7/15/16 - 7/24/16

  • Discretion is always worth exercising. Just because you have the right and ability to do or say something doesn’t mean you should. Situational awareness is especially when your actions can affect others, even inadvertently. 
  • Building off the last point, know how much to say when revealing things. In the movie Interstellar, an artificial intelligence system named TARS reveals that it’s programmed to be 95% truthful with the human crew members of its ship and cites our emotions as the reason. It’s true, many of us can attest that more than once, we’ve slightly left out a detail or two when recounting a story or expressing a thought. Although I personally try to stick to being 100% truthful all of the time, I do support this cause like I previously said, discretion should be exercised. Just keep in mind that the people around you can also be 95% truthful with you by omitted whatever details they deem unnecessary at the time, and you can’t fault them for that if you yourself are the same way. 
  • Own your feelings and emotions. I’ve mentioned this before but you really  should accept and embrace your feelings. People still seriously feed into the whole “low key” thing and take it to heart but if you’re really trying to convince yourself that you don’t care for something or someone as much as you actually do, you’re in for really shitty wake up call. If you don’t like something, act on it, make it known if you’re questioned; and vice versa. 
  • Be you, and unapologetic so. Don’t fake interest in people or things you don’t like just to appease others. Don’t try to emulate someone else’s actions cause you think doing exactly what they did will net you what they have/had. If you’re trying to achieve something or capture someone’s attention or interest, you really might as well do it while being as genuine and true to yourself as possible. 
  • Communication will always be the most essential aspect of accomplishing anything dependent on more than one person. From an 8th grade group project to marriage, it’s the one true make or break factor. Closed mouths don’t get fed so if you have something to say, say it, and don’t let pride or fear of the answer stop you. It’s baffling to see two people that really like each other have some silent stand off because of miscommunication. You’re not gonna get anything accomplished by spending hours, days, or weeks, avoiding each other waiting for the other to crack. As for fear, it’s not easy to ask tough questions, especially when you have an answer in mind that you’d like to hear but your gut tells you you’ll hear exactly what you fear the most. 
  • Going after what you want vs. letting things play out. Things will work out, just let it be, let go and let god, what’s meant to be will be. All things I’ve heard at some point, and that I’ve said to others as well, usually when struggling with wanting a particular outcome that we have limited control of. While I respect this stance cause it promotes patience, there’s only so much standing by and letting things play out a person can do. For the most part, you do have the ability to alter certain situations in your life. Yes, there comes a point when you’ve done all you could and you’ve no choice but to leave it alone but even thing, situations aren’t always gonna stay in that state. They waver between that and giving you the chance to have input and influence, so remain vigilante and on top of things if you want to have as much say as possible. 
  • You’re under no obligation to be the same person you once were. You’re changing by the second, information alters our stance and opinions and for someone to accuse you of being fake or any less genuine than you actually are because of a shift in views, is nonsense. You’re supposed to change and adapt with time, it’s called growth. On the flip side, integrity is a hell of a nice thing to develop. Saying something and sticking to it time and time again proves to others, and more importantly to yourself, that you’re capable of making good on your word. Finding the middle ground between these two attributes really boils down to not rushing to make claims and giving yourself room for setbacks.

I used to be a super optimistic person, then I went through some stuff and that was shot. For the past couple of years though I’ve been slowly reclaiming bits and pieces of the old me and it’s really about counting your blessings, no matter how small. Cherish the people who continue to display their investment in your wellbeing, the ones that always answer your calls and reply to your texts faster than the screen can go off. If you don’t have any of these things then that’s just fine, time will grant you the opportunity to have them, and they’re very much worth the wait. Someone asked me today what I wanted for my birthday and I told them I have a friend visiting me soon and that’s really all I could ask for. Then came the brigade of questions. Is that your girl, she your best friend, what are you guys? I didn’t answer because I refuse to put a label on something that I honestly find solace in. I don’t like titles or classifying my relationships, platonic or not, with anyone. The point I’m trying to make is that on an occasion where many people, rightfully, go all out and spend a lot to make their special day as they picture it, I’m simply looking looking forward to enjoying someone else’s company. 

I saw a screenshot of a tweet earlier and I can’t remember exactly what it said but it was something like “create the life you want with the love you have.” I found it really genuine cause it’s kind of a catch all saying that you can have the life you want with your own brand of love. We all love and express our love for others in different ways, and as hard as we try, we sometimes slip into thinking our form or affection and care isn’t enough. It’s enough, often times it’s more than enough, but we compare ourselves with our peers, many of which aren’t in the same predicament as us and facing the same struggles. Who you are as a person, flaws and all, is enough. White, black, dark, light, tall, short, skinny, big, rich, struggling, it’s doesn’t matter. Metrics are just that, categories and measurements created to help us advance as a species but we label and confine ourselves so much we in turn create mental boundaries and somehow convince ourselves that we’re not deserving of what we want. So no matter how much you’ve been through, or how little, wherever you are along your personal journey, you’re worth it, and you’ve got just as much to offer as the next person.

Public Hearings for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Dates, times, and locations are now available for the Burnaby hearings

After weeks of public pressure, the Supplementary panel tasked by the Federal Government to review the Kinder Morgan Trans-mountain Pipeline expansion project has finally released locations for their hearings. They go as per the following:

August 9: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1000-1200: Environmental NGO roundtable
1300-1430: Local government roundtable #1
1500-1630: Local government roundtable #2

August 10: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
0930-1030: Education roundtable
1100-1200: NGO roundtable
1330-1700: Public town hall

August 11: Burnaby BC, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, Crystal Ballroom
1330-1500: Economic round-table
1630-2000: Public town hall

Come out and have your voice heard!

  • Marinette starts taking self defense lessons after becoming a Miraculous Holder.
  • She doesn’t mention it to Chat Noir.
  • It didn’t come up, so she saw no reason to. (And it slipped her mind.)
  • Of course, he eventually finds out.
  • When an akuma traps him against a wall with Ladybug’s yo-yo, he’s panicking to get over the tar cocoon and help his lady.
  • Ladybug just cracks her knuckles and proceeds to kick the akuma’s ass.
  • He just gapes at her as she rips the akuma victim’s necklace off her neck.
  • She looks highly amused at his face as she uses Lucky Charm.
  • (It’s a crowbar to pry her yo-yo from the tar.)
  • As soon as she has her yo-yo, Ladybug just crushes the necklace under her foot angrily.
  • Later, Chat Noir asks how she learned to fight like that.
  • She shrugs and mentions that she decided it would be useful when fighting akumas.
  • The look of hero worship in his eyes makes her strangely warm.
  • (Of course, everyone flips out when it hits the LadyBlog. It makes her even more of a badass to Paris. Some theorize that Chat Noir taught her and some of the comments on that make her blush.)
  • (It takes her a couple of days to be able to look Chat in the eyes once again.)

i dont really see myself as a leo till someone leaves the room without closing the door and my chest is filled w fire and tar 

anonymous asked:

You know, as a Sauron/Morgoth shipper myself... their names are definitely Morgoth and Sauron, and yes, their ship name totally sucks, especially since Moron is an option! People say "Melkor" and "Mairon" when referring to them because those are the names they would have called each other, but anyone smart enough to know they're both evil would say Morgoth and Sauron. So I consider their real names to be those.

MORON! @pargile I hope you are ashamed of yourself for not thinking of that.

I’m sorry to have tarred all Moron shippers with the same brush! As a shipper of Angsty Murdercousins, I too know the pain of an inadequate ship name. Names are such a sensitive topic in this fandom and which ones an individual fan uses say a lot about how they relate to the text - as a story or as a translated and unreliable account of real events - and their attitude towards the characters - the names they choose for themselves vs those that are given or forced upon them. Deciding that, for their monstrous actions, Morgoth and Sauron do not deserve the dignity of the names they considered their own yeah I can’t do this I’m still laughing over Moron.

Meet the Party!

Willow (played by @scamanderslander )
A half-wild halfling, Willow was raised by a hermit in the Dinglewoods, where she also met a wounded Ronir. She cared for the injured elf until he had healed, a strong friendship forming between the two. After finding a mysterious black tar-like substance, she left the familiarity of her home in the forest to try and seek help…

Ronir Taldiir (played by @ninjasukotto )
Abandoned at birth, the wood elf was taken in by a young farming couple. Due to his elven longevity, Ronir outlived them and left the farm to make his home in the Dinglewoods where he ran into a mysterious figure which left him with a panther and quite a few questions. Ronir met Willow after injuring himself and the two have been friends since. Now, he is accompanying her to find help to deal with the corruption at the heart of the forest…

Kida Silentread (played by @emilia-jade )
An elven paladin with a tragic past, Kida lost her whole troop while fighting a corrupted dragon and bears the weight of these deaths heavily. After moving contents, Kida found herself wandering through a forest where she met a familiar enemy. A second run-in with this dragon wold have proved deadly if not for the quick-thinking of Fenthwick, who saved Kida’s life. Now, she’s helping Fenthwick fight the source of corruption in the forest…

Fenthwick Wrigglestick Elidon Wimble Pickpack Folkor (played by @captaindenarius )
Cleric to the raven queen herself, Fenthwick spent most of his time journeying in the forest surrounding the gnosmih villages he called home, performing last rights on the dying adventures he found, before looting their bodies and selling the trinkets he found. One day, he ran into an elf facing up against a dragon, where his quick thinking saved her life. Now, he’s trying to gather a band of adventures to face against the corruption taking over his home…

Ragnar “Huggy” Irongrip (played by @delusionalphoenix )
hailing from the Irongrip clan, Huggy was sent from his mountainous home to prove his worth against enemies, and so show he was an appropriate match for the love of his life Vaumi. He met Derek one night in a tavern, and after inadvertently saving the dwarf’s life, made the decision to travel with him, providing protection in exchange for love letters to send home to Vaumi, all the while keeping an eye out for a foe that can prove his worth to Vaumi’s father once and for all…

Derek (played by Andy, he doesn’t have a tumblr)
An abandoned bastard, this dwarven bard was bought up in a tavern where he learnt his trade from passing bards. He left his home, beginning to travel and perform in inns in exchange for lodgings. One night, he began choking on a lump of bread when a goliath inadvertently saved his life. Now, the two of them travel together, on the search for an adventure…

Lerios (played by @lerios )
Wanting to prove her worth after accidentally torching a magic school, Lerios is travelling to fine tune her magical abilities and prove to her family that she is worthy of being trained in the magical arts. Now all she needs to do is find a group to travel with…

Silver (played by @neonrazorblade )
Has a very mysterious backstory :P

The Dream Mixtape

@biancadelroy tagged me in this! :) thank you! 

The rules are to put your music playing device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play and your favorite lyrics from ‘em, don’t go cheating to seem more cultured than you really are… 
(then you can burn the songs onto a CD and give it to an attractive person to court them, but that’s your choice no pressure)

1. Only Anally - Willam

God wants to keep my purity, your balls want to go deep, so there’s only one compromise

2. Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey

My old man is a tough man but he’s got a soul as sweet as blood red jam. And he shows me, he knows me, every inch of my tar black soul

3. A L’enseigne De La Fille Sans Cœur - Edith Piaf

Sa bouche est comme un fruit qui saign’, mais on dit que son coeur est mort

4. My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Marilyn Monroe

If I invite a boy some night to cook up some hot enchilada, though Spanish rice is all very nice, my heart belongs to Daddy

5. Beautiful Scars - Madonna

I think you’re confusing me with somebody else, I won’t apologize for being myself

6. I’m an Albatraoz - AronChupa

So fuck that little mouse 'cause I’m an albatraoz (the whole song is kinda weird so I don’t have a favorite lol)

7. Today 4 U - RENT

Back on the street where I met my sweet, where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete

8. Let’s Talk About Sex - Salt N’ Pepa

Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be how it was, and of course, how it should be

9. Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon

The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.

10. The People - Nina Nesbitt

Love likes to light but it burns like a flame in my heart, 'cause as I watch this go, we’re just ashes lying in the dark

(I feel like this made me look kinda…basic? idk)

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ain’t no sunshine - coeur de pirate trauma

greetings from califournia - the neighbourhood

oh me - nirvana

american woman - lenny kravitz

tear in my heart - twenty one pilots

stars - the xx

two weeks - grizzly bear

i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds

no excuses - alice in chains

cough syrup - the young giant

arsonist’s lullaby - hozier

nothing’s gonna hurt you baby - cigarettes after sex

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