“Bisexuals are straight passing when they’re in a het relationship”

1.) Its not a “het” relationship because that person is bi. Its a different-gender relationship.

2.) What the fuck do you think the “B” means in “LGBT+”??? I’m curious. I’ll wait.

3.) Go fuck yourself with a rusty mace with sandpaper for texture and super glue for lube.

I just saw a major spoiler for Trespasser. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you should probably start blacklisting the tag now. 

The new update, apparently, included various textures that will be used in the DLC. 

So, stay safe, friends.


One of the most gratifying things about discovering new artists is seeing the ingenuity in the way they use regular materials in new and innovative ways. Here, artist Sena Runa folds and bends different sized colored paper to create textured, vivid dimensional sculptures. Her sculptures are technically proficient but still whimsical and not without a sense of humor…. @CubeBreaker.com

Veranka HEMNES Bed Frame Set

I had done these a while ago and thought I released them, but I realized I actually hadn’t, so I threw them together really quick! You can get the original by Veranka right here.

These frames have exactly the same textures on both. If they look different in the picture it’s because of EA’s lighting.

Download Single Bed Frame:

(from my server) (from Dropbox) (from simfileshare)

Download Double Bed Frame:

(from my server) (from Dropbox) (from simfileshare)

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It bothers me that when I see "dark skin representation" posts: there are typically pictures of black women who are no darker than Gabrielle Union. I feel like there's an acceptable level of darker skin. Also if you've heard Kendrick Lamar's "The blacker the berry". He talks about being proud of his big nose, his hair texture and dark skin. It's interesting to me because no doubt a lot of black men agree with the message. And yet a lot of them wouldn't accept those features on black women...

I needed me a little tea this morning, and it’s scalding hot too…

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Hey Dox! I'm sorry for bothering you but I really really love your art and I was wondering which brush setting you use to sketch and to lineart.

(blotmap) : [Shell Texture]

Brush Texture (brushtex) : [Broken Ground]

I dont remember if these came with basic SAI or not so pardon if I cant give proper credit for these textures!

this is REAAALLY close to my old brush and probably as close as I will get :(

I am learning to befriend restlessness
To spend fewer moments sleep walking
Or giving into continuous movement
Disguised as productive activity
Learning not to resist by collapsing
Into endless distraction and dissatisfaction
(So many shiny objects disappoint)
I am learning to ground in the scent of here
The taste of what is
The soft sound of my breathing
The colour and texture
Of landscapes- inner and outer
After all these years of longing
I am learning to be
—  Oriah Mountain Dreamer

They call me cry baby, cry baby 💦 but i dont fucking care 🍭💕

i got the Cry Baby lipstick yesterday! Along with the lipstick i got the free tattoos from Lime Crime. Someone asked me to do a little review so here we go!

Review: i would say the lipstick texture is perfect, its creamy and also opaque, for me that is the perfect lipstick. i love the color, its out of the ordinary and makes me feel like a blue princess. probably wouldnt wear it out in public much, but i love it for fun. The tattoos are great too, very easy to put on and match the lipstick well!

i hope everyone loves their lipstick, if you dont have it i recommend it! 💕