*the godfather


Leopold told Queen Emma that the baby reminded him of Princess Alice [his late sister], and there was no doubt of what her name would be: “it is so pleasant to think that now there will be an Alice once more in our family, he wrote to his brother-in-law from Windsor, … and, dear Louis, will you associate our child still more with Her dear memory by standing Godfather? It would give us so much pleasure.”

Queen Victoria’s youngest son : the untold story of Prince Leopold by Charlotte Zeepvat.

He built bookshelves, she raised flowers. For economy’s sake, they stopped seeing psychiatrists. Now when she said to him, ‘You’re beautiful,’ it came solely from her, and when he answered, 'So are you,’ it was to quell the terror that visited him, stark as daylight, plain as the mailman. For Tod was death and Pumpkin was hollow and the fairy godfathers had vanished, taking with them the lovers’ best selves.
—  John Updike, “Fairy Godfathers,” Problems and Other Stories
Here’s your Drarry theatre kid au

Harry sighed and walked in through the doors of the theatre. Rehearsals could drag on and on, but nothing was quite as bad as tech week. Luckily for him, tech week was for seventeen whole days! They had already been rehearsing for four days, so they had done a stumble through and worked in the space. It was a Saturday, so they’d be there for seven hours. Nobody could really do anything to change it, as the department at his school had decided to rent out a fairly large space, with nearly a thousand seats for sale. Also, the director, Prof. Sirius Black, was his godfather, so it would be absurd to call in sick.

He was a chorus member in their production of The Little Mermaid. Being a chorus member in the cast of this show meant he was a sea creature, a sailor, a “mer-person”, and a member of the “royal court”. Because of this, he was on stage all the fUCKING TIME. To make matters worse, all of his friends were never near him or off-stage with him. Hermione was Ursula, Ginny played Ariel, Ron was Sebastian, Neville was, surprisingly, Prince Eric, and even the Weasley twins played Scuttle and a gull (nobody was sure who played which). For a big ballroom scene, his partner was Luna Lovegood, which was nice, but that only lasted for around five minutes. For most of the numbers, he was near obnoxious girls or bloody rich prats, like Malfoy or Zabini. 

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anonymous asked:

Dating Rhodey and telling him you're pregnant with his child as soon as you find out would include?

  • You’d tell him as soon as you found out, the excitement would be too much to wait and plan some big announcement!
  • He’d been on a mission as War Machine and you’d phone him directly! 
  • “I swear to god James you better come home, I am not about to be a single parent” 
  • “Wait WHAT?”  
  • Rhodey would initially be nervous, reading as much parting books as he could get his hands on. 
  • planning the birthing plan with MILITARY PRECISION. 
  • and reading about alternative methods of birth. 
  • “I am not giving birth underwater James” 
  • “But it say’s here that it’s relaxing and less stressful for the baby” 
  • Just generally being in awe of you caring his child. 
  • Picking out baby names together 
  • “What about Tony?” 
  • “Not in a million years” 
  • Tony would insist/demand to be godfather. That was a given. 
  • Rhodey and Tony would try and persuaide you to grant them permission to build a baby War Machine suit. 
  • That conversation did not end well for both men.

HeadCannon Hour

the Godfather sequence in Zootopia was a bit of a letdown, as the only joke was that the creature was very small although no less intimidating.

almost every Godfather parody is bad because they don’t actually do anything with the setup, just duplicate well-known scenes while winking loudly at the audience hey remember this movie?? it’s a Scary Movie level of humour.

the only good one that springs to mind is when the Simpsons copied the ending but they’re still kids:

shishido-shiho  asked:

top 5 characters that are canonically trans no matter what anyone else says

1. grell
2. chihiro
4. the woman from tokyo godfathers who for some reason people say is a dude in their reviews despite the fact that she uses atashi pronouns which are extremely feminine and refers to herself as a woman throughout the entire movie
5. bigender babe shishido shiho