The Color Blue: Chapter 15

TW: SMUT SMUT BONING A SKELETON SMUT, foul language, blood

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Summary: “Please what?” You groaned as he chuckled, wiggling your legs around trying to get him to give your wet heat attention.“Please… touch me..” you whispered it, barely even audible. He leaned forward over you, his hot breath in your ear.“Louder.” you sharply inhaled at his rough dominant voice.

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♫ Spies are forever, it’s a musical…
it’s about spies… ♫

The Tin Can Brothers are writing an original comedy musical and they need your help! They have an amazing cast so far, and with Talkfine in charge of the music, you can rest assured the outcome will be nothing short of incredible.

“Ok but how do I help?”

Donate to their kickstarterThe rewards include access to a recording of the show, unique behind-the-scenes photos and notes, one of a kind polaroid pictures, t-shirts, socks, your very own spy mission to undertake (complete with a spy certificate), private meet&greet (or g+ hangout) with cast&crew, and even a personalized song written for you by Talkfine themselves! 

And if you can’t donate, please share it with your friends, family and on all social media! Everything helps!

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The Color Blue: Chapter 17

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Summary:  Down below you, Frisk was easily dodging every attack Papyrus shot out, as if they’d done it a million times. But then, on there turn, they did something that shocked you but only made Sans fall over laughing.

Note: This is a super short chapter and i apologize so much for it! I’m going to try and get another chapter up maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

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