Working on this painting touched me both on a spiritual level as well as on an emotional one, and there are so many things I’d like to say about it - but I’ll let the image speak for me this time.
I dedicate this to all mothers, to all those warrior and nurturing spirits out there standing up for what they believe in.

© Nataša Ilinčić, please do not remove credits


Q: [Julian Assange] has been very public about the not-aproving of this movie, and I think that that says something about the movie. If it were coming out and he were like “You know, I’m cool of this. I’m good”, what would that say about this movie?

B.C.: I would say that it would be unbalanced, then. I’m hoping that, y'know… it’s gonna provoke debate on either side of the spectrum, let’s be honest about this.



Emaia predict for my USD predict shop =P Had the shop on a bit of a hold as I got other stuff done, but now I should be back on track, so I’ll be alternating predicts and GCC as long as I have a predicts queue.

This one was a rather big challenge. No GEP, and a booty map+vintage jar, PLUS some rather detailed markings to work into the baby XD I still feel like the markings aren’t QUITE as busy as on the parents, but I think it looks alright! They also asked to take out the back quill things, though I preferred how it looks WITH them so uploading this version here =P

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