During that massive storm we had Dralion decided the safest place in the house was under two sheets of newspaper.

I don’t understand cat logic.

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Things that should have been said but never were.

Hi Guys! This is my first posted work on AO3. Its just a little thing I wrote from being inspired by a song. If you would like to read it, make sure you listen to the song mentioned in the notes!

I hope you guys like it!

The famous kitty from half a dozen newsies fics where the boys find a kitten with something off (in this case, missing an eye). I was going to try and draw a newsies bag with it, but couldn’t figure out the right angle and thus must wait for another drawing.

You’ve Made An Impact On So Many

I know I posted this the day I got it, but I feel today’s celebration fits well with this.

markiplier has made such an impact on so many people. Including me. and I just wanted to share one of the ways he’s made an impact on me.


Not the best pic, but it’s an awkward angle to do myself.

It’s hard to put into typing, put into words, everything I’d like to say.

This tattoo has been two years in the makings. I just couldn’t figure out exactly what quote I wanted, how I wanted it done, etc.

I knew I wanted a quote from markiplier because the things he says, always resonate so much with me, and always are so genuine, inspiring, uplifting, etc. The way he talks about tough subjects, and understands people’s suffering. As well as just wanting to reach out and make people happy.

Which you do, every day, Mark.

There’s so much I could say as to why this tattoo took me so long to get, and why it means so much to me, but I’d be going on forever.

Yes, those are self harm scars underneath that tattoo. They are old, teenage years old(I’m 25 now), I’ve been clean for a very long time. I put this tattoo over them, to remind myself if I believe in myself, things will get better, no matter how hard things get. (Quote reference~)

I hope Mark doesn’t mind I took his words to heart, and kept them permanently with me.

Thank you, Mark. For being there for me, and everyone else, every day. For doing what you do, and for inspiring me to get better, believe in myself, and look at myself in a better way.

I could say so much more, but I don’t want to waste your time.

I don’t know what else to say. So I’ll shut up now.

Happy 3 Years Mark. Here’s to many more, and just keep being you, and doing what you do. Love ya, Markimoo~

-Kittie :3

. dekkaisms.

     “Sorry— run that by me again?” He
      missed part of the sentence, probably.
       Or all of it ( it was all of it ).

My Mom’s Ridiculous

So, I was talking on the phone to my Mom today(she lives in a different province), and we got on topic of markiplier​. 

I started sending her links to certain different videos of his, vlogs, funny stuff, serious stuff, fan stuff, etc to give her an idea of what he does, what I like about him, and just for fun. and she would watch them, while still on the phone with me.

First thing she asked, AFTER saying how cute and handsome he is, was how old he is, when I told her 25 she was all “Ooo. He’s the same age as you!

I’m just like “Mom…(cue me wanting to curl up in a hole)

After watching the videos, and talking about him and what he does for a while, my Mom would not shut up.

She kept going on about what she’d learned(and what I’ve told her) of the amazing things he’s done, his personality, caring-ness, etc; how he’s cute, and how he’d make a good son-in-law

She also talked about how I may meet him at VidCon this year and she’s all like “Oooh.. heeyyy.. ya knowww..winkwink

The whole time I’m sitting there like:

O.O “Mom… maahhhhmmm… STAHP.”

It was hilarious, but sooo awkward. xD

I’m SO sorry, Mark. I just had to share this story though, ‘cause I couldn’t stop laughing at how excited and serious my Mom sounded

and I’m over here like MOM. NO.

Please don’t think I’m weird. xD I’m just a normal fan! My Mom’s the crazy one! T_T

-Kittie :3