*tap dances off the stage*

last night i had a dream that i was at a gerard way show in an abandoned barn and there were like, twenty other people there? and the lights go down and he gets onstage dressed in revenge clothes and just starts busting out old mcr songs and we’re SO PUMPED because it’s been years since he’s sang these live! 

but then he’s abruptly like “fuck that, i hate mcr, i hate my music, i’m just going to sing exclusively covers for the rest of the show” and we’re like uhhhhhh and he starts rapping 21 pilots songs and sings old motion city soundtrack songs and the crowd slowly thins to about eight people and in desperation this mf’er tries to STAGE DIVE onto me?!??! and i completely panic and try to grab him by one of his studded belts but he falls and I DROP HIM on his BUTT and he’s so mad about it he refuses to sing at all for the rest of the show

so the rest of his stage time passes w/ him reading us abstract poetry, spinning in a slow circle and doing a tap dance routine next to some trash cans off stage. at the very end of the show he made us all square dance with each other?? then i went home and saw he had immediately written a blog post about quitting music forever because no one understood his artistic genius