Didn’t post for a while ! We’re working a lot on our FXs short film at school so I’ll show some stuff very soon. So for now I’m just filling the gap:) Here’s my very first attempt at doing some stuff on after effects. I don’t know anything about it but yeah I just wanted to try:) Also I put an awesome music because it makes it look a lot better aha

Music: Modular Mix from Air

edit: press the HD button


My new abstract canvas 🔥
La Belle Époque .
Acrylic and gold leaf on a textured canvas.
Size 9"x12" , 1.5" depth. 

Original is available for purchase at my @saatchiart  profile ( https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-La-Belle-poque/707588/3313774/view ) or just email me anna.tsvell@gmail.com if you would like to buy it directly ( and more profitable ;) ) from me


# 2891 “Cheque Enclosed” by Scott Bergey
Via Flickr:
14 x 11 , mixed media collage on illustration board. May 2014