Fic 452: The Long, Long Road [Pt. 1]

The first part of a short multi-part Flashfire fic, inspired by a request from @shadowenza

Pyro stared out at the countryside as it sped by. Not that countryside was really the right word. There wasn’t much in the way of country, just water as far as their eyes could see. The smell of salt hung so heavy in the air that they could smell it even through the filter of their mask as the car continued to fly down the road. Up in the front, Tom Jones blared on the radio with Scout’s ever-so-slightly flat voice singing along like no one else was listening.

They leaned further out and the rush of wind around their head was nearly deafening, but they didn’t pull back in. Instead, they closed their eyes, and suddenly they were flying. No longer on the road, they were a million miles away, high up in the clouds and surrounded by birds and soaring above the earth. The sun was warm, the air cool, and they didn’t have a care in the worl-


A sharp swerve to the right sent them flying back into the car, just as a passing truck sped past in the opposite direction, it’s horn blaring and echoing against the sea cliffs. On their back and halfway off the seat cushion, Pyro looked over to see Scout toss a look back over his shoulder that made him look like he was halfway between worry and bursting out in laughter at any minute.

“Respawn ain’t a thing out here. We gotta at least try not to get ourselves killed, ya know?”

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