Grand Opening

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of Iacon Ark One! I’m OMsRandom, though it’s much easier to type Ohma. I’ve been debating on doing a HC/Imagine blog for some time, and I figured if I were to try, I would do it over a fandom I know so very well: Transformers!

Series that can be covered: Bay movies {Caught up}, Prime {Spoiled/Caught Up}, Animated {In Progress}, G1 {Rewatching}, Armada {In Progress}, Energon {In Progress}

About the Mod:

Female, 19, she/her pronouns please if you can. Avid Trans-fan since 2007

I’ve watched G1 when I was four or so, but since I was also in pre-k at the time, I lost interest in it until I was 9, when my oldest sister brought home the first Bay-verse movie. Per my habits, I found myself, well, watching the cartoons I missed as a child.

I’m a ‘Bot girl myself, though there are a few ‘Cons I wouldn’t mind being stuck with. That doesn’t mean, of course, this is going to be a ‘Bot only blog!

In any case, I hope to whoever is reading this that you enjoy the content my blog puts out!


no but for real i love ben solo so much. here we have this character who was introduced to us as the Big Bad, whose face wasn’t even shown until the lasst forty minutes of the force awakens and it’s so much easier to hate “a creature in a mask”. it was so shocking to just see a normal looking human being beneath the mask; when vader took off his, he was marred and twisted and everyone could think “oh yeah he’s definitely a villain.” but ben solo isn’t. he’s someone who was never cared for properly by his parents who shipped him off to Jedi Boarding School so his uncle could teach, the very same uncle who tried to murder him. imagine being a child who has never had a stable person in their life and then the one person they were taught to trust ended up trying to murder them in their sleep. and let’s not forget luke never even told han or leia what he had tried to do; instead he hid himself away and let han and leia believe that their son was seduced simply because he was evil and not because luke tried to murder their young son. and then there’s snoke, a constant presence in ben’s mind. and ben only acts on his darker side when prompted by luke’s actions. up until that point, ben had been fighting for the light sight, had been training as a jedi and then only turned his back on it all when luke tried to murder him in his sleep. and there is no doubt in my mind that snoke abused ben, both physcially, emotionally and mentally. i mean the guy isn’t hesitant to use any kind of torture on anyone. ben solo was broken down and torn apart by people in his life from the time of his birth. “but he killed his father!” yes and the action tore him apart, broke him down even further. when snoke even says that the droid is in the hands of han solo in tfa ben hesitates to answer and even when he does it’s nowhere near convincing enough. ben embodies grey, because he’s done so much bad yet, we cannot help to sympathise because of what had led him to make those actions: being abandoned as a child, nearly murdered by his all good and all great uncle and being abused by the only person who gave him any attention whatsoever. so yeah, i love ben solo and if he doesn’t get a redemption arc then all of the last three movies would have been a waste