Did Jerome Squalor lose VFD’s trained lions?

O, Jerome Squalor, what hasn’t been written about you?

Probably a lot. Professional doormats and wet blankets make for poor literary protagonists.

Now, Jerome seems to belong to Lemony’s cohort of friends and colleagues. It’s the generation commonly believed to be children/teenagers throughout “All The Wrong Questions” then adults in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. However, he’s a bit of an oddball. Jerome indeed developed a close friendship with volunteers such as Jacques Snicket and the Baudelaire parents, and yet never became part of VFD until much later in life.

Have we ever considered why? It’s strange that his friends would keep their involvement in the organization a secret from him for so long. We see in “All The Wrong Questions” that Lemony wasn’t exactly shy of revealing a ton of VFD lore to the people he deemed worthy, once he had taken time to know them properly. Jerome, for some reason, was kept in the dark for YEARS.

This Sleuth believes his unique treatment was the consequence of an unfortunate event. We will modestly refer to it as “the snowy hook-up from hell”.

Find out more about this theory after the cut.

[NOTE TO READERS: I missed you too. It’s good to be back.]

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The End of Daddy-Gate is Near

This appears to be the last hurrah for the Daddy-Gaters. TPTB said they will definitively answer the “Who is Lizzie’s Father” question early in Season 4. Many casual fans who don’t watch the show in depth still think that Red is Lizzie’s father. And TBL wants to leverage the casual audience as much as possible by creating a season 4 promo that makes it sound like there is still a possibility that Red is Lizzie’s father. So they inserted this little clip into the promo making some folks think that Red is going to tell Lizzie that Kirk is not her father, he is.  Well NOT!

Now let’s assume that this is not spliced or taken out of context (a big assumption since TBL has been doing this exact thing with their promos forever, and boy it sure sounds spliced). Red says “Alexander Kirk lied to you Lizzie”. Did he?

Well yeah. I believe Alexander Kirk is going to try to turn Elizabeth against Red. He knows about the night of the fire and a whole lot more. He is going to make it sound like Red did something terrible (like saying Red killed Katarina, even if it is not true) or make it sound like Red was only using Lizzie for his own gain and does not really care for her after all. So he will outright lie or at least embellish the truth to make Red sound like a monster. He wants Liz to hate Red. Kirk is probably Red’s biggest enemy and vice-versa. And Kirk wants to hit him where it hurts the most - which is Red’s relationship with Lizzie.

And right now I do think Kirk is actually Lizzie’s father. I believe that Lizzie shot him and both she and Red thought he died the night of the fire. But he didn’t. My theory is that Red did not find out about Kirk until he received the Glasnost file on Rostova from the KGB agent in the Lady Ambrosia episode.

When he looked at the file Red said, “It just keeps getting worse”.  I believe he discovered at this moment that Constantin Rostov did not die in that fire and took on the identity of Alexander Kirk.

At the church on the day of the wedding, Lizzie assumed that her mother was after her. Red reiterated that her mother was dead. But he did tell her he would let her know who was after her after he got her out safely. 

But that never happened. So he never had the chance to tell her that her father was alive in the guise of Alexander Kirk and he was the one who was after her.

Sure it is also possible that Lizzie’s father did die in the fire and Kirk is lying about being her father. In that case he must really need something from her. Maybe he related to Lizzie’s father. That focus on his blood type must mean something. And Lizzie’s father will be proven out by a blood or DNA test, finally.

No matter what, we will find out who is really Lizzie’s father this season.  And let’s revisit again why there is no way Red is her father.

1) Statements from TPTB and the writers that Red is not Lizzie’s father:

First Jon Bokenkmap says this in The Wall Street Journal interview

The whole season felt like we were leading up to meeting Liz’s mom, Katerina. Instead we met her father. Will you say if this finally closes the book on any question as to whether Red is Liz’s dad? 

I thought we answered that question back in season 1. (Note: In season 1, Red tells Liz he will never lie to her and then immediately says he is not her father, though many fans refused to believe him.)

Then we have tweets from Executive Producers Daniel Cerone and Kat Goodson, and Associate Producer Zee Hatley:

2) Red does not lie to Lizzie is a key tenant of the show:

Below are 3 direct quotes between Red and Lizzie:

Episode 01 x 10: Lizzie to Red: “Are you my father?” Red “No”

Episode 01 x 22  Red to Lizzie: “Lizzie look at me.  I’m telling you with no uncertainty, your father is dead.  He died in that fire.”

Episode 02 x 22  Lizzie to Red: “I remember. I remember everything. The night of the fire, I know what happened.  And I understand why you didn’t want me to find out. When I pulled the trigger, when I shot Connolly, it came back to me. it was like I was there.  I could hear them arguing. He was hurting her. And I know why my father died that night. I shot him”.

So did Red lie to Lizzie about her father being dead? No. He thought he did die in the fire. Here are comments from Jon Bokenkamp and Daniel Cerone on this:

End of Season 1 interview with Jon Bokenkamp (from TVGuide.com - link to entire article HERE:)

Tom said that Liz’s father is still alive, but Red insists he’s dead. Is Red part of a cover up or does Red really think he’s dead?

Bokenkamp: What I do not believe is that Red is lying to Liz. The things he’s told her about her father he believes to be true and thus are true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those in the writers’ room believe them to be true. It’s safe to believe that what he told her on the steps was the truth so far as he knows.

And the below tweet from Daniel Cerone:

And honestly, if Red was lying about him not being Liz’s father this key tenant is destroyed. And the majority of the audience would never trust the show again.

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