Note that the first five are the highest points on Earth, while the remaining five are the lowest points on Earth. The lowest points on this list only include areas that are on land - for example, the Marianas Trench would not be included on this list because it is underwater.

Name: location: height/depth

1. Everest: Nepal/Tibet: 29,035 ft

2. Godwin-Austen: Pakistan/China: 28,250 ft

3. Kanchenjunga: India/Nepal: 28,169 ft

4. Lhotse: Nepal/Tibet: 27,940 ft

5. Makalu: Nepal/Tibet: 27,766 ft

6. Dead Sea: Israel/Jordan/Syria: -1400 ft

7. Lake Assal: Djibouti: -508 ft

8. Turpan Depression: China: -505 ft

9. Qattara Depression: Egypt: -436 ft

10. Karagiye Depression: Kazakhstan: -433 ft


ten + pop culture references
↳ the lion king, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxyian dury and the blockheads, elvis presley, ghostbusters, harry potter, back to the future, the beatles


Doctor Who Gifset New Earth-The Doctor encountering the Face of Boe for the second time, and finding out he is dying of old age. And the thing is that makes this really touching is that even though the Doctor at this moment has no clue about who actually the Face of Boe is. Because, according to him he only met The Face of Boe once on Platform One–he still was willing to stay and keep and him company like they have been friends for a far longer time than that. It’s just really emotionat, okay shut up I am not crying over large head in a jar. 


Introducing Willie, @mettaten-outof-ten ‘s OC, now pixel-ized!

This is actually my first experience making pixel art, but I hope you guys like him. He will be implemented in my finals project, TORYTALE (yes, I know. how original. it’s a play on my school’s name + tale.) I might continue to post progress reports on this game… Eh, I don’t know yet. We’ll see ^_^