submitted by @catch-bookerMeet the two idiot Wardens who decided to adopt Evra, Tauriel Mahariel and Cassiopeia Cousland. Mama warriors who will kick ass for their daughter (and of course the rambunctious small toddler mage).

Gandalf and Tauriel joined the company for supper. Kíli was not told of Tauriel’s presence and upon seeing her, they nearly fell out of their chair in their haste to run to her. When they reached her, Kíli hugged her tightly, even picking her up briefly. They were strong enough to not fall from her height overbalancing them but it was a near thing.

Gandalf sat next to me, having found a glass of wine. He looked around as the company talked excitedly amongst themselves and quietly asked me where Bilbo was. I told him that Bilbo was not feeling well at the moment. He grew quiet at that for a few minutes before being pulled into conversation with the others.

littlegreenleafprince asked:


Ah man. *prepares to be ripped apart*

Okay so…I WANT to like Tauriel. I want to like her as a character and I want to like her storyline in the movies and I want to like her contribution to the story, but overall I just…I’m not on board. She didn’t need that damn love triangle, or any romance at all for that matter. I feel like a lot of the plot elements that were added or altered to account for her presence (e.g. the entire Morgul shaft thing, turning Thranduil into a much more negative character who doesn’t care about others, etc.) don’t make a whole lot of sense when I really sit down and think about them. I’m also kind of disturbed that she was included for the sake of including more women while two potential and potentially quite bad-ass female characters (Thranduil’s wife and Bard’s wife, who are both just as present in the books as Tauriel is) had their deaths made canon (for those of you who haven’t read the books: we don’t actually know a damn thing about either one, and for all we know they’re both alive and well and being bad-asses right alongside their husbands). I mean if the goal was to include more women then why not include them too? And yeah, keep Tauriel and keep the Bardling girls and keep Hilda Bianca, it’s not like we have to ditch them just to have the other two. 

So I dunno. I don’t hate Tauriel but geez, I feel like she and her storyline could have been so much better than what we actually got.