Can we appreciate

That not only did Shachi take Rize under his wing, he gave her his last name, taught her how to read,  got captured by the CCG trying to protect her, and joined Aogiri to have the oppurtunity to meet her again. He promised Yoshimura that he would stay by Eto’s side to watch out for her, and actually asked Yoshimura if he can protect Rize to. He also gave Kaneki an important lesson that you must confront your own weaknesses to become stronger. Shachi is an amazing character and i hope he can beat Arima, because I will cry if he dies.


For the wonderful @sataniel13! Happy Valentine’s Day, or how I also like to call it, February 14th! xD May you have lots of fun today and may Ishida break your heart with the new chapter (in case you haven’t read it yet)!