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((Btw- the Spanish Spring awakening is magical. Really. Watch it))

Middle Name: Maria

Browser: Chrome
Color of your bedroom walls: beige, but there’s a couple posters and pretty decal things to make them more interesting.
Favorite snack: Pretzels and Lemonade
Dream vacation: Going back to Italy and/ or San Marino
Most read book: East By Edith Pattou
Song from your childhood: Don’t ask questions. Just watch it;
Disney movie: Newsies. ((Also, not Disney, but Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas was my favorite thing ever))
Favorite blog: either dimenovelhero, violentboots or david-jacobs-would. Or artcorner-harri
Desired URL: Kinda wish this one was an actual quote… But I’m pretty proud of 1highfalutingson-of-a-gun
Theme style: This ones all dark and square and based off a pack of cards, while my personal is all pretty paper clouds and stuff. 
Worst nightmare: Never being able to end up in some sort of arts based business…

Best friend: IRL? artcorner-harri. Tumblr? Probably dimenovelhero
Tagging: dimenovelhero artcorner-harri newsiekingofbrooklyn and any one else??


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Fan Arts

#1 Harley Suicide Squad by Claparo-Sans ( Drawcrowd )

#2 Harley Quinn by In-Hyuk Lee

#3 Hayley Quinn from Suicide Squad by NeoArtCorE

#4 Suicide Squad Harley by MaHenBu

#5 Harly Quinn Suicide Squad by BADCOMPZERO

#6 Quinn of Diamonds by KimiSz

#7 Harley by DigitalSashimi

#8 Harley Quinn x Jinx by NaNinna

#9 Harley Quinn 2016 by MeTaa

#10 Harley Suicide Squad by Artgerm

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