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Hey! I was wondering what you think jealous roman would be like?

alright buckle up here we go

  • hair pullING
  • spanking 
  • he’d have a hand around your throat and whenever you did something he didn’t like his grip would tighten a little bit
  • “you think he could fuck you like this” 
  • dirty talk 
  • he’d make you beg to come
  • then when he finally lets you he’d overstimulate you until you have tears in your eyes 
  • face fucking
  • he’d probably come on your chest and face 
  • and hold your arms above your head 
  • and fuck you until you can’t see straight
  • the next morning he’d run a finger over your bruises and apologize 
  • he only means it a little bit 
  • but you can’t really complain or at least i wouldn’t
  • Johnny: I came here for the people. Who through, whatever good times or bad, have stood by me. Trusted me. Thank you.
  • me: [with tears in my eyes] you're welcome

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I don't know if you want kids so this could be very off base/irrelevant, but do you ever worry that one day if you are a parent that you won't be able to dedicate as much time to your dogs? That's something that I worry about for me, sometimes.

Kind of, yes, because it seems really likely that this would happen. Little humans need and deserve so much, and I’d want to give them all of it. Thankfully, dogs are adaptable, flexible, undemanding little beasties by comparison (Chalo and Priya especially). I hope I would be able to keep my time with them sacred, but I imagine it’s really, really, really hard to sustain that balance when other little beings start tugging on it. 

Even now, I don’t manage to meet Chalo and Priya’s needs in an ideal way every single day – but they occupy a treasured, untouchable, dog-shaped place. Over the span of their lifetime, even if my priorities change, they’ll always be one of them.

Anyone Want Part 29 of Where It All Began Tonight?

Here’s a super tiny sneak peak (its a super long part) under the cut so I don’t spoil it for those who haven’t quite caught up.

So you up for it?

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Notice Me [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Notice Me


Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Slight Angst at times

You had a brief moment of clarity and pushed Mark off of you, breaking the kiss.

“Wait!” you said.

Mark shot you a horrified look, “Shit! I’m so sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have. God dammit, you probably hate me even more now”.

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Can we get Dazai’s reaction seeing his bride walk down the aisle on their wedding day?

This is such an adorable ask omg (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai unsurprisingly experiences pre-wedding jitters like any other typical groom would before the big day, but he finds those nerves vanishing without a trace the second you come around the corner and your eyes meet for the first time all day, and he could feel a smile instantly blossoming on his face at the sight of his blushing bride. He could’ve sworn that he felt his heart stood still when he saw just how absolutely stunning you looked in your gorgeous bridal gown, with your hair all done up beautifully, and that lovely face of yours enchanted with a timeless beauty.. Dazai nearly lost his breath at the sight of you, and it felt like the whole world had went away and it was just you and him.
  • Dazai could feel his eyes tearing up slightly as he watches you walk down the pathway adorned in pretty flower petals with the most amazing stride, and he has so many thoughts racing through his mind while he eagerly waits for you at the altar. Some of which might be, “Aw, there goes the woman that I love, and she looks so happy to be marrying me.” “I bet she’s wearing something really sexy under that dress.” “She’s so beautiful.. how did I wind up getting so lucky?” “Oh god, don’t cry, don’t cry. Keep yourself together just for a little while longer.” “Okay, don’t laugh if she trips..”
  • When you finally reach the altar and stand before Dazai with your hands joined together, he playfully squeezes your hand with a stupidly happy grin on his face. You think that he’s just really excited as you are and you joyfully squeeze his hand back with a smile of your own, but he’s actually just making sure that this is all real and not just a wonderful dream that he’s having right now, because it’s so surreal to him that he’s going to be marrying the woman that he loves and adores.. (and that he actually managed to find his other half in the enormously vast world that he lives in, and that they accepted him for who he is as a person and all of the sides to him that makes him.. well, him.)
  • After Dazai’s relatively short daze, he’s brought back to reality when the minister clears his throat loud enough to gain his attention, so that the ceremony can now move on to the groom and bride saying their respective vows. Dazai suddenly realizes that everything leading up to this perfect moment wasn’t a beautiful hallucination that he’s experiencing and that it’s all really, truly happening. He starts to feel extremely giddy thinking that from this day onward he gets to spend the rest of his days with you, make adorable, cute little babies with you when you’re both ready to start a family (one of which he’d love to name after Odasaku), and brag about the magical and boundless love that you two have and share to others. Dazai can definitely say that he’s found his happy ending, and that you’re his happy ending. 

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I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT ABOUT 6x08 AND EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME (minus the nazi wolf shit bc wtf teen wolf) EXCEPT THAT DURING THE SHERIFF'S MONOLOGUE HE ALSO SAID "I also remember Stiles going on and on about a girl in his third grade class, a girl by the name of Lydia Martin whose hair was 'strawberry blonde, not red'" then he looks at Lydia who is smiling with tears in her eyes and says also smiling, "I never stopped hearing about her since"

That’s what I wanted to happen during that scene SO BAD. I wanted Lydia to find out how in love with her Stiles is, because she literally doesn’t know??? SHE HAS NO IDEA HOW MUCH HE LOVES HER AND FOR HOW LONG HE HAS LOVED HER, NONE OF THAT, I’M FUCKED UP. 

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"..." hugs, shaking a bit

He doesn’t object the Ghoul’s embrace, nor pushes her away. He understands why she’s set aside their differences, if just for a moment, to deal with an inevitable upcoming.
Instead he simply shifts he body down to properly embrace her back, long arms wrapping around her shaking form in an attempt to sooth her fears, his voice barely above a whisper.

“..I know. I’m deeply sorry, Hour. It won’t be for very long. Despite what may happen, know we’ll be here to stand forward and protect you and everyone else.”

Part 3 - Prom Night (McPharah)

Better late than never, right?  Anyway, here’s Part 3.  I’m sad to admit this but it’s not as good as I was hoping.  So sorry about that.

Summary:  When they arrive at the venue, Fareeha finds herself overcome with nerves, again.  Jesse talks her into being brave and the two end up at the popular kid’s table.  Before the meal arrives, they share a few raw moments together, further solidifying Fay’s love for Jesse.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (Coming soon~!)


As the black limo crawled to a stop Fareeha paled. Was this, was this really the right thing to do? To show up with Jesse McCree of all people. Would it start rumors? Further alienate her? Turn her into a target? The victim?

Tears welled in her eyes. She couldn’t do this! She had to turn back! So what if she would never experience the bliss of prom night? So what if she didn’t partake in this stupid American tradition? So what if she could never feel Jesse’s weathered hands caress her hips smoothly while the swayed to a slow dance song? It’s not like she cared! It’s not lik-

Hey,” that reassuring touch instantly calmed her. “You okay? You’ve been acting weird ever since I showed up?”

Something overcame her. Lunging into his chest, she refused to let go. She muttered something into this stomach but he didn’t catch any of it.

“Whoa, whoa,” he cooed while softly brushing her raven hair. “What’s this?” Pulling back her head, he caught her quivering lip and crestfallen eyes. “Hey,” his breath, cinnamon scented and sweet, tickled her face, “where’s my partner? That toughest woman I’ve ever met? The brave little soldier who has pranked ol’ Morrison with me on more than one occasion.”

“She’s,” sniffing, Fareeha wiped her nose against Jesse’s sleeve, “not here.”

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“I’m pregnant.” Annabeth smiled as she squeezed Percy’s hand. She looked at her mother and father-in-law. 

Percy squeezed her hand back as his mother broke into a smile. 

“I’m going to be a grandma?” Sally choked up. The smile she had on her face caused crinkles by her tear filled eyes.  “I’m really going to be a grandma?”

“Yes.” Percy smiled. “You’re going to be a grandma.”

Sally got up and hugged Annabeth. The two of them crying with tears of joy. 

Paul walked over to Percy and patted his back with a smile. He was just as excited to be a grandpa.

Chmergess 7

Over & Over Again (Part 2)

From the heat of night
To the break of day
I’ll keep you safe
And hold you forever

Sharna woke up the next morning to an empty cold bed next to her. She sat up quickly and looked around wondering exactly where Val had went. She realized he probably hadn’t wanted to deal with her this morning and had left before she woke up. She flopped back onto the bed as the thoughts of last night flew through her brain. Tears immediately filled her eyes as she tried to figure out what to do.

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You know that moment when you’ve been doing fine, good even, for a few weeks and then something just snaps. And then suddenly there’s a tightening in your chest and tears in your eyes because that feeling of worthlessness is back. That feeling of just wanting to go home, of wanting to curl into your bed and simply disappear. Then your mind just reminds you that you’re not good enough, that people don’t genuinely like you, and that they never will. When it just screams at you, telling you that you are not beautiful and that you will never make a difference.

And it’s like someone has punched you in your stomach. It hurts so badly to and leaves you wanting to not exist. And it leaves you questioning every tiny detail of who you are.

And you sit there and wonder why. Because your life isn’t bad at the moment. You aren’t facing the same abuse you once did. You aren’t surrounded by the toxic friendships that hurt you. You are living simply and yet everything seems so wrong. Everything hurts and there’s a knot in your throat and you can’t even bring yourself to talk.

And suddenly you’re over analyzing everything. You’re overthinking why someone isn’t replying to you, why someone replied the way they did. And you convince yourself the world hates you because that’s exactly what it feels like. And it hurts because you just want to be okay.

possible connections: (step)-sibling, (step)-parent, roommate or best friend’s gf/bf, best friend, sibling’s gf/bf, co-worker, anything really!! (open to: m/f/nb)

it had been a long week, each day going by slowly was excruciating. it was finally his day off and what better way to spend it than to sit on the couch all day. while his job was pretty much being on his feet all the time, spending days off on the couch was the best way to go. he wasn’t sure how long he was there for but he didn’t really care. with a game controller in his hand, his eyes were fixed on the screen, his mind tuning out the world around him. despite their many attempts to get his attention, he still wouldn’t tear his eyes from the screen. “hey, sorry. i can’t talk now. i’m almost finished this.” he told them unconvincingly. he was actually far from finishing. it wasn’t until they sat on his lap that they had gotten his attention for a moment but he didn’t think too much of it so he returned to his game. “wait– what are you doing?” he asked them as he felt their ass rubbing against his bulge. “there are other people in the house, stop.” by this point, he had stopped the game to stare at them. they were in the living room, the open space allowing anyone to walk through and see them but a part of him liked it. 

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I saw the "I miss camren post" and I can't stop shipping them. And the only reason i do is bc I think L'd be so good for C. I mean, C's almost 20 and havent been thrown outta the nest yet. L'd make her grow so much, give her new experiences. Can you imagine C going to the march with her this weekend? On the other hand she'd show L a more creative, romantic perspective of life. Such great balance. They'd really be the missing piece of each other's puzzle.

This actually brought a tear to my eye 😪