With the weeks flying by, it doesn’t take long before Samantha sees her belly grow even larger as she reaches her third trimester.

“Peanut is quite active today, huh,” Caleb thinks out loud as he feels Samantha’s bump with gentle hands. Before he stands up, he leans down to press a few soft kisses to her exposed belly. “I can’t believe how quickly the first months have flown by.”

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I have heard rumors that some DG accuse Lizzington fans of promoting incest (social medias). Seriously, incest! As far as I know, until recently several people from TBL have said that Red is not Liz's father, so ... And BTW, why would not it be possible to have a respectful debate between the two clans. Perhaps it would be interesting to know their point of view.

This is the biggest fallacy DG’s have about Lizzington. People who ship Lizzington absolutely DO NOT believe they are related. The thought of incest makes us puke just like everyone else. We DO NOT see their relationship as paternal. Most fans can see the ambiguity in their relationship - some think it is paternal, while others think it is something else entirely, and some have no idea. The something else entirely is the side of the fence we fall on. And we don’t for a minute think that our Red was the DNA match. You can read about the impostor theories to get details on that.

Again Jon Bokenkamp says watch the show. Look at the characters on the show who do not think this is a familial relationship or at least see something going on (taken from yesterday’s post):

Let’s look at the task-force members first. What do they think?

  • Donald Ressler to Lizzie -  Sounds like someone’s a little jealous. Uncle Red’s got a new crush
  • Donald Ressler to Lizzie -  What’s going on with you and Reddington? You two have a little lovers’ quarrel?
  • Donald Ressler to Red talking about Liz not showing up -  What, are you in the doghouse?
  • Harold Cooper - Assumed that Kirk was Liz’s father, even though he has known Red a long time -  It shouldn’t be a surprise. You must have known there was a chance she’d discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.
  • Samar - Was trying to figure out who Red was to Liz -  You know everyone talks about it, right? They don’t want to bring it up with you. Why you? Who is he to you?

Then look at the Blacklister’s who have made a comment or two about Red’s relationship with Liz:

  • Anslo Garrick - Have to admit Red I never thought you would come out of the box. Then her.  She was unexpected.  The old boy still has got the touch.
  • Madeline Pratt – Tell me about her. How did you pick her? Red – Fate. Madeline – She’s a little young for you.  Red – Ya think?
  • Berlin - Until one day I made a connection. Elizabeth Keen. That’s why we’re sitting here today. Because of Keen. I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife.  …You have the power to destroy me, but you’re offering me a way out because you’re blinded by passion
  • Luther Braxton - Well, you better hurry. ‘Cause your girlfriend, the princess, she’s got the answers in her head that I’m looking for.
  • Solomon - Even if your girlfriend gets off a shot or two….
  • Solomon -  What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both.

Even Liz did not think of Red as a father-figure before this “proof” of DNA from a sample taken 30 years ago:

  • In S2 when Tom asked Liz if Red was her father:  No. My father died when I was 4, in a fire. Reddington was there. I think she may have been, too.
  • In S2 Liz talking to Red when she remembered what happened the night of the fire:  I could hear them arguing. He was hurting her. And I know why my father died that night. I shot him.
  • In S3 Liz talking to Cooper the day of her wedding:  You are the closest thing I have to a real father.
  • In S3 when Liz was about to be knocked out she used his correct first name and said something that was not very daughter like, especially when she added the “do” emphasis: Raymond, I do love….
  • In S4 when she found out Kirk was not her father after all, she made a comment to Red that she should have believed him that her father was dead - even though she “knew” Red slept with her mother. She still did not think he was her father.

Also some tweets from the Producers and Writers of the show:

I am not trying to get DG’s to believe Lizzington. I am just pointing out that we are not alone in believing Red and Liz are not related. Again I understand others believe they are related and that is cool. But please do not accuse Lizzington of promoting incest. If the show proves that Red is Liz’s father, we will stop shipping them immediately and mourn for all the pain they put us through.

Thanks for the question #anon

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Did the Baudelaire orphans survive “Chapter Fourteen”?

“The End” left us with a literal question mark: the Baudelaires took to the sea, and Lemony Snicket ended the series abruptly. What became of them once they left the Island? A coded sentence in “The Beatrice Letters” gives us the answer: their ship, the Beatrice, sank. End of story: the Baudelaires died in the depths of the ocean.


Except their foster daughter, Beatrice Baudelaire Jr, somehow survived this shipwreck. If a baby can survive that, why not the three other Baudelaires? Is there still some hope of finding proof of their presence on the mainland?

And if there is, why is Lemony not doing anything about it?

Let’s unravel the series’ final mystery after the cut.

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This has been inside my mind since I because a Lizzington shipper it was originally a One Tree Hill edit and for the life of me I don’t know by who it was on Pinterest the photos were off the internet but if I did take from some let me know I’ll be more than happy to remove them or credit you I hope you enjoy it. It was for my own pleasure but please feel free to share with the rest of the wonderful ship we call Lizzington

Why were Olaf’s parents assassinated?

As we sin, so do we suffer. Children pay for their parents’ crimes.

Lemony Snicket drops many bombshells in his series, but very few compare to the magnitude of Olaf’s revelations in the twelfth book. We had always wondered, of course, if Olaf had anything to do with the death of the Baudelaire parents. So much, in fact, that we had forgotten to ask its justification:

“Our parents took a taxi to the opera one evening when their car wouldn’t start.”
“I remember that evening well,” Kit replied with a faint smile. “It was a performance of La Forza del Destino . Your mother was wearing a red shawl, with long feathers along the edges. During intermission I followed them to the snack bar and slipped them a box of poison darts before Esmé Squalor could catch me.

[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter One]

“Yes, it does,” Klaus said. “Tell me what the weapon is that left you an orphan, and I’ll type it in for you.”
Count Olaf gave Klaus a slow smile that made the Baudelaires shudder. “Certainly I’ll tell you,” he said. “It was poison darts.”

[ The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Twelve]

There’s a clear shift in motivation here: we go from a tale of pure greediness to a full-on vendetta akin to Greek tragedies. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive. But the later seems the most relevant one. Is stealing the Baudelaire fortune just a mean to an end (making Beatrice and Bertrand suffer through their children)? Or does it have an emotional significance?

We will argue, in this analysis, that this inheritance scheme might not just be about the money. The murder of Olaf’s parents’ explains many things about his treatment of the Baudelaire orphans, and vice-versa. Find out Olaf’s secret pains after the cut.

NOTE TO READERS: This entire theory builds upon the analysis of VFD’s schism exposed in another article of this blog (Link). We strongly recommend you read it before delving into this one.

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