Clouds rolling over Mount Tamalpais State Park, California

nicholassteinbergphotography“Cotton candy Waves”

Here’s a time lapse from my shot Cotton Candy Waves. As opposed to a long exposure, this was shot with successive shorter exposures to show movement and texture. Love how mesmerizing the fog is.

Hi guyz! ^-^ I’ve been absent lately… And I guess from now on I’ll be working even more often on some projects that I still can’t publish around. Anyway, I won’t let the blog die so easily! I’m playing Danganronpa v3, so I guess I’ll do some art for it soon, ad I’m also planning a color palette challenge.

In the meantime you can check out my online shop on Redbubble. I’ve add a bunch of stuff!

I spent a few hours drawing a Thor Ragnarok image today, wanted to try and speed up my process and make decisions more quickly. I tend to over think things and want to try and get work out more often!

Hope you guys like it, I’m looking forward to the film! Have a good weekend :D