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If fake gamer boy knew shit, he'd know zarya was modeled after one of the Blizzard employees. But hey. Im just a queer what do I know about "teh vidya gaymz"

Anything he doesn’t want to fap to is automatically the work of an SJW apparently.

-Mod Sega

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I'd LUF to come to Poland it seems fun but I'm BROKE and don't speak teh language.

ahh its a shame! we have some cool places.. also if you’re from usa, visiting poland would be actually pretty cheap for u! 

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Lol more like, Niall, sitting on his couch watching golf while scrolling through Twitter: "what teh fuck?"

‘Watching golf’ somehow that sounds accurate, lol. This is a grand day for al of us, and I know he’s proud and happy for all of them (and probably doing his own stuff, too, lbr). 

* Moon Sapiea *

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Gender: Male

Sexuality: probably straight

perferred type: probably nerds

info: chatholic, kawaii, batpone, serious boi, ‘’sitt’n on teh lawn chair’’ (inside joke) , ice cream, and running as fast as possible at close friends (lovingly, [platonic]  duh)

So, little Exilus update today.

I’ve been debating whether or not to keep the partner/crew-members in the game, and if I were to do so, how I could expand upon them. 

Exilus has always really been a game about isolation (or, at least, isolating the player) which clashes somewhat with the idea of secondary NPCs who tag along with you, even if they provide help. Making them into actual characters would help them feel less out of place, but then that seems to compromise the game’s minimalism (or intended minimalism), in that no character ever talks directly to the player, and story can be occasionally gleaned from computer consoles and little else. 

At the moment, the NPC’s each have a purpose. Zora, the one I had in teh last screenshot, fires a powerful bullet that shoots electrical bolts.

The other two, Xiao Pingguo (the one in red) and Nostromo (the one in blue) will open low-level doors automatically for the player and teleport the player to the nearest checkpoint respectively. 

The issue is that I feel like these extra helper functions aren’t exactly necessary either, or could just be changed to items or player functions, which might be a good reason to remove the NPC’s as well.

But I dunno! How do other people feel about this?

Minggu, 26 Maret 2017

Seperti biasa~
Sebagai orang berlabel pemalas akut ini bangun pagi, ke pasar, belanja ini dan itu, bergelut di dapur. Lalu mengapresiasikan diri dengan sarapan mie goreng. Yummy~

Dan semalam kembali bergelut dengan kata-kata. Untung berdua, kalau sendiri sudah modyaarr~

Pagi ini juga kembali terngiang kata-kata, “Mau teteh kenalin ke sepupu teteh enggak, Mel?”
aiiggoooo~ dalam hati.
“Iyah, teh. Silakan. Boleh kok.”

“Urusan suka atau enggak, belakangan ajah yeee.”