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Fic:”I Am Scully” (Stella/Scully) - Ch. 9 “Do Thy Worst And Steal Thyself Away”

Title: I Am Scully

Chapter: 9 - Do They Worst To Steal Thyself Away

Characters: Dana Scully, Stella Gibson, Fox Mulder

Relationships: Dana/Stella

“So, let me get this straight,” Stella said, trying not to be mad. “You spent most of your life being in love with a man who didn’t consider yourself worth fighting for?” Stella said and it sounded awful but deep inside Scully knew that it was the exact thing she had been thinking. “He knew how much you loved him, enough to ask you to come to England with him, after you left him?” She didn’t know how much of that was true but she simply assumed it must have happened. She stood in front of Dana, feeling sorry for the woman but she was simply too mad at Mulder to stop.

Dana crossed her arms in front of her chest, feeling the tears brim in her eyes. She chuckled humorlessly.

“And he didn’t fight for you?” Stella asked. “Because if he did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” she said. They both knew that it was true but Scully didn’t want to go back.


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