*the hollow crown


Richard II Mash-UpAct 1, Scene 4 (ft. Hollow Crown, Globe, RSC and Female Richard).

I got bored, I’m sorry…


Henry V by Tom Hiddleston. 

Criterium (and even color pencils) on A4 90g paper. 

20 hours of work. 

Yes, I literally died with that one. He killed me. And holds, by the way, my longest-drawing record. x’D

Anyway, enjoy that… A Gif will be coming… And maybe a modification. :P



@geekydreamy, told ya I would post it. :P Enjoy your suggestion. :P

Hollow Crown: Henry V [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Prince “Hal” lives a pleasurable life, devoted to wine, women, and “base company,” according to his father, who is ashamed of his wanton, pleasure-seeking ways. Over time, as Henry becomes more acquainted with his responsibilities, his interests shift – to war, to battle, to proving himself, and to making a mark upon the world. He remains impulsive, however, eager to experience all life has to offer. Henry conceals his true identity to walk among his men in the field, a risky endeavor. He falls in love with his “fair French cousin” almost upon first acquaintance, for her beauty.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He is passionate and a little idealistic, trusting his ability to read people, and reacting in the moment. Henry goes to war over an insult from the French dauphin! He needs neither the approval of friends nor his father, in his endeavors, so long as he believes them to be right. Over time, Henry develops a deep internal belief in the “rightness” of his kingship. He is swift to know his own heart, but so uncertain of his words, he asks the French princess to tell him what way might woo her. And, he takes a kiss, because he feels it is right, regardless of French customs.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): His father complains at his lack of work ethic and follow through, but once Henry puts his mind to a task, he uses force and objective means to attain it. Once insulted by another soldier, Henry challenges him to a later fight, if his foe “dare reclaim” his glove. He laughs it off later, after a brief challenge to his blowhard soldier, proving that insults don’t matter so much to him as he thought. His response to insult is war. His reaction to a beautiful maiden is… why, marriage, for an alliance!

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Though Henry spends his younger years “without virtue,” once he becomes king, a philosophical mood sets upon him. He starts to see the bigger picture for his kingdom, and its future. He believes a greater world can come about, through his influence – in a sense, in his own divine destiny.

I’ve had this little blog for so long. I’ve seen and made posts about so many things regarding BC’s career and his public life. I’ve posted about him promoting Star Trek in Japan, I’ve covered three setlocks, I’ve seen him go to TIFF twice, I’ve made posts in real time from the two times he went to the Academy Awards – the second time as a nominee and with his entire family. I’ve seen and posted about the filmings of The Imitation Game, Black Mass, The Hollow Crown and Doctor Strange. I’ve seen Hollywood discovering him through a villain in a Star Trek movie, I’ve seen him becoming an Emmy winner, an Academy Award nominee and a superhero.

I’ve seen Benedict conquer so many things, always with this little blog of mine.

This past week, due to a possibility of me not having any more free time, I thought about closing it. Giving up one of the things that I love the most due to a ‘’sacrifice’’ I have to make so I don’t suffer because of others people’s mistakes (too personal to talk about it here, sorry).

But I can’t. I can’t close this blog. I gave all of me here. This is the place I used to go when I had no one to hold me. This blog is like a child to me. I created it and I saw it grow and turn into this beautiful thing that it is now.

And I’m so so so proud of my work here. 

I’ve spent the latest three years here, posting every single day, and I regret nothing about it. All by myself. I never had anyone else to help me out to make my edits or gifs.

I love this little blog of mine. So much.

Thank you for all the love and support, I wouldn’t be here without you.

Hollow Crown: Henry IV [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Sensing (Si): Henry IV, unlike his son, is rooted in the tried, true, and familiar. He takes the responsibilities of the realm seriously, and carries previous experience, traditional beliefs, and expectations for the future based on his understanding of the past, into every decision he makes. His concerns mount the longer his son remains “in poor company and idleness,” because he begins to fear his son may never change, or become what the realm needs. Henry sometimes becomes caught up in the minute details of things, and is reluctant to commit to any course of action without much time to contemplate.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He wants to accomplish things. Henry values a good work ethic. His son’s “playing” around bothers him, because it shows a lack of serious commitment to the ruling responsibilities of kings. Henry corrects others’ statements, and relies on objective logic to problem solve. He’s interested in having solid reasons for action. His focus mainly lies in the duties, responsibilities, and tasks of being a good, efficient monarch. A man with a sharp tongue…

Introverted Feeling (Fi): … he doesn’t hesitate to lament his son’s failures, or wish aloud that another, more virtuous boy were the prince instead. He needs no affirmation or encouragement in his emotional state, but refuses to hide his true feelings, either. Henry’s own strong sense of duty guides his decisions, and makes him annoyed at others who do not share his inner convictions.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The future worries him. How could it not? It is unknown. And his son may or may not improve himself! He dislikes war, for it has uncertain outcomes. On occasion, Henry delves into symbolism or multiple perspectives, but is far more content to deal in the here, and now.


Ричард II и Генрих V…
Ричард был похож на Иисуса, когда умирал, неплохой ход постановщиков…
Короли сражаются и свергают друг друга, чтобы обладать кровавой короной…
1 сезон довольно занимательный, а если учесть то, что сценаристы придерживались шекспировских исторических пьес, это вообще волшебно… 
Смотришь сериал…и все монологи и диалоги представляют собой не прозу, но стихи…
Мои ушки испытывают оргазм, когда слышат такие речи…