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Sinister 2 2015 Full Movie

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Sinister 2 Movie Storyline:
❝ A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that’s marked for death. ❞

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Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-08-21
▪ Casts : Robert Daniel Sloan, Olivia Rainey, James Ransone, Dartanian Sloan, Jaden Klein, Shannyn Sossamon, Tate Ellington, Delphine Pontvieux, Lucas Jade Zumann, Nicholas King, Caden M. Fritz, Laila Haley
▪ Runtime : 97 minutes


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Sim State Dormitory.

Second dorm of this hood. I tried to make it a lot grungier and messier than the previous dorm and I still ended up making it pretty. I simply can’t make realistic student housing, haha! Anyway, your students will have to do with it.

Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the pictures of this dorm to see more of the shared spaces and the individual rooms. Or if you’re following me, just scroll down, they’re probably just below this post :).


  • Both an exterior only version (includes planting) and a fully furnished version can be found here.

As for compatibility: I have the Ultimate Collection version of the game.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used.