TGWKTHN Hilarity
  • Lisbeth: Inventory of what estate?
  • Giannini: Your father's. The state's legal representative contacted me since nobody seemed to know how to get in touch with you. You and your sister are the sole heirs.
  • Lisbeth: I don't want inheritance from my father. Do whatever the hell you want with it.
  • Giannini: Wrong. You can do what you want with the inheritance. My job is to see to it that you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Lisbeth: I don't want a single öre from that pig.
  • Giannini: Then give the money to Greenpiece or something.
  • Lisbeth: I don't give a shit about whales.

Stieg Larsson’s Inspector Monica Figuerola
If you haven’t read Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, fuckin’ get on it. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest has some of the most badass female characters ever, including Figuerola.

“Where do we start?” [Blomkvist] said.
“We could start by having coffee… Monica?” Edklinth said.
“Thanks, that would be nice,” Figuerola said. 

That’s probably my favorite quote from this book. 

Have you ever watched a movie and just got SO pissed off that you were shaking?

I was watching The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest and I was just SOOOO angry with that cunt in the court room scene…I just wanted to scream at him! And I was evil-laughing and smiling at all the times when I knew they were going to show him off. I love getting so attached to a character in a film. That’s when you know it’s good.