Yoongi and Yoonji are twins… but the sibling rivalry is strong? It’s filled with angst by the way.

Yoongi and Taehyung are together and are perfectly happy with everything until one day, Yoonji comes into their life.

Taehyyng piqued Yoonji’s interest and she’s bound to take him away from her twin brother even if she’ll play dirty.

Taehyung gets drunk and Yoonji took the opportunity to sleep with him. Yoongi’s not aware since Jungkook, his persistent suitor, managed to drag him away from the party or something like that…

Yoonji gets pregnant and it’s a success. Their parents want Taehyung to marry Yoonji (shotgun wedding). Yoongi agrees even if it breaks his heart.

They turn into secret lovers by then, Taehyung can’t fully hate Yoonji but he’s cold towards her.

There’s more plot in there for example, Jungkook x Yoonji in the future?

Should I write this or nah? It’ll be heavy angst and definitely 18+…



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