Fading (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Tony x Reader

A/N: Let’s kick off my return with some angst, shall we? And I’m also working on the next part of TFE :)

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Word Count: 1,820

***Warnings: Brief description of blood, death, general angst, Self-Loathing!Tony, no sequel

Soulmate AU where your heartbeat is in sync with your soulmate. They both speed up together, and slow down together. They share every big emotion, and sense of calm.

And both hearts stop together as well.

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hey guys! as you might know i’m living quite a busy life, and i’m trying to do everything so that i can combine my busy life with my dear beloved hobby aka writing lol. it went well, until last week, that is. unfortunately, some family issues came up last week, resulting in a much busier week than i expected. because my week was so busy - and i have to keep up with uni as well - i did not have much time and inspiration to work on The Four Elements. it really SUCKS and i know i shouldn’t but i can’t help but be disappointed in myself for continiously postponing the update :///// however, this time i REALLY have to postpone it, since i won’t have any time to work on the chapter this weekend :( i’m really really really sorry guys ughhh.

originally, i scheduled tfe’s update on 3/29, but i think i will change the whole schedule, and update Countdown To You & A Meteor’s Fate first, since i already plotted these chapters in my head. i wanted to take my time to plot the next chapter of tfe last week, but since i got so busy i unfortunately was not able to do that :((( 

i am truly sorry for postponing tfe’s update again :(( i feel shitty because of this, but i really hope you guys understand my situation :) you guys are truly amazing and i can’t thank you enough for reading my work <333 also, i will notice you guys when i updated the schedule on my blog! i still have to make the schedule so yeah haha.