10 Songs You Didn't Know Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Helped Make: From Taylor Swift to Carly Rae Jepsen

Whether or not you’re familiar with Jack Antonoff by name, you’re guaranteed to have had his music stuck in your head over the last seven years.

As the main member of Bleachers, he’s releasing his band’s second album Gone Now on June 2. As a reluctant celeb, he’s known for being BFFs with Taylor Swift and for his long-term relationship with Girls star Lena Dunham. As a son and brother, he’s known for “forgetting his wallet” when it comes to paying for bagels.

And as a songwriter? Well, he’s everywhere. From his prior bands (inlcuding the Grammy-winning Fun.) to the songs he’s co-written/produced for others, Jack has helped create some of the most prominent pop songs of the 2010s. For him, it’s his music hobby to take a break from his music job.

“I need a hobby, and I don’t want it to be basketball. I want it to be music,” he told Vulture in 2014. “So to get away from music, I do other music. If I’m producing someone’s song or writing with someone else, then doing a Bleachers song or a fun. song is an escape and it keeps me creative and it keeps me locked into what I want to do. If something’s making me crazy, I need to go somewhere else and I don’t want that thing to be yoga.”

Check out some of Jack’s most famous hobby work below:

1. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” Zayn & Taylor Swift [2016]

The only way to avoid having this earworm stuck in your head is to keep your radio off at all times. Jack teamed up with Taylor to co-write this track for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. This isn’t their first time writing together, but more on that later.

9. “Out of The Woods,” Taylor Swift [2014]

As well as being close friends, Jack and Taylor are also ongoing co-writers for many of Swift’s releases. They co-wrote her Golden Globe nominated track “Sweeter Than Fiction,” along with a handful of tracks off of 2014’s 1989. The two recorded the songs in his apartment, which would normally seem unorthodox, but seems to be where Jack does most of his work. When they won Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2016 Grammys’ pre-telecast ceremony, Jack phoned Taylor from on stage to let her know they’d won while she frantically asked him to tell James Taylor she loves him.

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