PinkJune Challenge Day 1!

DAY 1 - Monday 1st - INTRODUCTION POST, Make a post telling us a little about yourself, talk about your hobbies or a little about your past, include a selfie if you want (I’ll love to meet all of your faces!) Set goals (I would recommend between 3 and 5, but you can set as many goals as you want). Found a “PINK-BUDDY”, someone from here that is also gonna make the challenge to keep accountability of the process and works through the challenge with you!

Hi! My name is Shelby, I’m from the Northeastern US (I split my time between PA and NJ), I’m 22, and a recent college grad.  When I was younger, I played soccer, field hockey, was on the colorguard and I horseback rode. I slowly stopped those activities one by one until i was only riding, but I stopped that once I entered college (and I miss it a lot). In college I tried to work out, and I was good about it most of the time though I really had no idea what to do. My senior year I started really lifting heavy and getting into serious workouts in a good routine, but I was eating whatever I wanted and not keeping track. People always say that their weight gain creeps up on them and I never really believed that until it happened to me. I found some pics from my Junior year of HS and compared it to a recent picture of me with my friends and realized how much bigger I was now. I stepped on the scale and realized I was over 30lbs heavier than I was when I graduated HS. I weighed in at 175lbs and I’m 5′6″. 4 years ago I was barely 140lbs. In April 2015 I made it my mission to start losing some fat and I’m down almost 10lbs so far! My GW isn’t set, but I would like to be between 140 & 150 lbs.

Outside the gym I like to hike, swim, hang out with friends, and do some volunteering! 

I don’t have any selfies to post, but I’ll try to get a good one this week and put it up :D

Goals (I’m keeping them non-weight related):

  • Hit 6,000-8,000 (or more) steps a day I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but now I am going to commit. Even if I have to go for long walks in the evening or walk on the treadmill if the weather is bad, I want to hit this.
  • Go hiking at least once a week This was my goal last summer and I was unsuccessful to say the least. My friend has this goal too so that will keep me on track!
  • Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier Recently I’ve found myself not going to sleep until 3 or 4am and not waking up until noon or 1pm. I’d like to get back to my school sleeping schedule of going to bed between midnight and 1am and waking up around 9am. I feel like I’ve been sleeping days away and I need to stop that!
  • Get serious about mobility I’ve been really neglecting stretching recently and paying for it. My goal is to stretch for at least 10 mins a day, not including any stretching I do during/after workouts.

I also need a PinkBuddy, so if you’re on Eastern Time, shoot me a message on my main (likeansweringthesun) and I’d be happy to exchange numbers/e-mail with you! Actually, even if you’re not I am still down to exchange numbers (if you’re in the US) and emails either way!