I’m warming up to Qrow after the finale I thought he was finally a good & supportive uncle

Raven is still Grade A Garbage tho !!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that both Branwens are garbage, I love the idea that Summer and Tai were both these really emotional, decent, loving people and they both fell for these garbage twins and after the garbage twins dumped them they married each other because they came to their senses…. that’s my headcanon

Happy Valentine's Day Taylor! ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day Tay! Even though I always tell you how special you are, today is not any different. I am sending you tons of virtual hugs this Valentine’s Day! Taylor, you are a beautiful person inside and out and always show me how to be a better person. You have such a big, loving heart! You are pure sunshine!Because of you, I connected with so many wonderful Swifties!

Taylor, thank you for being such an amazing friend to me on tumblr. I know we haven’t met in person yet, but whenever you “like” one of my posts, it shows you are there for me. I will always be here for you Taylor. I hope you are having a relaxing, wonderful Valentine’s Day surrounded by loved ones.

My mom and I can’t wait for the Grammys! 🏆We will be glued to our TV and of course cheering you on Tay! There will also be singing and awkward dancing because I can’t help it when I listen to 1989! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift 👭❤️❤️❤️

The science of Yang’s eyes no one probably asked for but I still did it.

Okay because I love genes and because im a science nerd and because I see some people getting confused let’s talk about genes and Yang’s eyes.

I should say I do only know so much about genes. As much as I love them I only know so much (im still annoyed I didn’t get books about it for Christmas) and I do plan on taking a class about them in the future so sorry if I mess up.

Now, first off. Genes are weird as shit. While they are ‘rules’ for genes that they can follow and sometimes you get a mutation. There are four im going to talk about. Recessive, incomplete, mutation, and codominant.


Okay this is easy. We all must have taken like 4th grade science and learned about genes and how they work. Some genes are dominant over others while some are recessive and stay hidden. Yang’s purple can be recessive. If you are wondering how, let me show you something called a Punnett Square, my favorite thing as a child when the rest of my class hated them. Note Tai’s genes will be in Yellow and Raven’s in red.

(yeah I did it in paint)

So ‘B’ is Blue and ‘R’ is red. They are both capitalized because they are dominant. ‘p’ is purple and its smaller since its recessive. So there was a 25% change Yang could have purple and she did. Simple as that.


Incomplete refers to neither being 100% dominant over another. An example that is used is a red flower breeding with a white to get a pink flower. So one parent had all recessive genes while the other has all dominant. So:

So if this is true, Yang had a 100% change of having purple eyes since they mixed. I’m not sure how often this can happen or how common it is with eyes so im still a little unsure on this. But it is possible for the eyes to mix.


Pretty much what it says and I don’t need a chart. It could have been a random mutation. I mean, that’s how we got blue eyes. Everyone was a brown eyed human until one day, bam, blue eyed human!


Now this one has me thinking. Codominance is when both genes are being dominant.  An example is AB blood. A and B are both dominant over O blood but when you have a child with both of those genes it’s not A or B. It’s both due to codominance. What gets me thinking about this is that it could explain why Yang gets red eyes. Like okay yes it could be her semblance but come on, her mom and uncle both have red eyes. So the chart would look like this:

There are two squares with the ‘pr’ genes. If neither is dominant over each other (just because they are both recessive doesn’t mean they can’t be dominant over each other. To get side tracked for a moment that is how green and blue eyes are. Both are recessive compared to brown but green is dominant over blue. Its why me and my brother have blue eyes and my sister has green.) So with both are dominant with each other they will show up. It does in Yang’s case. She has been shown to have red eyes.

Why did I do this? Cause im living up to my name and I got bored and I like this shit. Does this mean any of this is true? No. Can I be wrong? Yes. We don’t know how remnant’s genes work, im just going off of our world genes. And there is a lot more than just this going into genes. Genes are weird and that’s why I love them. I just simplified everything and I may have gotten something wrong because im still learning about genes but this is what I got and know. So yeah, probably didn’t need this but I did it.