Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 43: Interception

Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. The new chapter is here!!

And it. is. glorious.

It feels like ages that Eijun’s been front and center. I have held back from reading any spoilers so I can savor the chapter, and boy, it really is worth the wait. THANK YOU TDK and Mangafox!

I cannot help squealing and grinning throughout the chapter. Eijun truly has grown by leaps and bounds and I cannot be any prouder. Let’s just savor the brilliance that is Eijun shall we?

Bloody hell. Damn. I am at loss for words here. Eijun is so calm and focused. He doesn’t show any fear or worry. His control and speed are so perfect and precise that even Miyuki get chills/goosebumps. By now, I don’t think Eijun is a pitch-to-contact pitcher anymore.

Eijun got both batters three for three? Right when the bases loaded? Seriously, you’ve got nerves of steel, Eijun. His strong will and unwavering heart have always been his ultimate strength that the coach often, if not always, goes for Eijun for reliever in difficult and tense situations despite having limited pitches back then. But somehow, Kataoka and Miyuki forget that Sawamura is more than that. 

This is the person who aims for ace position, the person who overcome the yips, the person who grows and learns in an alarming rate. Yes, he is not a power pitcher like Furuya, he cannot shut out batters by force and throw fast and heavy pitches, but he has control and variety now.

I feel like that both Kataoka and Miyuki (especially the coaches, Ochiai still doesn’t have much faith on Eijun, it seems, but he is more pragmatic than Kataoka, which is actually a good complement) are missing Eijun’s growth and development as a pitcher or they won’t be so surprised. While I am happy and excited for Eijun, I feel rather sad too. Because it takes so long for him to be acknowledged, when others, including previous opponents, easily acknowledge him. It’s rather fortunate (or not) that only the coaches are watching Eijun’s excellent performance. Inashiro and Teitou will be in for a surprise next time they meet Eijun.

(The first years’ excitement and admiration are so cute and adorable btw, Asada in particular) Okumura’s expression is interesting. Somehow I feel that he can relate with Eijun’s position (being overlooked, underestimated), but again, I’m guessing wildly here. I think we need Okumura’s backstory soon.

No one’s perfect. I suppose Kataoka has been such an amazing coach (especially compared to Ochiai) that we have such a high expectation of him, but he does know how admit his mistake. For an adult and authority figure, it is not an easy thing to do, because it shows that they are not infallible. It could be both a good and bad thing. But I don’t think Eijun takes it badly, if anything he looks like that he wants to prove that any apology is not necessary. The coach has chosen him, late it might be, but he has. His reaction to the apology is truly mature and responsible, not unlike an ace, don’t you think? I might be too hopeful or optimistic, but Eijun does quite like to surprise us, doesn’t he?

I think all of us want to see more of Eijun’s growth. Shall we wait for Eijun’s fine batting in next chapter?