Coconut Cherry Ripe Slice - Chewy chocolatey cranberry base layered with a coconut cherry cream and topped with fresh cherries. YUM!!! How amazing do these look? Completely raw, vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and absolutely DROOL-WORTHY!!! …RECIPE

petition for taylor swift and lorde to do a track together and have a really aesthetically pleasing dark and mysterious music video with lots of smokey eyes and black panthers and wilting flowers and long flowing ballgowns as they step over the bodies of men they have just poisoned yasssssssssssss

anonymous asked:

You should post more original art!

AHHHHHH, thank you so much for being interested in my original art, I don’t have words to describe how happy this makes me <3

Well, here’s a picture of Emmeline and Rowan I drew a few weeks ago because I wanted new avatars for my blogs. 

But… I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about putting their story on hold because it’s a really big project that will involve drawing a lot of tricky things and I really need to develop my comic-drawing skills before I’m ready to tackle it. 

So I’m developing a different webcomic idea which will be much shorter and much more manageable. It’s a romance set in a future where human bio-augmentation (for both aesthetic and practical reasons) is very common. If I can get myself organised I’d like to try entering it into the webtoons contest so I might maybe start posting pages in the next few weeks???

Anyway, here are tentative designs for the two main characters.

brendon’s periscope recap 6/2
  • brendon showed his new studio and listened to music with his new speakers
  • “i will write and demo here and most of it will stay the same. but i can’t record other things here. i can’t record orchestras here.” 
  • “favourite jazz album? i don’t know if i have one. i like jazz songs.”
  • *apologizes profusely for how loud the drum set is after he was blasting music on the computer* 
  • “whiplash is a fucking great movie” 
  • the band refused is a big influence for brendon
  • brendon stopped wearing eyeliner because he sweats so much and it gets in his eyes and burns
  • “do i like mushrooms? like portobello or psychedelic? because like…both.” 
  • “‘you’re a big fucking meme.’ fair enough. i can’t argue that”