We are proud to give you an announcement about a new product line we are launching: Arda Silky! This line of wigs will come in longer styles and have a softer, silkier texture so they will be more tangle resistant and easier to comb than our current wig line.

Do not worry: Our current line of wigs is not changing! We will still offer the Arda Wigs you know and love, but these will be a great addition that many customers have asked for!

Arda Silky is coming soon! We will have these new wigs available when our new site launches, so get hype!

Colored Lineart commission for tinseltowncloud. Thank you, lovely!

An illustration from The Progress of Sherlock Holmes.

He pulls back from me a little, his hand still on my back. Hesitating. I smile. Make a decision in a flash: don’t let myself think it through. I lean forward and kiss him. Let my tongue run along the edge of his upper lip. (Wine. Roast. Gravy. Almonds. The milkiness that is him.) He’s a little started by it, but slightly drunk; his reaction times are slower, his defences are down. Unrestrained. He’s unwound and trusting. (Even with me; maybe especially with me. Why not with me?) Lightly sucks my bottom lip. Grips my back. Hand slides up to my neck. His tongue. In my mouth. Odd texture against my own. Passion. My veins are all on fire. Lips. Wet. A clatter of utensils in the kitchen; water runs. (A reminder.) We let go. His hand slides off my neck. We stare at each other. Panting slightly (him; also, I notice a moment later, me).

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Arven Skin

  • Standalone
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Female only
  • Young Adult / Adult
  • You can find it in Skin Details
  • Recommend use skin colors by kijiko :)
  • Please tag me #fashionroyaltysims if you use it

Download here

More creations by me

P.S. It’s my first skin, and I used dds texture of my fav skin by m-i-l-k-sims <3 as a base, but I changed almost all (body, face, ears) besides arms and legs. Hope, you like it :)


bend a what? bend a who? BENDAROOS

genuine question, please only answer this if you’re black

it’s about the key/taemin situation, i’m genuinely wondering (if this sounds facetious i’m really really sorry that is literally not at all is my intent at all, i really want to actually know) why is what taemin said bad? from what i have gathered from the screenshots and his comment about looking like he’s from the jackson 5 and the picture of him with the afro and the afro pick, key was actually doing it with the intention that it would look like textured, black peoples’ hair, and taemin made a comment on that it looked like that. so i’m wondering in this context how is what he said bad? i don’t think it’s good, i don’t really think it’s much of anything and i’m much more disappointed in key for making his hair look like that because appropriating natural hair like that for fashion is really nasty. i could see if taemin had said it in disgust like “ew, you look like a black boy” or “why would you do that to your hair? now you look like a black boy” or something else to insinuate that it’s insulting, but i don’t really see how he was doing anything more than making a comment on what key was trying to make himself look like?

i don’t know if there’s something i’m not thinking about or seeing that other people see?

y’know, Pearl’s issues with eating are entirely sensory (she says she finds it “uncomfortable” and when she describes it its almost entirely by how it feels) and personal and so it bothers me how often I see people complain about her issue with it as stemming from some kind of hatred or superiority over humans. It’s like she straight up says what her problem with it is but people choose to make it something else, make it about them, essentially.

but I guess that’s what people do in real life, too. I have a lot of weird sensory issues with texture or just the idea of things so I can’t touch, eat, or otherwise interact with something (or, y’know, I prefer not to). And its entirely my issue and it has no effect on anyone else’s life but almost every time it comes up people get so personally offended. Even if they didn’t even make the food or whatever. Just. They’re so angry that my reason for not liking a thing is so illogical that it’s a personal affront to them. The reasoning is “stupid” to them, it “doesn’t make any sense” and then if I say I don’t know why I have an issue with a certain thing they won’t shut up listing random guesses as to what my issue is, like its some kind of game. Or they’ll be like “One day I’ll make you do/eat/touch [whatever]”. I mean. You’re probably joking, but now I seriously don’t trust you and don’t want to be around you. At worst you’re going to force me to do something I don’t want to do, at best you’re mocking and trivializing something that’s an issue for me, because its not an issue to you, so that means it doesn’t matter and I don’t get to feel the way I do about it.

and its frustrating to me. There’s no reason for people to take whether or not someone else likes something as a personal attack on them. People do, or don’t do, certain things because of how it feels to them. They’re not thinking about what Random Person #5 thinks of it, because its none of their business. But people have this issue with internalizing everything someone else does (or doesn’t do) as it relates to them, so if they personally don’t like it they feel like that matters or something. In some situations, yea, what other people do does affect you. But in most situations its just a personal action based on how that person feels and there’s no reason to involve yourself and demand someone change just because they’re doing something you think is weird.


3t4 bow

Yay, my first accessory conversion! I seriously have no idea how I even got it working, I guess I got lucky :-)

It’s from the Pop Star Hairstyle on the Store and a slight mesh edit - I have pulled the band closer to the head and lumialoversims filled in the “backside” so that there are no see-through parts. Thank you again, for like the 500th time XD

Comes in 66 colors (I like my options, ‘kay?), custom thumbnail so it’s easy to find. Found in the Earrings section, texture uses the hat texture slot (why would you use this with a hat anyway?). Please message me if you encounter any issues. Hope you like it :-)

Credits: S4S, EAxis, LumiaLoverSims

Download at SFS

(Mini) Style Guide: The Velvet Couch

I’m constantly sharing my love for texture throughout DFL, wood, wool, leather, fur, you name it! With all that texture love, it dawned on me that velvet has yet to be featured . To be honest the thought of velvet has always made me cringe. That was until I came across blogger/interior designer, Aimee Song’s blue velvet couch, that I decided that velvet had the ability to not make me gag, in fact I was feeling another kind of emotion. Could velvet be..dare I say it, filling me with delight?

Colour: Upon my research I came to realise that this luxe fabric is more versatile than one might think. Rich and regal in appearance, blue velvet seems to be incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. Navy blue looks classic and sophisticated in more settings, especially when accompanied by furred throw pillows. Against a cool-deep or dark-blue couch, use warm colors of equal color weight or saturation, such as burnt orange or red for rich contrast.

Layering: Layering a room’s textures provides interest and balance. Play down the lushness and shimmer of a blue velvet couch against organic linens cotton or wool.

Accessories:  If you don’t want to take the plunge and buy velvet furniture, accessorize! Velvet pillows and blankets add warmth to a room, but are more subtle than bigger items.

Maintenance: Velvet does get worn away after years of use; it’s not as durable as other fabric selections. If you want to add this texture in a living space, depending on usage it might be wise to use velvet to upholster a pair of occasional chairs rather than your main sofa.

Design by Rawlings Calderone Design

Aside from being a super comfortable fabric, a well-selected velvet piece can instantly raise the stakes in a room with its rich and luxurious feel.

Images: 13 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 8


Ever noticed that a lot of your internal doors are usually open, well now the sims can be too.

They are designed as simple plain internal doors in your average house. There are two of them one the opposite of the other.

The thumb looks exactly the same but they are named A and B and the description is different so you can tell them apart.

Its basically (well exactly) a door meshed onto the arch/walk way thingies. The texture is not as good as I hoped as I had little room to work with and we cannot actually make completely new doors as of now.

Found in doors with six swatches.

Download at Simista


Y'all I need advice! Which do I look better with: short hair or long hair? I have a haircut appointment tomorrow and I’m split on what to get! Everyone says that I should keep my long hair, although I personally find it to need way too much maintenance.

I figured, if I were to keep some of the length, I would at least get a ton of textured layers to take the weight out. Growing out the length isn’t a problem for me, since my hair grows super fast. I just kinda want a new style!

Short hair is what I was originally going for. It’s really great for the hot summer, although it always needs styling. My natural waves don’t look good in short hair. 😭

tl;dr long hair: keep length, less required maintenance, no major makeover
short hair: new style, lightweight, but requires maintenance

New photo released, and you can pick it up as a signed print in my shoppe!

This is such an awesome portrait showing all the elements of the costume! I really love how you can see the different fabric textures, how they complement the sculpted pieces, and that the painting technique Benni taught me is making the armor pop so much. I hightlighted and shadowed the heck out of the armor parts O_O

Diablo 3 Wizard Costume made by @yayahan & @kamuicosplay, photo by Benjamin Schwarz, taken during #FantasyBasel

My print special is still happening, since I’m at the office to sign them each day! Once I start traveling again, the deal will go away haha. XD #YayaHan #cosplay #creativity #Diablo3


Majora is finally a full suit! He features a fully hand-sewn head, following fluorescent eyes, removable & adjustable polyfil padded digitigrade, our first outdoor feet with pawpads, and includes more than 10 different furs of varying colors and textures. His hand and feet claws are from DVC, and his teeth are repurposed DVC claws as well.

His body, feet, and hands alone were roughly 180 hours of labor!

Suiter can be found here on FA.

Photographs provided by Dragonscales Photography (edit by Alex Dachshund)