Everyone after this season is over. “My theme song.”

Members of We Are The In Crowd reveal new project

After a lengthy silence, vocalist Tay Jardine revealed in a new interview with Kerrang! that We Are The In Crowd are on hold for the time being, and that she, Cameron Hurley (guitar), and Mike Ferri (bass), have started a new project together. Not much has been said about this new project just yet, but Jardine did reveal that it has more a pop and “dancey” sound. The full interview can be read in this week’s issue of Kerrang!, or here.

thank you, We Are The In Crowd

Thanks for every single song. Thanks every positive message that you sent. Thanks for getting me through countless bad situations. Thank you for showing me how to be comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for helping me come back out of my shell. Thank you for being the loveliest people. Thank you for humouring me when I made awkward conversation with you. Thank you for the pictures. Thank you for the gigs. Thank you for the music.

We’re all just weird kids in the end.


Get ready guys! Soon we’ll see Digimon Adventure Tri Ketsui!
I’m so excited, I wanna hear all your theories! ♥