Ruth Etting by Colleen O'Eris

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<br />Ruth Etting (November 23, 1897 – September 24, 1978) was an American singing star and actress of the 1920s and 1930s, who had over 60 hit recordings and worked in stage, radio, and film. Known as &quot;America's sweetheart of song&quot;, her signature tunes were &quot;Shine On, Harvest Moon&quot;, &quot;Ten Cents a Dance&quot; and &quot;Love Me or Leave Me&quot;. Her other popular recordings included &quot;Button Up Your Overcoat&quot;, &quot;Mean to Me&quot;, &quot;Exactly Like You&quot; and &quot;Shaking the Blues Away&quot;. wiki

It’s nearly New Year’s here in Rapture. I hear that there’s going to be a pretty big shindig at the Kashmir.

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Ruth Etting - Ten Cents A Dance.

AKA the tune that got stuck in your head whilst waiting for siren alley to load in bioshock 2. 

Movie poster. Ten Cents a Dance (1931). Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Ricardo Cortez, Monroe Owsley.

Barbara O'Neill (Stanwyck) is hustling dances at a dime a piece in a cheap Depression era dance hall. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, good enough to prevent her from descending down into prostitution or believing the lies of the customers. She genuinely likes Bradley Carlton (Cortez), a wealthy businessman who just enjoys talking to her. She asks him for one favor…


Ten Cents a Dance (1930) ~ Ruth Etting

Taxi dancer anthem.