Boy with a broken soul
Heart with a gaping hole

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Ya’ll, I got an AncestryDNA test for fun a few month ago and I found out that I’m not even 50% Nigerian  😂 😂 😂. The countries that showed up didn’t surprise me because I’m Edo and Edo people came from Yoruba people who are in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo. And of course people have migrated back and forth for 1000′s of years. But what surprised me was the percentages. Just a reminder that a lot of African countries are just arbitrary lines drawn by Europeans. 

Finished The Turing Test.

In a word, I’d call this game fascinating. Its themes speak to the imagination, and notably fit my particular interests. As far as first-person puzzle games go, I feel this is the closest one has gotten to Portal’s grandeur.

If I had a criticism, it’d be that it’s a little too easy. Apart from one or two of the optional puzzles, none really challenged me or took me longer to complete than a minute or three. Though I suppose you could attribute that to my inherent talent for problem-solving and lateral thinking. Brag brag.

There is a major plot twist in the game, which I won’t spoil, but which once revealed immediately has implications concerning everything that’s happened since the game’s beginning, which is always my favourite kind of plot twist. As for the ending, I again won’t spoil it, though it did get me thinking. I spent several minutes pondering the events as the credits slowly moved.

All in all, yeah, is pretty good. Guess I recommend it. Bit short, but it has a relatively low price to match. Give this one a try if you have a free evening.