antiinfluence  asked:

I know what Eric and Dylan did was fuckin outta this world but after watching Scorcese's Taxidriver, I can see so many similarities in terms of the misanthropic thought processes on humanity/society. Is it fair to say that Eric and Dylan were somewhat anti heroes like Travis Bickle in Taxidriver ?

Mm..well, they tried to be vigilante-like anti-heroes, social inequity justice warriors. But yes, Taxi Driver’s Travis is good representation of the devolving mindset arc of a hyper-masculine, injustice collector compelled to use violence as a means to equalize - to right what they feel are wrongs that have befallen them. Strong bet that Dylan saw Taxi Driver since his family was big on watching classic movies. Eric may also have well but Dylan more likely for the fact that the Dylan’s parents loved exposing their boys to classic movies. Ironically, it’s even possible that this movie might have fantasy inspired Dylan to “go on his spree against anyone he wants” as he wrote in his journal. But that’s just a dice throws theory on my part..