Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. Now that I’ve finally finished the story, I can get started on them!

This is series 1 with Eos, Havarl, Voeld, and H-047C. Series 2 will cover Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya (feel like it belongs in the lineup).

Prints available at my Society6 store if anyone wants!

Head-canon that Ryder discovered if she/he wears socks, they can get a running start from their quarters and slide down the hallway in the Tempest. The many slips and falls attracts the crews attention, who are all fascinated and exasperated at this simple yet amusing activity. This leads to a contest to see who can make it to the far end d without slipping or falling, until Lexi makes everyone stop after Drack manages to put a crack in the Tempest wall.

So I was on H-047c, that destroyed planet with low gravity, and I kept making sick jumps over huge craters using boost. Both of my companions are having the time of their lives. (They were laughing, it was adorable.)

And then I drive towards a fucking HUGE fracture in the planet that, like, there is no way I could make this jump and Jaal just screams, “RYDER, NO!”

I just hit boost anyway like, “Ryder, yes.”

Shepards driving legacy lives on.


A collection of recent commissions.

It was a real privilege to work on these characters. Big thanks to everyone who commissioned me!

If you’re interested in getting one, keep an eye on this blog and my twitter for when they next open.