Can I just ask the writers a simple question…. What the HELL happened to THIS Lizzie? The strong, not going to take SHIT from anyone, EVEN Red, Lizzie… I want this woman back. This is the woman that Red needs and wants.

:::Don’t get me wrong. I get that he has turned her life upside-down, that it’s in shambles. The man she “loved” = spy/killer/evil POS … her “father” = (adoptive) mercy killed at the hands of Red (but you have to admit, Liz wasn’t going to kill Sam, EVEN if he begged her) … REAL Father = she killed him at a young age … Mother = Russian spy … Cabal = Framing her and the team for whatever they want …. Killing Tom Connelly when he threatens the team and Red:::

So, I get it, TPTB NEVER gave her ANY time to process any of this… now we see her in a “heap” of confusion, sadness, anger, fear, guilt, etc etc etc. Let’s hope that S3 will bring this strong, smart, quick on her toes Lizzie back to beat the Shit out of anything that comes her way (including Tom, please PLEASE, can she jab a knife or something in HIS neck, BUT don’t take it out… leave it there… let him pass out…. *GASP* die even…. just saying)


As we know, former baldy Vasquez had a HAIR JOB done.
After a follicular unit extraction hair transplant one suffers from ‘shock loss’ first, after which the hair will start to grow naturally. I just really wanted to know how this process must have looked like, because, wow, so many hairdos!? So many… awkward hairdos. Also, so many shifts in wardrobe!

[This was a part of an upcoming pic, replicated and modified, and then it became an own thing. VASQUEZ TIMELINE FTW]

Okay but hear me out

What if sometime around the end of borderlands 2 Blake became to get depressed because Angel died (he was the only one she was close with) and began to look into some things and he found out Angel had made an ai for herself. So he began to search for it until he found it which took a few years to find and they work together to make Hyperion better?