Quand j’ai vu la nouvelle bande annonce de Civil war


My sister asked her friend from Créations de Crackwood to create a Madame Bissonnette plushy and my mother thought it would be fun if I dressed up in the same colours, so here is a casual-sweet outfit that fits!

Skirt: Métamorphose, Temps de fille
Blouse: Boutique 1861
Shoes: Hotter
Tights: Ardène
Ring: Axes Femme
Ribbon: Offbrand

Meet the “Cool” dude - The stegosaurus 

The stegosaurus is a pretty cool dinosaur from a thermodynamic standpoint.

You see, for a long time it was thought that those prominent big bony plates on its back were a kind of armor from predators ( Since. it was a vegetarian ).

PC : Matt Martyniuk

But it was later discovered that blood flowed through these plates. This is where it gets interesting.

Since blood flowed through the plates they may have acted like nature’s car radiator to eliminate the heat developed in the body.

Coolant being poured into the radiator of an automobile.  PC : fir0002

And if you think about that, it makes a lot of sense. Dinosaurs, when they were in the need to cool down.

The heart pumped blood to these plates where it was convected ( taken away ) out to the surrounding air, bringing down their core temperature.

How cool is that ?

Gif source: imgur


Didn’t he?