It occurred to me that given their line of work it’s probably not uncommon to see SOLDIERs who’ve lost limbs. And, since people on Gaia can make transformer arms that switch between machine guns (with ammo storage?) and perfectly articulated hands (does Barret’s hand have a neural sensory component because it really looks like it?) then a leg that can hold up to all a SOLDIER needs to put it through is really quite a reasonable thing to exist - assuming the SOLDIER wants to keep SOLDIERing anyway.

The foot is modeled off a mountain goat’s hoof for reasons I have mostly forgotten. (Traction and benefits when climbing? Or something.)

Breeze Blocks, Bethnal Green Tesco, London.

© 2016 Alex James Bruce

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# 3637 “What’s’ Your Call Sign?” by Scott Bergey
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12 x 9 mixed media collage/painting on paper. February 2016 Shop for my art on Etsy.com www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ScottBergey

Monday’s stitches! Started a b&w version of one of my previous patches. I was out of the house by 9 this morning, drank a coffee now back home and gonna stay in for the rest of the day doing this! I love a nice cool fall day…but today I don’t feel so guilty about staying in ✌️👀