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I don't remember if you've stated it somewhere, so apologies if I've been inattentive. Was Chinatsu unable to have children (give birth) or did se simply not want to? (Both is fine with me, but if it's the later my respect for her would go up - in the Narutoverse culture and time period for a (civilian and, it seems, shinobi as well) woman to have children is considered to find happiness, as far as I've gathered, so a possible decision to the opposite would show her strength of character to me)

Lang: Chinatsu has children. Being a mothering, protective figure is a big part of her characterization–see how she interacts with Kei in chapter 97, long after they’ve met. In this case, her nature is that of both a nurturer and a guardian, just like the character she’s based on. And she adopted two children–Roku and Tayuya–as well as taking over most of the childrearing involved with her niece, since Misaki didn’t seem like she was going to do a damn thing (as Rikuto pointed out in his section). While there is a cultural bias toward having children, particularly in more conservative climes, an individual woman’s choice to have them or not have them does not define her as a character.

Beta: Also, they never told Kei this detail, so she didn’t know, but Akira was trans. So while Chinatsu and Akira were both capable of having children, and Chinatsu as least said enough to say she wanted biological children, it didn’t work out that they could produce one together. But adopting kids turned out to work just fine for them.

Guess whose headcanon just became canon? Also, this is one of the reasons why the Chinatsugumi were so open to and accepting of Kaito also being trans (with the caveat this is now just an official reason for that because ideas change and occur over the course of writing a rough draft, and CYB is a very very long [and published as we go] rough draft).

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Shisui/Sakura - “Kiss me.”

this is from a buddy cop story that is percolating in my brain about sakura and tayuya as police partners. shenanigans obviously ensue.

13. “Kiss me.” [shisaku]

“Kiss me.”

Sakura glances up from her paperwork, startled. “What?” she asks.

Officer Shisui leans against her desk, hair messy as he stares down at her with a cocky grin. His uniform has burnt holes in it and he is covered in soot. One of his eyebrows is singed away.

“What the hell happened to you?” Tayuya asks, scooting her rolling chair over to them.

“Arsonist. Not important,” Shisui says. “Now shoo.”

Tayuya flips him the double bird before gliding across the floor to her own desk.

Anyway,” Shisui says, turning his attention back on Sakura. “Kiss me.”

“The fuck is your problem?” Tayuya calls, still glaring holes into Shisui.

“This conversation? It’s between me and Sakura,” Shisui says. “So,” His grin returns, bright and wide, “what do you say Sakura?”

Sakura stands, placing a hand on his shoulder. Shisui feels himself flush in anticipation. She is bold.

“Are you alright?” Sakura asks. “Are you delirious from the smoke inhalation? I can call Karin in to check your lungs.”

“That’s quite alright Sakura-san,” Itachi says, grip tight as he grabs Shisui’s shoulder. “I’ll take care of him from here.”

Itachi carries Shisui bodily from the room even as Shisui continues to shout, “Come on Sakura! Kiss me!”

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Hi senpai!! How about SasoSaku and for the Prompt "I won't say I'm in love!" (not the song tho)

“I cannot believe him!” Sakura fumed, marching over to her friend.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Tayuya asked, brows lowered. “Is someone messing with you? I’ll set `em straight—!”

“No…well…yes actually,” Sakura said, slumping into a seat by her friend as she pulled her rollerblades on. “It’s more irritating than anything else.”

“What happened?” Tayuya asked, trying to mask her rising concern.

“It’ll be better if I show you,” Sakura replied, lacing her skates up and standing to hold a hand out to her friend.

“Lead the way,” Tayuya said, following close behind Sakura in skates of her own.

“So you know how I always drop by the arcade before classes, right?”

“Like a freak, yeah,” Tayuya said with a nod.

Sakura skated in close and knocked her elbow into Tayuya’s side. “So maybe I’m a bit dedicated to keeping up my scores. It’s my hobby and I’ve perfected it. Anyway, I was heading over to play Dueling Damsels when…well,” Sakura sighed, pointing to the door of the shabby arcade, “let me show you.”

The owner of the arcade, Might Gai, was a kind man and thought Sakura’s dedication to her craft was very “youthful.” She was basically given access whenever she wanted to play a game.

Sakura tugged on Tayuya’s arm, guiding her to a brightly colored machine, covered in purples and teals.

“Just…look,” Sakura said.

There, on the screen, was the high scores. All were marked ‘SAKURA.’

All but one.

The top score read ‘SAKSUX.’

“No,” Tayuya said, looking at Sakura.

“Yes,” Sakura replied tightly.

“What sort of asshole did this?” Tayuya demanded.

That asshole,” Sakura said, gesturing.

In a corner stood a redhead with heavy lidded brown eyes. He was looking at her, even as his hands whittled away at some sort of wood project. He wore a leather jacket with a red cloud patch on the left sleeve.

“Sasori?” Tayuya asked. “That little punk? I can take him.”

“No need,” Sakura muttered. “He’s been a thorn in my side since middle school; it’s time to confront him.”

So saying Sakura marched over to Sasori, arms crossed and expression stormy.

“Hey Deidara,” she greeted sweetly. “Could you give us a minute?”

The blond glanced between them, shaking his head wryly and stepping away. “No problem at all, Sakura-chan. See you in art class?”

“Of course,” she replied. She and Sasori watched him walk away in silence before she whirled on him. “What the fuck is your problem?” she demanded, stabbing him in the chest with a finger.

“I have no idea what you mean,” Sasori replied, his wide smirk belying his statement.

“You’ve had it out for me since middle school, always undermining me and getting in my way. And now this? You’ve gone too far.”

Sasori chuckled. “Oh, are you talking about that little game of yours? How quaint. I just tried it out on a lark and took the high score. No hard feelings, right?”

“You know that’s my favorite game,” Sakura said. “You’re here almost as often as I am.”

Sasori shrugged lethargically. “Well, maybe we can grab a bite to eat, head over to Konan’s diner and I can give you some tips.”

Sakura scowled at him. “In your dreams, Akasuna.”

Sakura flounced off, skating over to Tayuya and heading out the door.

“You’re an idiot, yeah,” Deidara said, sidling up beside his friend.

Sasori cleared his throat, banishing his dopey smile. “I have no idea what you mean.”

Deidara rolled his eyes. “You begged Gai to stay late for the past few months, training up on how to beat Sakura’s high score. You’ve spent days on this game. Why won’t you just tell her how you feel?”

Sasori shook his head. “Too easy. Now, I’ve got to go; Sakura has a roller derby meet tonight.”

Sasori headed out the door and Deidara watched him leave incredulously before shaking his head. “Why won’t he just tell her he’s in love?”

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Whimsical Vanilla-chan: What pets do you have/want to have?

“Oh, I have plenty of pets. Kimimaro, Tayuya, Sakon, Ukon. The list goes on. They’re a bit naughty from time to time, but overall they’re quite well-behaved. At least around me.” 


The cards keep getting stronger as I finish our the rares of the set, today we have some nice splashy designs and some cards that just keep coming back to you.

Dirgesinger is heavily inspired by Batterskull, one of only a handful of mythic equipment. The art is of a flute weapon from a game that I have never played, because I figured with a somewhat ambiguous name and effect, it really needed art. There’s no solid art of Tayuya’s flute either (a character from Naruto, of all places), which the effect was actually inspired by. She uses her song to control and summon demons, whose eyes she can see through, hence, some graveyard stuff, some vigilance and some deathtouch.

On Golbah, I try to go easy on any sort of repeated removal, so I decided to limit the effect to just when creatures are cast, giving it kind of a Cradle to Grave feel, but a little less wordy. Plus it means that the first part mirrors the second part, they both care when spells are still on the stack or being cast, and I didn’t want to make the second part “when creatures enter the battlefield” because I didn’t think it would trigger often enough. I consider it a bend, but not a break of what black can do.