Capturing a Hidden America with @everydayUSA

To see more explorations of “what American means to me”, follow the contributors of @everydayUSA on Instagram and explore the #identityUSA hashtag.

Over the past year, a group of photojournalists have been telling stories about Americans you won’t see on the news. Their account is @everydayusa, and the 16 contributors have shown what it’s like to live on the nation’s poverty line with the images of Matt Black (@mattblack_blackmatt), to quiet moments of beauty photographed by Malin Fezehai (@malinfezehai), ironic encounters with modern Americana by David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder), and more.

One of the members is Miki Meek (@mikimeek). She is half-Japanese, grew up Mormon in West Mountain, Utah and now lives in New York City where she works as a producer for the public radio show This American Life. “I’m a very random — or maybe classic — American,” she says.

To tell stories like Miki’s, the group has started #identityUSA, a call for personal images that answer the question, “What does America mean to me?” Miki says, “We are all spread out, with different interests and backgrounds, missions and viewpoints. We’re trying to tease out what isn’t obvious, but is right in front of you.”


The Genius of Yvette Mayorga

Of course the empire—an elusive illusion, fading, attractive still; towering, complex, multi-faceted and multilayered, sugar-festive bright, hope and dreams crusted crystalline over a hard, towering, precipitous framework of reality, of hard work, sacrifice, and understanding; they’re chock full of detail, Yvette Mayorga’s works, packed with symbols of the present, pieces of tradition, details soberly observed over a lifetime of looking. They feel incredibly precise, even in their molten state, monuments to modern life in the Americas.

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