Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 39 Spoilers
Ui: Kijima Associate Special Class… What are you doing? Making such video to be public for everyone to see it…
Kijima: Yes, thanks to that, we have access to it. We cant deliver the message to Rose if we were to limit the publications of the video
Ui: By torturing the comrade of Rose to lure Rose out… the bait… is you yourself isnt it? …have you ever considered the danger of doing so?
Kijima: I know it is dangerous for doing so. However, I do not think of appreciating my own life. Unlike you, Special Class, you have such a beautiful body, so you will be regretting it a little bit if something were to happen right. As ugly as I am, I am worrying more about losing the handling of my body
Ui: …this is against the Countermeasure Law
Kijima: I will be continuing with the interrogation, so I will excuse myself now
Ui: …I understand
Kijima leaves the place and Ui mutters something when he left
Ui: …crazy bastard

The students are discussing about the interrogation of Yuuma on the streets
Students: Did you see it? CCG’s…that video
Students: I saw it I saw it! It was gruesome… I couldnt even watch it to the end! The ghoul investigators are crazy!
Mutsuki: …
Urie: …dont mind what those fools say
Urie: (These free men spent their time on the net are like garbage. They do not seek to achieve anything in their life, but just to enjoy their freaking life)

Shirazu: Sasaan, did you see the video?
Sasaki: Un, I have seen it but… no matter what, it is too cruel… that kind of thing is wrong… there should be other ways of doing it…
Shirazu: …but in the end…they will be killed
Sasaki: …eh…?
Shirazu: …its nothing

Tsukiyama house
Tsukiyama: …Yuuma was captured because of me. Usual movie… Eliza must have been really sad
Tsukiyama: For my meal problems, you all have been harvesting on and on…?
Maid: Shuu sama, please dont say like that, we were doing it out of our own accord
Matsumae: Yuuma being captured was due to my incompetence. There is no need for Shuu sama for feel responsible for it
Tsukiyama: …Matsumae, Mairo… I just want to return smile to Eliza’s face. But…we cant fall into this trap set by the investigator called Kijima… First… I have a plan to save Yuuma… I am going to act by myself

Tsukiyama talking with Kanae.
Kanae: Shuu sama… about the plan you said…?
Tsukiyama: …Kanae, keep this a secret from others. The keyman is Kaneki kun. He is now Mister Sasaki, in the CCG. And that is the point, we can make use of his position in there…
Kanae: But, Shuu sama… Will Sasaki listen to your request as a ghoul?
Tsukiyama: …its true that its hard considering his position… but, if its Kaneki kun, nonpro!! With my help, he will definitely get his memories back! Kanae…its true that I doubted my ears when I first heard it. That Kaneki kun is fine… and lost his memories.. being captured into CCG and became a ghoul investigator… but he is alive! That alone is wonderful! Everything is going to go well! I will return Kaneki kun’s memories! …I am sure that Kaneki kun doesnt want to be a ghoul investigator
Kanae: (Its good that Shuu sama is willing to move forward now… but…I wonder if this will go well)

Chie: I see, un. So it was like that. Okay, thanks for informing me Kanae kun. Then, give Tsukiyama the second photo.. ah ah I am going to do my stuff so I am closing the call here
Kanae: (what are you busy with… oh well. “Respect Shuu sama’s will no matter what”…is the rule that little mouse had with me

Sasaki reading a book in a park. Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki
Tsukiyama: Hello…
Sasaki: Ahh… you are
Tsukiyama: Thank you for that time
Tsukiyama: (Ahh, Kaneki kun…)
Sasaki: …You are not on a wheelchair today, and you look better now
Tsukiyama: May I…sit here?
Sasaki: Eeh, please
Tsukiyama observes Sasaki
Tsukiyama: (His hair is mostly black now… just like when I first met him… Kaneki kun, you really lost all the memories of me…? Even that those vivid days from that time…?)
Tsukiyama: You really like books huh
Sasaki: Ahh, yes. I spend most of my free time reading. Its scary when I have nothing to do
Tsukiyama: Haha, I understand that completely. I enjoy reading too
Tsukiyama: (…thats right)
Tsukiyama: I read what people usually read in the current trend nowadays…
Sasaki: Eeh…
Tsukiyama: Dont you like Takatsuki’s books?
Tsukiyama: (Kaneki kun…)
Sasaki: Eeh… I did read it before… its a little hard to understand
Tsukiyama: …Hey?
Sasaki: Her work are all ends up with important people or the main character themselves dying…
Tsukiyama: Is.. is that so… such a unique opinion. A very deep interest!
Tsukiyama: (Hey…Hey…Why? Be cool me…)
Tsukiyama: Actually I am… as you can see I am sick and weak. I dont have much friends around my age… if thats okay with you, regarding books…
The Quinx returns
Saiko: Maman
Tsukiyama: !?
Sasaki: …fufu, Mutsuki kun, Saiko chan. You two are really great for making your superior waited for so long
Mutsuki: No…ahh…Saiko chan was…
Saiko: Noo~ Mucchanko was at the game center… doing something
Mutsuki: Ehhh..!! *sweats*
Tsukiyama: …
Tsukiyama: (These kids investigator… how annoying…)
Sasaki gets up from the bench
Sasaki: …excuse me, I need to get to work now
Tsukiyama: !!
Sasaki: May your health gets better soon
Tsukiyama: (Nuaa…!!)
Tsukiyama: Ka…
Tsukiyama reachs out his hand trying to call out Kaneki kun, but keep those words back as he watches Sasaki them leaving
Kanae: Shuu sama
Tsukiyama: …Kanae…what…there are still alot of chances

Tsukiyama watches Sasaki from afar
Sasaki: Urie kun the information from before
Sasaki: Shirazu kun, meeting, meeting!
Shirazu: Ui san is going to scold us again!
Sasaki: Saiko chan, what do you want to eat?
Saiko: Omanjyuu
Sasaki: No, it is not a snack
Sasaki: Everyone~ we are leaving, get in the car

Tsukiyama sitting alone at the bench and Kanae goes to Tsukiyama who is upset
Tsukiyama: Those chibis were on the way, interrupting my time with Kaneki kun alone… I need more time to talk to him
Kanae: …the doves move in team mostly, thats why…
Kanae hands Tsukiyama the second photo
Kanae: Shuu sama… this is…
Tsukiyama: …! Kaneki kun… when… was it Hori?
Tsukiyama: Really… that little one… She really does know me well
Tsukiyama: (With this, Kaneki kun’s memories will…!)
Tsukiyama: Hori…

Tsukiyama’s flashback
Tsukiyama: Please tell me… what is a gourmet food…?
Chie: …I dont know, figure it out yourself
Tsukiyama: …
Chie: …hey, Tsukiyama kun. Are you willing to die for ingredients?

Tsukiyama: Fufufu… its been so long since I last talked to the little mouse… I wonder how are the others doing… the people at Anteiku… little Hinami them… I wonder if they all know about Kaneki kun still alive…
Tsukiyama: (They all must have wanted to meet him)

Hori Chie being pursued by the CCG but successfully ditched them
Investigator 1: Is she there…!?
Investigator 2: No…
Investigator 1: …damn, she fled…

Two ghouls in a robe are waiting at a place where they are supposed to meet Kanae
Ghoul 1: Now what…
Ghoul 2: Well… we dont have much choice. With the Madam getting executed we dont have much money
Kanae: Aogiri tree members…?
Ghouls: …!!
Kanae: I have a request for you
Kanae takes out a stack of money from his pocket
Kanae: (Shuu sama… I will… make some time for you)

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Chapter 39 "Shinsen" Raw text translations

Ui and Kijima talking at the CCG headquarters.

Ui: Kijima Associate Special Class - just what on earth are you trying to achieve by this? Civillians can see this video as well you know…

Kijima: Yes, and thanks to that it’s had lots of hits.

Ui: Tormenting Roze’s friends to lure out Roze… and the bait is your body! Didn’t you consider how risky this is?

Kijima: If I had enough of a body left to be a beautiful Special Class investigator I might be worried, but I don’t care about losing this ugly mess.

Ui: I will assist with your plan.

Kijima: I have to leave the team, so later.

Ui: … you crazy fucker.

Out in the city, Urie and Mutsuki see some students talking.

“Did you see that thing on the CCG site?”

“I saw it! I saw it!”

“It was super gruesome…”

“I couldn’t watch it all the way to the end…”

“Those ghoul investigators are fucking crazy!”

Urie: (Those lazy fucking internet gawkers! They must live their lives like human garbage.)

Mutsuki is looking uneasy.

Urie: Don’t worry about what those morons say. (Enjoy your unproductive lives you human shit-stains!)

In the Chateau.

Shirazu: Sassan, did you see that video?

Sasaki’s expression is very upset. He thinks that this is so wrong.

Sasaki: There must have been another way to do this…

Shirazu: … but…. we’re just gonna kill them in the end anyway.

Sasaki: Wh- ?

Shirazu: … nothing, don’t worry.

At the Tsukiyama home.

Tsukiyama: …it’s my fault that Yuuma was captured. That movie…. and now Eliza is greatly be-grieved.

Eliza is shown to be haggard and in shock.

Tsukiyama: For sake of my meals, you were excessively hunting, were you not?

?????: Those are you words Shuu-sama, but we undertook that action of our own accord.

Matsumae: Yuuma’s capture was also a result of our clumsiness. I do not wish for Shuu-sama to feel any responsibility for this.

Tsukiyama: … Matsumae Miiro. I merely wish to be able to return Eliza’s smile to her.

We can see that Tsukiyama is looking a lot healthier than before.

Tsukiyama: Going along with that Ghoul Investigator Kijima’s invitation is no good. We need to try something else.

Tsukiyama: I have a plan to save Yuuma. I alone will action this plan.

Outside in the garden of his house, Tsukiyama and Kanae talk.

Tsukiyama: Kanae, please don’t tell anyone else this. My key man is Kaneki-kun. Right now, he is working at the CCG as Mister Sasaki.

He goes on to explain that having Kaneki working inside the CCG as a mole will help them save Yuuma.

Kanae: But Shuu-sama, will Sasaki listen to your words if he knows you are a ghoul?

Tsukiyama: … certainly it’s hard when you think about it from his position. (But if he’s “Kaneki-kun” then it’s NO PROBLEM!)

Tsukiyama: Of course he will co-operate with me! I just have to return his memories to him!“

Tsukiyama: Kanae, certainly when I first heard it I couldn’t believe my ears. That Kaneki-kun was alive… that

Kaneki-kun had lost his memories. That he was captured by the damn CCG and was forced into being a Ghoul Investigator…

Tsukiyama: But he is alive! And that’s so wonderful! Tu vas bien! (Everything will work out!)

Tsukiyama: I intend to use every method at my disposal to bring back Kaneki-kun’s memories! (… there is no way that Kaneki-kun wants to be a Ghoul Investigator…)

Kanae: (I am happy that Shuu-sama as become proactive, however…. will it really go that smoothly?)

Kanae looks troubled.

Kanae and Hori Chie on the phone.

Hori: I see. That’s how it’s ended up. Okay, thanks for calling me Kanae-kun. Now please give him the Photo No. 2. ….. oh shit, oh shit, I’m busy gotta go bye.”

Kanae tilts his head in confusion at her sudden ending of the call.

Kanae: What is she making a fuss about? Oh whatever… No matter what I have to put Shuu-sama’s wishes first. Even with that that Little Mouse telling me that, that is my Gebot (rule).

Kanae: Together through thick and thin… “Glorreich”(Glorious = Shuu-sama).

In a park, Sasaki is sitting under a tree, reading a book.

Tsukiyama: Hey.

Sasaki: Ah, it’s you from the other day.

Tsukiyama: Thank-you for back then. (Oh, Kaneki-kun…)

Sasaki: Today you aren’t in your wheelchair and your colour is looking better.

Tsukiyama: Is it okay if I sit next to you? (His hair has nearly gone back to black. Just like when I first met him…)

Sasaki: Yes, please do.

Tsukiyama: (Kaneki-kun) Do you like books?

Sasaki: Ah, yes.

Tsukiyama: (Do you really not remember me? Not remember those vivid days….?)

Sasaki: Whenever I have free time I read. I’m afraid of having nothing to do.

Tsukiyama: Haha, I understand. The truth is, I also love reading. *smile* (…indeed)

Tsukiyama: I have an uncanny ability to guess what kind of books people like. I guess that you like Takatsuki Sen’s books, right? (Right now I know Kaneki-kun better than he knows himself!)

Sasaki says that even though he’s reading her books, he actually doesn’t like them that much lately.

Tsukiyama “…Hey?” (in English)

Sasaki: With the exception of her short stories, in all her books, the main character loses someone precious to them or even dies themselves. It’s hard to read. No matter how skillfully expressed or refined the words are, behind it is an unidentifiable sadness, anger, emptiness…a dark expression shows through. Succumbing to despair, not being able to rely on anyone for help… and therefore ending up just wanting to destroy everything.

The picture is of Eto/Takatsuki sitting unmasked on a pile of books.

Tsukiyama: Th… that is a unique point of view. That is of great interest to me! That’s the first time I have heard someone analyse the author so well!

Tsukiyama (Hey… hey… why? Be cool, me…)

His inner turmoil is starting to show.

Tsukiyama: The truth is, as you have seen, I have a very weak constitution. I don’t have very many friends close to my age. Would it be okay if I could talk about books with you some time… (it’s no problem…)

Saiko: Mamaaaaan!

Saiko and Mutsuki show up.

Sasaki: Fufu, Mutsuki, Saiko-chan, you sure made your boss wait long enough.

Saiko and Mutsuki blame each other for taking too long in the arcade.

Tsukiyama: (Kid Goul Investigators? They’re in my way…)

Sasaki tells Tsukiyama that he has to go back to work.

Sasaki: Please take care.

Tsukiyama: (Nuuaaa!!!) - sound of pain, frustration

Tsukiyama: Ka…….

Kanae comes back.

Kanae: Shuu-sama.

Tsukiyama: Kanae….. what…. (there are still more chances)

The next page(?) shows Tsukiyama stalking Sasaki and trying to find another chance, but Sasaki is too busy looking after the Quinx Squad.

Sitting on a bench in his garden.

Tsukiyama: Those little kids have become an obstacle to me… I can’t get Sasaki alone…

Tsukiyama hides under a pedestrian bridge and peeks through looking for a chance but can’t find one. His shoulders droop.

Tsukiyama: I need time to talk to him unhindered by interruptions…

Kanae: (worried) The Doves tend to mobilize themselves in groups..

Tsukiyama: …! Kaneki-ken… just when will I…“

Kanae hands over Photo No. 2 from Hori. It’s a photo of Kaneki’s missing person’s poster.

Tsukiyama: Is this from Hori?

Kanae nods.

Tsukiyama: Good grief! My little friend. She honestly understands me so well. (This just this, I can bring back Kaneki-kun’s memories!) Hori….

Flashback to the scene on the rooftop where Tsukiyama asks "What is gourmet food?”. The rest of the conversation is finally shown.

Hori: …. I dunno, figure it out for yourself.

Tsukiyama: …..

Hori: Hey, Tsukiyama-kun. Can you really die just for some “ingredients”?

Flashback ends.

Tsukiyama: Fufufu… I want to joke around with Little Mouse again. I wonder what the others are up to? The

Anteiku staff, Little Hinami and the others… I wonder if they know that Kanaki-kun is alive? (I bet they want to see him too.)

Finally, Tsukiyama smiles a little, and he looks up to the dusk sky.

A scene of someone (Ghoul Investigators?) chasing someone but not catching them.

Narration: Hori Chie. She has taken pictures of Ghoul predation scenes, and other anti-social things. She has also assisted in helping ghouls hunt, and has hacked into the CCG servers. The amount of crimes that she has committed are too many to be counted. We must work on catching her immediately.

Hori: Well, if I keep doing this stuff, of course my social standing will go down.

When the men chasing her have left, she sneaks out of where she was hiding and runs off quickly.

Hori: Kanae-kun, I hope that you will do it right…

Kanae: (Shuu-sama).

After hearing Tsukiyama say that he can’t get time alone with Kaneki, he’s been worrying about what to do. He is now talking to what looks like some Aogiri grunts.

Grunt: So you will really bring that “Transaction Partner”?

Grunt: Well… we don’t have a choice. We are lacking funds after most of the Madams were annihilated.

Kanae: Are you the members of the Aogiri Tree?

He flashes a fat stack of bank notes.

Kanae: I have a job for you. (I will get you the time you need Shuu-sama)

CCG: The False Face of Justice

The more I look at things, the more it seems to me that :Re is building towards the eventual downfall of CCG.

Beginning from the introduction of the Doves, we saw a corrupt organization that claimed to “serve justice” while hiding many sinister secrets and allowing many horrible acts.

The further down the rabbit hole we’ve gone, the darker things seem to have gotten.

Keep reading