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A drabble idea of Demon!Sam x reader where the reader wants "her" Sam back, not the demon! Lots of angst!

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Standing there, in front of you, was Sam. Not your Sam…not even close. He sounded like him, he looked like him, and he moved like him- but this was NOT him. A sick chuckle escaped him, sickening you. “Awe, look at that…” He mocked. “Poor little Y/N can’t stand to see her precious Sammy like this.”

A tear rolled down your cheek. “This isn’t you!” You sobbed. “I want MY Sam back!”

“I can tell you’re turned on by me.” He smirked, circling you, his fingers brushing your arm. Sam leaned down, his lips brushing your ear. “Want me to show you just how much better I am?” He growled.

You snapped your eyes shut. “I want my Sam. I want my warm, caring, loving, amazing Sam.” You breathed.

“Oh, well. I hope you like disappointment. He’s dead.”

>Be me
>dicking around in T-34-100 on Jungle
>actually helping cap the point
>in the process of being encircled 
>see T92 flanking on the hill, don’t attempt to stop him because no gun depression
>decide to cut him off by going around
>start going around corner
>pic related comes around the corner first
>he looks at me, I look at him
>He’s almost hesitant to pull the trigger
>A tear rolls down my cheek as the 122 pens my mere 45mm of front armor
>he says in chat “I’m sorry comrade, I had to”
>I tell him it’s ok, as he will starve soon anyway due to being a soviet tanker

      Why she was having a yelling match with her ex right now, she couldn’t tell you but here she was. Tana voice was sore from how loud she was yelling, she could only guess that Will’s hurt more seeing he was louder than her. Suddenly the boy stopped yelling, her hands were shaking and fat tears were rolling down her cheeks she couldn’t believe this was real. He traveled all this way just for an screaming match, she felt bad for her neighbors or anyone in the apartment. Before she could say anything he was slamming the door, just like that he was gone, she worried for a minute that he would get lost but that quickly evaporated into crippling sadness. The small blond covered her mouth to muffle her sobs when there was a knock on her door. She quickly wiped her tears sniffling as she opened her door slowly, “If this is about the noise, sorry. It’s over now..” She mumbled not looking at the other in front of her.

Lilith Conjunct Venus

My mistress lost her silken woes
In Egyptian cotton sheets
The tears gathered, dropped, rolled
Down her porcelain cheeks.

The dried up riverettes smoothed
charcoal mascara-streaks
I needn’t tell her husband now
He’s beside me, fast asleep.

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I don't know what's going on in /post/156156869851 but I know that I'm crying!!!!!!! Do you know what Chim is saying??????? Please send help I am desperate

Omg! I teared up when I watched it! Did you see that one tear that rolled down JK’s cheek? Ughhhh* My heart T . T

Anyways, He was just saying how he was most thankful towards the members :)

Shimada bros:
  • Genji: [stepping out of a shadow as he begins to softly glow green, underscored by a gentle hiss of steam] brother stop being so dramatic
  • Hanzo: [standing in a gentle breeze as the smoke from the incense he lit wafts around him, softly releasing a clutched handful of sparrow feathers into the wind while a single tear rolls down his cheek] I'm never dramatic
Spider-Man Homecoming

Tony: Peter, don’t do the thing

Peter: I’m gonna do the thing



Peter: I’m doing the thing

Tony: *single tear rolls down his cheek* that’s my boy *joins him*

And I think the saddest part of him and I was that I knew it was just a matter of time before we would end. I clinged to every sweet word he said to me hoping it would lead to him staying. When he kissed me all I could think about was how much I was going to miss that feeling when it was over. I held his hand extra tight and told him every secret about myself. And I was right. We’re over and I wish someone would’ve warned me… When you’re that in love with someone, they’re a storm. They’ll rip your heart out of your body and shred it to pieces. And all you’ll be left with is the memories and laying in bed at night alone trying to remember what it felt like to feel him next to you but now all you can feel is silent tears rolling down your cheeks and the physical pain in your chest that makes it hurt to breathe.

“You told me that if you love someone, you should be happy to know that they’re happy, even if it’s not with you.” I tell my bestfriend. “So I convinced myself that whenever he finds someone else, as long as he’s happy, I will be happy for him too.”

I wipe a tear that secretly falls from my eyes.

“But I couldn’t. I couldn’t be happy for him. I couldn’t help myself from thinking, ‘why can’t I make him happy?’”

Tears started rolling down my cheeks, but I didn’t bother to wipe them this time.

I let him see how broken I am.

I let him see my vulnerability.

—  37 out of a thousand entries I’ll be writing about you.

You know what really got to me when I watched Louis performing Just hold on? He looked so fucking small and young, clean shaven with that short haircut. There was no “power stance” TM there, just a little boy who lost his mum and was singing his heart out and that broke my heart in two.  

By the time the song ended, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I felt like he climbed a mountain. I felt like he climbed it and moved it at the same time. Like he could rule the world with just his pinkie. 

People wonder why we love him so much? Why we would go to the end of the earth for him. I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is no one else can make me go through that many emotions in three and a half minutes, no one else manages to make me root for them as much as him. No one else give that much of themselves in three minutes.

Let’s give back people. Give him that number one.


The year is 2080
Homestuck is a distant memory
I am old and tired, living out the rest of my days in a peaceful elders’ home
On a whim one day I check my old blog account
There’s an ask in my inbox
No one has used tumblr for decades, so curious I check it
“Vriska Serket is an abusive character with 0 redeeming qualities and also she’s straight because she dated John and Tavros”
I sigh wearily
I will never be free
A tear rolls down my cheek as I dig out my old Scorpio t shirt and don it once more
“And so it begins…” I whisper to myself as I begin typing up a 5 paragraph response on why I still love Vriska Serket


In Love Again

Request: Can I request a newt x reader where he holds your baby daughter for the first time, and he falls in love with you and her all over again please? Lots of smiles and fluffiness please?


You hated that Newt had to see you like this, weak. A thick layer of sweat plastered your hair to your clammy skin as you cried out in absolute anguish, tears rolling down your cheeks, every part of your body screaming with hot fire. You just wanted it to be over, you just wanted it to end. Newt had been more supportive than you could ever thank him for, but until now, a part of him struggled to comprehend that this was his child you were giving birth to, and not just another of his creatures. Watching you now, the lovely smile he once wore was replaced by crippling sadness, crystal tears pouring from his vibrant blue eyes and down his freckle kissed skin. You knew why; Newt was incurably empathetic, which meant that seeing you in any pain would simply overwhelm and distress him to this point. The doctors encouraged you with each push, but their words were easily drowned out by your sobs of despair.


His voice was the most quiet in the room, but the only one you heard.

“N-Newt,” you gasped through your tears, your head rising as he spoke.

“Sweetheart, I need you to listen to me, alright? Listen to the sound of my voice, I’m right here,” he encouraged softly, entwining his slender fingers through yours.

You gave another push, shaking your head back and forth, “I-I can’t do this.”

Newt squeezed your hand, “Yes darling, you can. Look at me.”

You rolled your head pathetically to the side, catching Newt through your bleary vision. His elbows rested against the table, his ember colored fringe drooped over his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together in worry.

“You only have a few pushes left,” he promised, rubbing his thumb against your skin. “So when the next one comes, squeeze my hand and know that I’m here, know that I love you, and you can do this. Can you do that for me?”

It was a rare occasion, hearing Newt utter multiple sentences without a single stutter. You gave him a nod, and as you gave your last few pushes, you focused on the sound of his soothing words, your nails digging into his flesh but not causing him to flinch at all. It hurt like hell, but there was not a chance in the world that you could’ve done it without him. Once it was over, you collapsed back into your pillows form exhaustion, your breathing heavy and unstable. The doctors quickly took your baby to get cleaned up, and Newt edged closer to you, using his knuckles to push your stray hairs affectionately behind your ears. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I wanted you to think I was brave, but I’m not.”

Newt bent over you, his lips coming to rest briefly like a whisper on your forehead. He pulled back, caressing your cheek lightly, “I’ve never seen you braver,” he whispered, his cool breath fanning over your skin.

You laughed softly, bringing your hand to cup his, “Thank you.”

Newt opened his mouth, but was cut off by a doctor.

“Here she is,” the doctor smiled warmly, passing your baby girl into your arms.

She was wrapped snugly in a plush pink blanket, her chubby cheeks rosy as she stirred, and you were surprised to see that, unlike most newborns, she wasn’t crying at all now, but instead looking genuinely content to be in this new world. Her warmth spread into your arms, and you stared at her in awe, starting to cry again after just having stopped. She had her father’s eyes, big blue green orbs filled with wonder and charm.

“We made that!” you squealed softly, brushing off a tear and looking at Newt.

Newt pulled his eyes up to yours, a short airy laugh emitting from his chest, “we made that,” he repeated in disbelief. “She’s an absolute b-beauty,” Newt breathed lovingly, “must’ve gotten that from you.”

“Really? I’d say that’s all you,” you glowered.

You raised your fingertips to touch your daughter’s squishy little fingers. “This is a bit different than raising your creatures,” you giggled breathlessly.

“Well, considering you are the only one I have ever trusted to care for them, and considering how much kindness and love you gave to them, I’ll bet you’re going to make the best mother anyone could ever ask for,” Newt grinned.

Even after years with Newt, things like this still caused you to find yourself furiously blushing beet red.

You pecked your daughter on the head and smiled down at her joyus little face, and as carefully as you could, you passed the little bundle into Newt’s arms.

He grasped her tightly against his chest, staring down at her for a good while, his mouth hung open as he searched for the words to say. After a long silence, he raised his head, closing his eyes as he struggled to gain composure, a fresh wave of tears now rolling down his cheeks.

“It’s like-” his voice cracked and he shook his head again, his lips twitching upwards as he cried softly and left his sentence unfinished.

“It’s like what?” you smiled, using the pads of your thumbs to brush the tears from Newt’s soft skin.

Newt brought all his attention to you, his shimmering eyes softening as he gazed dumbfounded at you. “I-It’s like,” he breathed quietly, “It’s like I’m falling in love all over again.”

Your heart practically melted right then and there. “She is pretty easy to fall in love with,” you smiled warmly, looking back down at your child. But Newt continued on staring at you, his fingers crawling under your chin and lifting your face back up to his.

“Not just her,” he sighed, tilting his head. “I’m afraid, my love,” he said, searching your face, “that I am falling for you all over again.”

You shook your head in amazement, “what did I ever do to deserve you, Newt Scamander?”

“Exist,” he said simply, without a moment’s hesitation.

You were going to say something, but a sudden wave of sleepiness crashed over you, and you found yourself unable to suppress your yawns.

“Merlin’s beard,” Newt said, “that was supposed to be romantic, not put you to sleep.”

“Mmm,” you said faintly, “sorry sweetie, I’m just so exhausted.

“Yes of course,” Newt straightened up, “you need lots of rest. But…not to worry, I’m not going anywhere darling, I’ll be right here when you wake up!”

“Don’t worry,” you mumbled, “you have to go and take care of your beasts.”

“They’ll be alright without me for a while. After all, I have a new beast to take care of now,” he giggled to himself, tapping your daughter lightly on the nose.

“Newt! Don’t call her that!” you snorted with laughter.

“A-and once you awake, I will be sure to give you a proper good kiss,” he smiled bashfully.

Your eyelids drooped, but you smiled, “how about you kiss me right now?”

Newt blinked a few times, the corners of his mouth twitching up into that smirk of his you loved, his cheeks flushing, and adorable dimples appearing. You bent cautiously forward, your fingers coming to lightly brush Newt’s velvety golden red hair from his eyes. You sighed contently, tapping your fingers lightly against Newt’s temples as you gazed deep into the pools of his familiar blue eyes.

“I want you to know that, with you…well, I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you. I am so in love with you, Newt Scamander,” you murmured.

Newt’s skin turned hot under your palms.

“A-and I you,” he stuttered softly.

You strung your arms loosely around his neck, Newt’s hands coming to gently cup your cheek. You tilted your head, eyes fluttering closed, your lips finding Newt’s familiar ones with no trouble. It was easy, with Newt. Your lips molded easily together like two puzzle pieces, and every time you kissed, you found your heart springing to a thrum at the sensation of his soft and plump lips against yours. You pushed a little further, your nose pressing into Newt’s skin, your hands coming up to trail through his locks. Newt hummed lightly in content, the vibrations sent through your locked lips. His thumb caressed your cheek gently, every move of his cautious and careful with you, his intensity always soon to mimic yours with ease. Newt smiled radiantly against your mouth, and you could practically taste the happiness on his lips. You briefly bent your head in deeper, Newt quickly dipping his lips forcefully against yours before pulling back, his grin still plastered to his face.

“I needed that,” you sighed, collapsing back against your pillows.

“Rest well, beautiful,” Newt soothed in reply.

He shifted slightly to raise the blanket around your body, tucking you snugly in, the sleep already coaxing you into darkness. As he lifted his hands away, you used your last bit of energy to grab Newt’s wrist midair and hold his hand. You held it like that against the sheets, and a moment later, you were gone.

Newt leaned back, the smile on his face never faltering for even a second. And so he sat like that, admiring his two favorite girls in the world and wondering how he ever got so lucky.