I was rushed back into the hospital for a while.

My left kidney turned out to be on the brink of failing. This has all around been one of the most painful things I’ve ever endured in my life but I’m doing better and I get to keep all of my body parts! Yay!

I’m being discharged tomorrow (hopefully).

I’m tired, and my kidneys hurt like sons of bitches, but I won’t lose anything, thankfully.

So, yeah, that’s been my life in case anyone was wondering where I’ve been. ;)

…face the challenge even you dont have any idea about it. i was born from the eighty’s and know so much games from there on until nineties too but never remember about metroid samus and i felt shame when my bro @kevintolibao and @tatong.skeeh tells me that its like a newer version of mario brothers game plus legend of zelda in a science fiction world with ridley scott alien on it. i feel really surprise but the challenge is there so i asked tatong to come up dome concepts to really give me a heads up of how this character really give a inspirations to the game industry and we come up a design and pose or a concept that would give a character impressions. so heres our attack of the character samus from metroid series game. illustrations is almost there, a little bg will give the whole scenery a better establishing of the game. by the way, that small coffee from coffee bean sachet i bought in a store have a wonderful story after a day i bought two coffee and a surprising news from a amazing contacts send me a message that something wonderful idea i might like that involve coffee and hope it will go to plan. just stay positive. never stop what you believe in yourself. have a great weekend! #nintendo #metroid #metroidsamus #hmtstudios #believe #love #illustration #harveytolibao #interpretation #royalmajesticbrush #titus #titispens #tcb #tcbntl #coffeebeanandtealeaf and before this day ends, i would like to greet a good friend, wonderful writer and never stop to inspired us in the studio a HAPPY MERRILY AWESOME BIRTHDAY to @tatong.skeeh ! (at HMT Studios)

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Do you ever just get hit by the realization of how important someone is to you, and how much you appreciate their entire existence? And then cry bc they’re so wonderful and you love them and wanna hug them forever 

but cry more bc you remember you can’t hug them when they’re aN ENTIRE OCEAN AWAy


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Elvis Presley - That’s The Way It Is

I consider live Elvis performances post-’68 comeback special and pre-’72 obvious drug decline to be the man’s peak. On the 39th(!) anniversary of the King’s death, enjoy one of my favorite albums, a 3-disc box of studio and Vegas performances from 1970 with the smokin’ hot TCB band, the Sweet Inspirations and The Imperials. That’s right, two backup singing bands, one male and one female. 

Purple Summer Lip With Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows

Purple Summer Lip With Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! I know it has been super long since my last post but I promise this time I’m back at it like a crack addict. I want to start consistently posting videos as well as blog posts at least twice a week. This makeup Monday look is going to be my very first summer makeup look and I know I slayed it! My blogs are going to coincide with each video I post, so think of…

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