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Okay I was just wondering... How do you draw Sniper? Do you draw him? Do you have canon for him? I am so curious *-* also, I love your art, it's so amazing <3

Here is a sneep for you^^ And thank you I’m glad you like my art.

As for headcanons, I don’t have any for sniper that are original most have already been said.

Hey guys, I cleaned my blog list and it seems that I’m not following enough blogs , so reblog/like this if you post:

  • Support Sandwich (Actually, as a group or separately because I like Spy, Sniper and Medic a lot. Support class gives me life)
  • SniperSpy
  • CBS / CPS (if it’s possible, because there is not so much art of them around)
  • TF2 Ocs (I really love to see Ocs around, so this would be a really good hint!)
  • Pretty much TF2 in general
  • Videogames (Bioshock Series, DIshonored 1-2, Monster Factory, etc)
  • PDA posts
  • Dark Aesthetic (Gothic churches, red/black pictures, neon lights, etc)

I’m Lou and I would like to have more mutuals, also new blogs to follow!