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Tag ten people you want to get to know a little bit better

1) Name: Angelina

2) Time and date: 8:56pm July 27, 2015

3) Average sleep time: 8-9 hours

4) Last thing I googled: Something for my registration for college

5) Nickname: Ang or Angie

6) Birthday: December 6th

7) Gender: Female

8) Sexual Orientation: Bi, but like 90% into girls, 10% into guys lmao

9) Height: 5ft 5

10) Favorite color: Purple 

11) Where is my happy place: in bed with my cat listening to music 

12) How many blankets do I have at night? At most 2, I prefer being cold while I sleep

13) What am I wearing? Grey v neck and jean shorts

14) Last book I read? Say what you will by Cammie McGovern

15) Dream job: I would love to be a pediatrician, but I’m not really down to go to college for 11+ years, so I’ve settled for being a nurse in a pediatrician’s office. 

I’m tagging: fighting-hidden-monsters be-childish catcore-e pure-homo cosmic-lesbian ace-lexington zombieboobz ilikewafflesyeah gamerbibet gaygreeneyes 

anyone else who wants to do it, take this as your invite and tag me!! 


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someone pls advise on whether any of the yogs are actually doing decent minecraft let’s plays atm (other than flux buddies 2.0 which is apparently good and i want to watch but. 80 episodes is Too Many without me seriously psyching myself up) because as much as i love sunless and kof i’d like to have more than five characters and two stories to play with, and also be in a fandom that has more than three people


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Fan Arts

#1 Harley Suicide Squad by Claparo-Sans ( Drawcrowd )

#2 Harley Quinn by In-Hyuk Lee

#3 Hayley Quinn from Suicide Squad by NeoArtCorE

#4 Suicide Squad Harley by MaHenBu

#5 Harly Quinn Suicide Squad by BADCOMPZERO

#6 Quinn of Diamonds by KimiSz

#7 Harley by DigitalSashimi

#8 Harley Quinn x Jinx by NaNinna

#9 Harley Quinn 2016 by MeTaa

#10 Harley Suicide Squad by Artgerm

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