Guess who’s too poor to buy a scanner and still has to take pictures on her phone? 

This is a series of doodles I drew a few days ago based on @garafthel‘s ah-mazing fic Flowers Among the Fallen Leaves, specifically from Chapter 8 when they learn that Tauriel’s child is not the only dwarf/Elf child in existence. That idea then proceeded to grab me by the metaphorical horns and wouldn’t let me go until I sketched it out. And besides, I got to draw bearded ladies!!!

Lower two sketches are Narvi and Celebrimbor respectively; top sketch is their metaphorical daughter, who I dubbed Rísna. I tried to combine features from both races but figured she’d take more after her father and his appearance. She would definitely have a beard but not as full as her mother’s. I tried to draw Narvi as pretty gender-ambiguous since dwarrowdams are impossible to tell apart from male dwarves. 

These are just my ideas and don’t relfect any actual canon material from garafthel’s story. I just went along for the ride and used it as an excuse to practice more art. (And now I’m super tempted to draw Rísna and her dad meeting for the first time.)




Rísna (I couldn’t find the same pic I used from my phone, but close enough)

Azhâr liveblogging (sorta) continues

I still wanna punch Thrandy

and I wanna hug Kili and Tauriel

and wrap Thorin in several blankets and carry him cookies and hot chocolate

also I’m super in love with Valka. first reading about her was like “oh she’s cute”, and now I’m all “HOT DAMN GURL!!!”

Dáin is awesome

the end of chapter four broke me