so apparently someone jumped out the classroom window because their teacher locked them in and was like “you can’t leave until this is resolved” so he was like fuck this and jumped out the window

Eu imagino você cantando pela nossa casa com esse sotaque lindo e com essa sua voz rouca que tira o fôlego. Imagino suas mãos passeando por minhas curvas, imagino sua respiração ficando pesada, ao passo que dorme profundo com seus braços fortes ao meu redor. Imagino a paz nos seus olhos e seu sorriso bobo me desejando bom dia. Imagino nosso amor crescendo, e nossa história sendo escrita. Imagino nossas brigas típicas de um casal e logo depois, eu imagino a reconciliação, os pedidos de desculpas e os sussurros de “eu te amo” no escuro do quarto. Não importa meus planos para o futuro, você sempre está nele. Seja do meu lado, lendo um livro, fazendo a barba, rindo ou dormindo. De todos os jeitos você está no meu presente e no meu futuro. Não me imagino sem você. Sem você eu não sou e nem serei.
—  Quando eu te encontrar.

i turned 18 yesterday and i’ve only got less than half a year of high school left so i wanted to make a reflection post of things that i’ve learned, especially over the past year. so here are 18 important thoughts

  1. people make mistakes
  2. it’s okay to make mistakes
  3. but remember to face the consequences and be ready to apologize to anyone affected by those mistakes
  4. some friendships run their course. there’s nothing wrong with slowly drifting apart from someone. it’s called growing up
  5. it’s not all shit. treasure the good and learn from the bad
  6. other people grow up/mature/learn at a different rate than you. it doesn’t make them a worse or better person. 
  7. sometimes you just have to put yourself first
  8. they tell you in high school to get out of abusive relationships with boys but they don’t say anything about the toxic relationships you have with your friends. friends should make you feel good about yourself. 
  9. your parents care about you.
  10. there’s nothing more emotionally draining than realising that you care about someone more than they care for you
  11. alcohol doesn’t bring out the best or worst in someone - it brings out the truth.
  12. you’re not alone
  13. people will respect you more if you are genuine. pretending to be someone/something you’re not never ends well
  14. things aren’t easy. if you want something badly enough, fight for it.
  15. people know that you’re social climbing
  16. high school isn’t your whole life. people change. 
  17. you’ve got your whole life ahead of you
  18. people make mistakes


Sometimes I wonder. I wonder about finding that perfect someone. Having that perfect relationship. And sometimes I wonder if it’s you I’m supposed to be with. We’ve grown up together, we’ve had the best, rock solid friendship anyone could ever ask for. You were my #1 best friend. But you’re gone now and I don’t know if we’ll ever see each other again. Will you come back? Can we try?


virginoilmom asked:

Reason 1: somewhere out there your soulmate is waiting for you Reason 2: dogs are cute Reason 3: you woke up this morning (alive!!!) Reason 4: it would be cool to look back to when you were sad and be like wow I can't believe I made it thru that Reason 5: if you say the word dread aloud a bunch of times it sounds funny Reason 6: you actually have an impact on people lives believe it or not Reason 7: think about a good time in your life, close your eyes and go there Reason 8: someone loves you

I love this one omg 

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i smile bc of the hope my parents give me every day that i can be whoever i want if i put my mind to it with faltering passion for something i can find what truly makes me happy I smile bc i know that no matter how bad things are now it will get better i smile because of my stupid fangirl love for Brendon Urie and 5SOS i smile bc even tho i dont have the nicest things i am alive and i have ppl i love and ppl who love me smile even if u arent happy there is always something to smile about

this is so cute omg its so great to hear that your parents are supportive keep up your positive attitude