Hayley Williams Inspired Tattoo Designs

Original Artists Include: Dan Smith of High Voltage Tattoo; Aureole at Lust For Life Tattoo; Ian White at Safe House Tattoo Studio. Full credit to the original artists for their designs.

I’m not a professional tattoo artist, just experimenting with the design. Think I’d need better pens and inks to do a better job - and more patience, I’ll adimit I got bored. Designs are not perfectly accurate - difficult to really guage all the detail from small images on google. Still, feel free to use them if you so desire. If you do use them for an actual tattoo, though, I’d love to see the result so send me photos!

Check out my other drawings of Hayley Williams here.


Mudfoot Dirty Hundo Pt 1

There was no shortage of handsome faces and beautiful bikes at the Dirty Hundo last weekend.  That being said, here’s a post highlighting the other essential that makes a rider fast - their kit! 

Shot with a Canon EOS 1V and Mamiya 645, both using Portra 400, shown here in chronological order.




Joey, Corey and Brian Rosenthal have joined together and have made a new sketch comedy group called the “Tin Can Brothers”. This is their first video! If you liked it and want to watch more, be sure to subscribe to their channel or follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook or follow them on Tumblr.