3 years of SFM today! 6,338 hours wasted spent standing people idly on black void with boring poses and using other people’s mocap in animation because I’m too lazy to learn how to animate on my own.

So, without further ado, have some reskin tests on the scooter and demo’s helmet that I’m FAIRLY sure valve used in the ED short. We have them both in sfm already, so hey, why not.

4k here and here!

Cheering for froyotech! by s4nnday

In support of i58 TF2, s4nnday put together this SFM collage of NA team froyotech’s TF2 loadouts for r/tf2. With a team that has come out on top once again for ESEA Invite under the leadership of b4nny, TLR ready to show he’s not to be taken lightly just because he’s fresh out of retirement, and the rest of these players ready to get a taste of LAN for the first time to defend froyotech’s world championship title, it’s looking to be an interesting iSeries!

Will you be rooting for froyotech in the name of North America’s glory? Or are you more enticed by the Europeans - or the Australians who traveled all the way to Europe?