank Azaria as Hermes

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OK BUT HEAR ME OUT: little mermaid AU

i’m preeettyyy sure someone has come up with that already i’ve seen something around


Inspired by the Women’s March and my firm belief that these Princesses would be out there. Dream Big, Princess!


Signs as Disney Songs


  • Streets of Gold (Oliver and Company)
  • I’ll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)
  • Stand Out (The Goofy Movie)


  • I’m Almost There (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Know Who You Are (Moana)
  • Athena’s Song (The Little Mermaid)


  • When Will My Life Begin (Tangled)
  • Eye to Eye (The Goofy Movie)
  • Friend Like Me (Aladdin)


  • I See the Light (Tangled)
  • Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas)
  • Loimata e Maligi (Moana)


  • Go the Distance (Hercules)
  • Circle of Life (The Lion King)
  • Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)


  • You’ll Be in my Heart (Tarzan)
  • Dig A Little Deeper (The Princess and the Frog)
  • We Are One (The Lion King)


  • A Whole New World (Aladdin)
  • He’s a Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Logo Te Pate (Moana)


  • I’m Still Here (Treasure Planet)
  • Reflection (Mulan)
  • Why Should I Worry (Oliver and Company)


  • Just Around the River Bend (Pocahontas)
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Lilo and Stitch)
  • One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)


  • Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Everybody Wants to be a Cat (Aristocats)
  • He Lives in You (The Lion King)


  • Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book)
  • Son of Man (Tarzan)
  • For a Moment (The Little Mermaid)


  • Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
  • On My Way (Brother Bear)
  • You and Me (Oliver and Company)


I am now aware of my mistakes so I changed Virgo and Capricorn’s songs if I’m correct. The movies The Prince of Egypt and Spirit are in fact works of DreamWorks and not Disney.
Thank you to those to pointed them out. If there are anymore mistakes in any of my posts, please notify me so I can fix them.
I’m not an expert on anything so please be aware of that.

The Signs as Disney Princesses
  • Capricorn - Tiana: Ambitious, Determined, Focused, and Sincere.
  • Aquarius - Belle: Knowledgeable, Inquisitive, Imaginative, and Broad-minded.
  • Pisces - Aurora: Compassionate, Tolerant, Gentle, and Artistic.
  • Aries - Jasmine: Fiery, Sassy, Confident, and Independent.
  • Taurus - Elsa: Responsible, Dependable, Practical, and Overprotective.
  • Gemini - Rapunzel: Childish, Curious, Feisty, and Expressive.
  • Cancer - Mulan: Tenacious, Persuasive, Sympathetic and Strong.
  • Leo - Ariel: Straightforward, Headstrong, Stubborn, and Optimistic.
  • Virgo - Cinderella: Hardworking, Down to Earth, Reliable, and Patient.
  • Libra - Snow White: Gracious, Fair, Non-confrontational, and Social.
  • Scorpio - Pocahontas: Resourceful, Passion Driven, Leader, and Honest.
  • Sagittarius - Anna: Wanderlust, Idealistic, Humorous, and Impatient.