Being Scott McCall’s little sister would include...

•Bickering over silly things like the last slice of pizza.
•Wanting Scott to turn you but he refuses everytime because you’re his baby sister and he wants to keep you out of the supernatural world as much as possible.
•Being a member of the pack and Scott wanting you by his side but always sticking with Stiles because you are the only two humans and with Liam because you are in the same year and have grown close since being involved in the supernatural.
•Bringing Melissa dinner on her long hours at the hospital.
•Riding to school on the back of Scott’s motorbike and hating it.
•Pushing his buttons by saying “Scott, when are you going to upgrade this tri-cycle?”
•And him replying with “When you stop telling me to, Y/N!”
•Your friends always talking about him to you no matter how  many times you tell them he isn’t interested.
•Scott geting over protective when he sees how much time you and his beta Liam are spending together.
•Him warning Liam (or any boy that you talk to) “If i hear you have touched Y/N, my little sister, i will personally rip all your limbs off one by one and throw them in the fire!”
•Scott always dropping everything he is doing if you are scared, feeling down or just want to see him because you love eachother more than anything.

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