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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 9

The Beginning - Chapter One

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Who’s ready for the chapter finale next week?

I’m in love with that last page.

Also just want to make this clear: the text on pages 5, 6, and the top of page 8 are MEANT to be difficult to read. Near impossible to understand. He says stuff, sure, but it’s more of a visual display of his emotional state. You can pick at it if you’d like, but it’s more for visual and emotional effect. Since ya’ll are smart cookies, I’m gonna not answer people’s questions about those pages being ‘too hard to read’, since I’m sure everyone here has read this little blurb and hence, no one’s gonna ask about it, I’m sure ;)

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Having trouble reading the text? You can read a transcript of just the dialogue over here.


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Summer Night (Modern AU)

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Pairing: Shay Cormac x reader

Word Count: 2,123

Note: This was a random little something I wrote in two hours for @shay-makes-my-luck / @waterbird-loves-pasteis

Shay… can you not?” You mumbled as an elbow nudged your lower back.

This was the fifth time one of his limbs had come into contact with your body in less than an hour. Honestly, you were about ready to pull out the duct tape and strap him down to the goddamned bed if he didn’t stop with his tossing and turning.

“I’m hot…” He sleepily replied, his words barely intelligible. The man was obviously half-asleep still.

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melimegreenleaf  asked:

How about hollstein, canon divergent au with them both ending up as vampires because that's how it should have been (for the three-sentence fic thing)

What do you mean canon-divergent? That is how the series ended, Laura turned after talking with Carmilla about it, and now Laura continues to investigate stuff and make out with her girlfriend forever. They visit Mattie every other weekend.  But sure, i can write vampire girlfriends!

Laura rested against the bed’s headboard, computer on her lap, typing as fast as she could. That was really fast now. Sometimes it still caught Laura by surprise, how fast and strong she was. Vampire powers could be pretty amazing. Like how she had managed to sneak into the police’s building, find a lot of evidence the chief was a corrupt jerk, and get out of there in barely 10 seconds flat. She was back to their apartment and starting on her article in 15 more.

She heard Carmilla walking down the street outside, greeting her with a distracted ‘hey’ when she reached the door. Carm had gone out to get their weekly blood supply. The neighborhood Strigoi had been mostly amenable to sharing their sources, thought Laura was fairly sure Carmilla being older and stronger than their three leaders combined had somewhat influenced that goodwill. Anyway, according to these papers, the chief was working for someone pretty powerful…

Carmilla walked over, two mugs in hand, and offered Laura her favorite TARIDS mug. “Here you go Cupcake. It’s almost morning already, drink a little before going to bed,” she took the mug Carmilla offered gratefully. “Thanks Carm.” Carmilla got into bed with her, sitting by her side and reaching for one of her books while Laura finished her article. When the sun was almost rising, Laura decided it was enough. She set her laptop down by the bed, Carmilla doing the same with her book and lying down. Laura snuggled up to Carmilla, asleep the second Carmilla’s arm wound around her waist. All in all, being a vampire hadn’t changed much about Laura’s life. Only difference was that she had eternity with Carmilla to look forward to now.

Three-sentence au prompts thing.

anonymous asked:

Do you still take headcanon requests???? If so, can you do like anything kanej related please?????

yes and yes ❤

lmao this sounds very vague but i’m dedicating tonight to working out some of these prompts that have been gathering dust in my inbox/draft. i think i’m going to work on something jesper related first, but hopefully i’ll get through a bunch for you guys

I don’t think I ever shared this story so I’ll share it now.
By far THE best interaction I had while working at GameStop was when this older woman, probably in her mid to late 70’s, came in asking for games she could play that were similar to The Witcher 3 because she had completed the entire game, despite hating the game mechanics.
When I asked her what she liked about the game that made her want to finish it, she looked me straight in the eye and deadass said, “Geralt.”
So basically this elderly woman completed every single mission in The Witcher 3 solely because of how hot she found Geralt. I died. And set her up with a copy of Uncharted after she gave Nathan Drake her Hot Boy™ seal of approval.