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Oh, could you write a quick snippet of Amy sassing the Justice League? Not Batman if you're putting that in the chapters, but one of the others?

“Put the gun down, Masquerade.”

“That’s not likely to happen,” her modulated voice returned, eyes angry behind her golden mask. She had places to be and this was a waste of her time. “Why don’t you get out of my way, Green Lantern?”

Hal Jordan was a friend of Barry’s, so it wasn’t as though he didn’t know Amy, but he thought this was a bit drastic, even for the hero-turned-thief.

“I’d better not,” Green Lantern said. “Your father-”

“My father,” Masquerade bit out, “is in prison for his crimes. Flash is not my father, he’s just a liar and I hate liars.”

“Kid, think about what you’re doing-”

“That’s funny,” Masquerade snapped, “because I seem to be the only one around here actually doing any kind of thinking. Really, its a miracle anyone in the JL actually gets anything done!”

Green Lantern took a step forward and Masquerade tightened her grip on the gun, finger on the trigger.

“Take another step,” she invited, “I dare you.”

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Title: Children of the Storm

Author: airas_of_snow

Length: Two-Shot

Status: Completed

Rating: NC 17

Genre: Romance, Mermaid Au 

Warning: Cannibalism, Minor Character Death

Summary: Most of the people his age had already given up their mermaid dreams, but Chanyeol had always been different. He had been claimed and branded by the ocean when he was barely a child, and had known since then that all the sailor tales were real. He survived the storm, and he grew stronger, and he knew the chance would come sooner or later to capture his own mermaid and make it cry its pearly tears for him. Little did he know that his chance would present itself in the shape of a silver haired boy, with eyes as black as the starless sky and the spirit of the tempest in his heart.


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Ooh~ can you write Amy and Iris seeing each other for the first time after the Fall Out?

Iris couldn’t help but be relieved.

There Amy was standing there, whole and healthy, looking as well cared for as she’d hoped with how Pamela had described ( “Don’t you dare insinuate that I would have harmed my own child,” the ex-villain had warned through gritted teeth).

She was explaining something to Dick in the Wayne Tower lobby, waving her hands around as she spoke, clearly very passionate about whatever she was talking about, and he interrupted now and again, clearly intrigued about whatever she was telling him about.

“She’s got a new project,” Harley said, coming up beside her, casting blue eyes over her. “Its just started up and she’s really excited about it.”

“What kind of project?” Iris asked, drinking in her daughter’s appearance.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Harley said before raising her voice. “Hey, Petal, there’s someone here to see you!”

Amy’s head jerked up and she stared, her eyes meeting Iris’ and before Iris had any time to process it, she’d abandoned Dick’s side to rush forward and throw her arms around Iris’ waist.

Her height had barely improved since the last time Iris had seen her, but her hair was a bit longer, and she smelled more strongly of flowers.

But she tightened her grip on her daughter all the same.

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Coral voyage hurricane & ur most favorite word ask on there 🦄🌿✨🔅🍫🍾🌟💌

HI I LOVE U!!!!!!!!

coral: if you had to describe your personality as a food, what would you be and why?

bread bc it can be good and wholesome and what u want but it can be soggy and flat and stick to the roof of ur mouth like phlegm

voyage: what are your favourite names?

matilda, lola, isla, luma, leo, micah, matéo, luca

hurricane: describe a strange habit of yours.

i listen to true crime podcasts to get me to sleep which when i type it makes me  worry but i cant fall asleep to silence

tempest: your favourite Pokemon?


Practical Shakespeare Quotes

Do you want to quote more Shakespeare in your life but never find opportunities to say “brevity is the soul of wit”? Do you rarely hang below balconies exchanging love vows with the daughter of your enemy? This is just the list for you.

“What an ass am I!”
Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

“I am not a slut,”
As You Like It, Act 3, Scene 3
(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here,”
The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2

“Commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways,”
Henry IV Part 2, Act 4, Scene 5

“This is the excellent foppery of the world,”

King Lear, Act 1, Scene 2

“Making the beast with two backs,”
Othello, Act 1, Scene 1

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool,”
As You Like It, Act 5, Scene 1

“To tell thee plain, I aim to lie with thee,”
Henry VI Part 3, Act 3, Scene 2
(Works great for courting hot widows.)

“I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me,”
Much Ado About Nothing, Act 1, Scene 1

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me,”
Richard II, Act 5, Scene 5

“Marry, sir, in her buttocks.”
A Comedy of Errors, Act 2, Scene 5
(No judgement here.)

“My horse is my mistress,”
Henry V, Act 3, Scene 7
(Uh, there might be something wrong with that.)

“Thou dost infect my eyes,”
Richard III, Act 1, Scene 2

“Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit,”
Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 5
(“Wit” is Shakespearean slang for penis.)

“[Wine] provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance,”
Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 3

“I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill, far, than feed on cates and have him talk to me in any summer-house in Christendom,”
Henry IV Part 2, Act 4 Scene 1

“Now, gods, stand up for bastards!”
King Lear, Act 1, Scene 2

“Villain, I have done thy mother!”
Titus Andronicus, Act 4, Scene 2
(This means exactly what you think it does.)

“And thou unfit for any place but hell,”
Richard III, Act 1, Scene 2

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,”
Henry VI Part 2, Act 4, Scene 2

“Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell.”
Othello, Act 4, Scene 2

“Out, dunghill!”
King John, Act 4, Scene 3

“This is too long.”
Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2