Ron has grown up with magic so it never really fazes him.

Flying broomsticks, exploding toffees, paintings that move… he doesn’t bat an eyelash. When Harry and Hermione’s faces would light up over some spell or charm they had just discovered, Ron would smile at them indulgently like an amused father but to him it was all old news.

Then Hermione kisses him and he learns what it means to be astounded.

Now, he knows the kiss happened, he was there. Saw it with his own two eyes, felt it with his own lips. But even though he knows it happened (and has happened 258 wonderful times since), there remains an aura of incredulity, a sense that this is all just some sleight of hand, some sort of bamboozle.

It’s not just the kissing either. She introduces him to her parent’s elderly neighbours as “my boyfriend Ron” and he can’t join in the conversation for a full minute because he’s too astonished by her words.

When he accidentally clunks his knees against hers under the table at the restaurant, she just smiles at him and catches one of his big clumsy feet between both of hers and goes back to whatever she was doing like it isn’t the most incredible thing in the world.

She takes her own clothes off that night because he’s far too flummoxed to participate. When she eases herself back into his arms he finds a way to pull himself into motion, but the back of his mind still struggles to process what seems to be an entirely implausible situation.

She is fast asleep in his arms now, soft and warm and impossibly real. Ron struggles to stay awake, trying to believe.

He has never known true magic until now.


She’s like a woman fighting for more than life. She fights like fighting is her life. It is the air she breathes, and she knows she will win because there is no alternative.

We all know how much ryan loves flirting with cameras

Please imagine fake ah crew ryan doing the same

Please imagine fahc ryan blowing kisses into security cameras and winking at reporters or people taking pictures of the crime scenes as they happen(probably just before shooting them or blowing them up

News helicopters on their tail as they escape through the air have lots of footage of him giving them bedroom eyes(sometimes through his skull mask–sometimes he takes it off) as they speed off in a helicopter of their own or just before they shoot them down

When they’re not going for stealth, gavin will replace video footage in banks and such with footage of flirty ryan(one store got a strip tease!  Another got that end card footage of ryan in the shower. Both were pretty awkward for gavin to receive because ryan sends them completely without warning or explanation.)

He winks during mugshots, undresses the people interrogating him with his eyes, whenever he’s in jail he’s overly friendly towards guards and prisoners who don’t bug him, he hits on whoever’s guarding his cell and whatever prisoners are near him–hell, a few well-seduced guards have probably let him out on at least one occasion.  (It’d been a good prison break strategy.)


A new short is up this one filled with tons of pretty flower arrangements. I loved designing the flower band suits and some of the floats. The song is catchy too! Watch it a million times!

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