Pepper really should have been at that party in AoU because one, Tony would maybe have pumped the brakes for a second on the whole ultron thing if Pepper had been there like “what the fuck Tony,” but especially because, two, her and Sam making small talk in the way you do when you’re both the romantic partners brought to the office party though

“It’s been an interesting shift in my life,” Sam says, resisting the urge to stand on his tiptoes. It’s a common male response to Pepper in her heels. They make her approximately eight feet tall.

“I can imagine. It must be wonderful working alongside Captain America,” Pepper says.

“Oh yeah, working with Steve is amazing,“ says Sam. And it is. It is. God, it is. But also Steve disappeared somewhere to go say hi to Bruce Banner, and Sam decided not to follow because he is absolutely sure Bruce is a wonderful guy, but Sam’s still not ready to risk meeting the Hulk.

("Trust me,” said Steve before he left. “If the Hulk was here, it doesn’t matter what room of the party you’re in. You’d meet him.”)

The point is, you bring a man to your work party, you damn well make sure he doesn’t have to make too much conversation with your coworkers by himself.

A very tall, very built, very blonde man walks by with drinks in hand. Thor gives the two of them a little wave and Sam’s brain short circuits. Pepper waves back. Being a personal assistant for Tony Stark seems to demand the kind of person who would never be flapped by something so insignificant as the Norse god of thunder. Even before the whole superhero thing, she’d probably just tell him to wait in the lobby while she checked if Mr Stark was in the office today.

(Sam is, of course, wrong. A blaring siren of “what the fuck what the fuck what the FUCK” has been playing in Pepper’s head for about five years now, sometimes fading almost to silence, sometimes screaming so loud she can barely think, but after so long, Pepper’s gotten used to faking the kind of ice cold serenity that served her so well as Tony’s personal assistant. After all, aliens and demigods are still not the worse mess he’s dragged her into.)

“Steve helped me get my wings back,” Sam says, mostly to remind himself that he can fly, ergo this is a place he deserves to be. “He’s a good man like that.”

“That’s wonderful,” Pepper says. “Tony helped me get super strength one time. And the ability to breathe flames.”

“What,” says Sam.

“Yes,” says Pepper. “Steve seems like a relaxing boyfriend.”

Sam watches Tony Stark and James Rhodes loudly argue about the maximum amount of rocket launcher one suit of armor needs. “No, he’s not,” Sam says firmly. “Not even comparatively. Tell me about fire breathing, though, that sounds wild.”

She tells him about fire breathing. It is, in fact, wild.


everyone else probably already spotted this, but i was going back through le gamer and realised fu actually is there; i (and a lot of other people) just thought he was missing because he wasn’t where the calendar shot showed he would be hiding

i think the shot from the calendar was a much earlier scrapped version of the scene! fu is way further back than originally planned (though still weirdly conspicuous leaning around the lamppost like that; in other episodes thus far he hasn’t been so directly engaged with the kids), the scenery in the close shot is different to the calendar image (the bench is changed and another one beside adrien is now missing) but matches the wide shot, the camera angle is a little higher and, most interestingly, the kids have disappearing props. i originally thought this was going to be from kung food and the kids would have been chosen to rate recipes (thus having clipboards to write on or something similar), but it looks like it was definitely part of le gamer as adrien still has the board in the wide shot - the props seem to have been removed, not added.

i’m really curious about that, actually! if this was always le gamer and the scene just got edited, what were the boards supposed to be for? something to do with the tournament, or some elaborate way to keep food off their laps, like little portable tables? it’s such a small thing but i love glimpses back into the production phases and i really want to know what this was going to be

jacksonwang852g7: [CHINESE TRANS] This world’s best dad, the dad whom I love, the dad who’s taught me many lessons in life, the dad who only speaks reason/wisdom with me. On the training field he is one of the world’s best coaches, the most strict coach, the coach with the highest expectations. But at home he is one of the world’s most tender dads. Dad, you and and mom are my life’s biggest idols. That I am able to be your son is my honour/pleasure. Happy birthday dad. I love you. ❤️ 세상에서 최고의 아버지. 사랑하는 제 아버지. 수많은 레슨을 가르쳤던 제 아버지. 항상 항상 모든게 좋게 좋게 저한테 말을 해줬던 제 아버지. 연습장에서 가장 완벽한 선생님이고 가장 무서운 선생님이고 집에서는 가장 따듯한 제 아버지. 엄마랑 제 아버지. 제 인생의 role model 입니다. 두분의 아들 될 수 있어서 항상 영광이라고 생각해. 생일 축하해 아버지. 사랑해 많이. ❤️ The best father on earth, my dad. Who taught me countless life lessons. During training, he can be unbelievably strict, he would push me over my limit over and over again. At home, he’s the sweetest dad in the world with a warm heart. Mom and dad, they are the hero of my life. It’s an honor to be your son. Happy birthday dad. And I love you, very much. ❤️ #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #rickywang #dad #happybirthday #2016 #WANG

“The other night I came over,” says Kloss, “and we were both going someplace from here, and we were both wearing black crop tops and high-waisted skirts. It’s kind of getting weird.”

“Black tights, hair done the same way,” says Swift. “Just like, ‘Ugh, be more annoying.’ We couldn’t possibly be.

—  Ten days of Vogue: Day 6 | Favorite quote from the article