Once upon a time a boy was born. He wanted to be loved but did not know what love was. One day a boy who wanted to be loved was killed by the Reaper

Once upon a time a boy was reborn. He wanted to have a name but did not know what a name was. One day a boy find a name and became the Reaper

Once upon a time a boy became King… Which road will choose the King?

very little things in stb press tour part 2@Seoul&Beijing&Guangzhou
Part 1 here


  • Have I mentioned they spent a day tgr in Seoul? Two alone.
  • The way Zach smiles when Chris talked about their day in Seoul.
  • Zach told Chris he wanted to spend more time there.
  • Chris had a flat white and Zach had an iced coffee.
  • Zach stopped and turned around to wait for Chris, who walked toward him from the crowds after fan greeting event.


  • Zach’s mood 180 degree changed after Chris walked to him and shared his little ink accident in the red carpet. (that smile of Zach’s face is just…!!)
  • Gazing at each other more than few times on the Beijing premiere stage, when Zach was standing on one side of the stage and Chris was on the other side.
  • Acting like there are only two of them in this world in the fan greeting event.
  • Shoulder touching.
  • Zach placed his hand on Chris’ waist from behind when they were taking group selfies.
  • Zach filmed Chris with a fan’s phone while visiting the forbidden city.
  • Chris has given Zach a reading list!!!! (included All the Light We Cannot See)
  • the look Chris gave to Zach when Zach said he hasn’t read All the Light We Cannot See yet.


  • Taking picture together with Simon and Zoe on the bed of the plane.
  • Zach took a picture of Chris.
  • Zach called Chris ‘Captain’ on the weibo streaming.
  • Zach asked Chris to hold the digital rose which is shown on the phone screen lol.

That’s all i guess. Not many things happened in Guangzhou so far. I will write part 3 if there are more Pinto moment in this press tour! ;) (So glad Korean fangirls are very good at English and I can read Chinese hahaha)

There are some very cute Chris Pine moments too, I might write it down someday. ;D 

Many of these are already on my tumblr. Feel free to msg me if you can’t find it. Some are still haven’t been uploaded on tumblr though, because i really suck at making gifs. Love you guys! Enjoy:)