there is not one thing about this scene that isn’t entirely fucking ridiculous.

  1. the fact that spock somehow got on an enemy bird of prey to save his husband with his own hands
  2. the airy romance music
  3. the mutual heart eyes
  4. the soft voices
  5. the classic jim kirk pre-kiss grab
  6. the klingons, waiting for the kiss
  7. everyone who watched this and thought this was just dudes being dudes/t’bro’las
How to Disappear Completely

-Admin Red

You’re sick and overworked, so PJ decides to take care of you.

a/n- I’m slowly getting back into my writing groove, so hopefully this doesn’t feel as forced.

Now, you weren’t usually one to complain, but damn work sucked these last two weeks. You had assignments out your ass and half your usual team was out sick with the flu. You tried to extend your due dates, explaining to your boss that it’d barely be possible for you to finish even half the work if you put in overtime and took everything home for the weekends. To compensate for the unfavorable conditions, your boss bumped up the totally underprepared trainees to your group in an effort to appease you. Now, you were stuck babysitting five moody jerks who ignored your attempts at showing them the ropes and two more coworkers starting to show signs of the flu.

I’m not here. This isn’t happening. You’d tell yourself, rubbing your eyes.

You hadn’t been this stressed since high school. You were back to your old sleep schedule of about four hours a night if you slept at all. You noticed he effects of sleep deprivation were already kicking in when you realized you were trying to put a hot tea kettle in the fridge that morning.

The one upside was it was now Friday night. You had plans with your best friend and roommate, PJ, to marathon Orange is the New Black (as per your request). You would probably fall asleep before you even got to the second season, but hey, it was just going to be you, Peej, and a crap load of junk food. You’d be able to detox.

As you went to the kitchen to pick out the junk food, PJ set up Netflix in the living room.

Now this is how a team works you thought.

“We are all set up for the show!” PJ said, joining you in the kitchen to get drinks.

“Awesome! So I’m thinking popcorn, pretzels, and plenty of ice cold beers,” you replied.

“Hm. You’re not usually much of a drinker, but alright.” PJ moved the fridge and grabbed the six pack you had picked up on your way home.

“Rough day at work,” you sighed. “Well, the whole week was awful. But at least it’s the weekend! I get to hang out with my fave,” you nudged him, “and not worry about Danny breaking a fourth piece of equipment until Monday. Fucking Danny.”

“He already broke three in a month? Do they even train the trainees?”

“Apparently not.” You started to laugh, but it turned into a series of wet coughs.

“Oh no. No, no, no, no, no! If I get the flu, I’m gonna fight Mark and Gwen for coming in sick. I can not afford to get sick right now.”

PJ put the beers back and filled the kettle with water. “Don’t worry about it. You’ve been working your butt off lately. They can give you a few days off. By the look of it, you could really use some time to rest up. You look exhausted.”

“I can rest when I finish my work,” you groaned. “This stuff will never get done if I’m not there.” You looked around for a box of tissues, which PJ had already snagged from their hiding spot under the bread and bananas. He handed them to you, wincing slightly as you erupted into another fit of coughing

“I mean, I’ve had a runny nose and a headache for a few days, but I thought it was allergies and stress,” you explained, blowing your nose forcefully enough to earn a grimace from PJ.

“You know what, I think it’s time for you to start resting now.” PJ walked back into the living room and turned the TV off, grabbing the comfiest blanket you had brought for the marathon before returning to you. He handed the blanket to you, saying, “I’ll make the tea, you go get in bed.”

“But, PJ-,“ you started

“Nope. Doctor PJ is in the house now. I’m prescribing you copious amounts of tea and plenty of naps.”

“Fine.” You knew you couldn’t sway him when he got like this. He can be such a mother duck to you when you’re sick. Secretly, though, you thought it was absolutely adorable. You thought he was absolutely adorable in general though. Very sweet and caring, too. He’d make a great boyfriend.

Oops. Better not stray into those thoughts again. They’d drive you mad. You shuffled to your room, opting not to turn your bedside lamp on. You preferred to allow the light of the setting sun streaming in through your open windows to show you the way to your bed.

PJ entered a few moments later with two steaming mugs. He set them down on your nightstand, quickly rushing to his room across the hall. He came back in armed with his ukulele.

“Scoot over.”

You obliged and he joined you, leaning up against the headboard right next to you. You decided to take advantage of how close you two were in your small bed by resting your head on PJ’s shoulder, settling right in.

“Any requests?” He inquired, tuning the E string.

“How to Disappear Completely?” Radiohead always relaxed you.

“Of course. Let me just make sure…” He began strumming a few chords, none of which sounded right. “Ah, got it!” he finally said, launching right into the song.

You felt your muscles relax. Lying in bed next to PJ while he sang you to sleep was exactly what you had needed. After that, he played Pyramid Song, which was equally as calming. You were so exhausted from your chaotic week, your eyelids began to droop halfway through the song.

When PJ finished, you were on the verge of falling asleep.

“Y/n?” he whispered.

You were too tired to answer.

Then something unexpected happened. He began to play something you couldn’t quite place. He sang it so softly you could only just make you the words.

“Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

No way. You had mentioned to him a few days ago how much you loved Tyler Josephs ukulele cover of I Can’t Help Falling in Love. You had joked that if someone ever sang that to you, you’d marry them on the spot. And here he was, cuddled up with you singing a love song while he thought you were asleep.

You wondered what to do. The song was rapidly coming to a close. Should you make a move? Or pretend to be asleep? What if he just liked the song too? Maybe this didn’t mean anything.

As the last note resonated into the night, you made a very dumb and very brave decision.


“Oh, you’re still awake..? I, um…”

And then you kissed him. You kissed him as passionately as a sick, overworked sleep-deprived person could. And once he got over the surprise, he kissed back.

It was quiet for a moment.

PJ was the first to break the silence, with a “Wow.”

“I just got you so sick…”

“Then I guess we’ll both have to stay home together.”

He kissed you again, long and slow.

Eventually, you both fell asleep, your head on his shoulder and his head on yours. It wasn’t exactly how you’d imagined it, but you were happy it had worked out in the end.