Night out with Exo
  • Junmyeon:Very wasted and is laughing at everything the members say. Has given up the leader title in favor of shots. Didn't care when yixing made him sit on his lap. He is actually enjoying it
  • Chanyeol:100% louder than normal and is trying to tell kyungsoo a very involved story but keeps getting distracted. He keeps hearing barks from the dance floor which is... weird. Kyungsoo seems very bored with him. He's having a good time so it's ok
  • Yixing:Someone cut him off earlier but he's been stealing sips from Junmyeon's drink when he's distracted. Trying to convince the others that he's really not that drunk! He is very drunk
  • Sehun:was grinding on people on the dance floor until he saw Jongin with a puppy. They take turns making the puppy dance on the bar counter while he complains that Vivi does it better. He misses Vivi so much
  • Jongin:Bumps into someone on the dance floor and his shirt barked at them. The bar owner told him no pets allowed but he's not a pet he's a litte hairy baby. Also has no idea where this dog came from. Got kicked out after having a "wild animal" dance on the bar counter. Very emotional right now
  • Kyungsoo:Finally escaped from chanyeol only to find jongin crying while his shirt barks at a security guard? Tries to do damage control and ends up getting kicked out as well. The three of them go out for ice cream after. He doesn't know how he gets into these situations
  • Minseok:Only slightly buzzed and flirting with this girl at the bar. He's about to seal the deal when someone on the karaoke machine dedicates the song to him. He switches to a stronger drink
  • Luhan:Trying to win minseok's heart back by loudly singing him 'Touch My Body'. He thinks he got the message because half way through the song he gets tackled. Turns out it was only to be put in a headlock, but hey baby steps. He's very in love
  • Baekhyun:There's not nearly enough strippers in here and he plans to change that. Gets stuck while trying to take off his shirt. Jongdae cheers him on. He tries to continue but he's still stuck in his shirt. He gives up and sits down. Why do clothes have to be so complicated
  • Jongdae:Keeps getting free drinks from people and bumps in baekhyun while he's trying to strip. He cheers him on until Baek gives up. Jongdae takes his place and starts trying to remove clothes. He is the party
  • Yifan:Drags a whiney Jongdae from off a table to save his pride. He's not even drunk. Sehun said they were going to a universe convention and he's beginning to think that was a lie. He goes to round up zitao as well. Tonight was a bust
  • Zitao:Got drunk after exactly one beer and has renamed himself Swaggy T while making everyone at the bar buy him drinks. No one bought him drinks so he started crying. He's currently trying to pick pocket Junmyeon but Yifan catches him. The Taxi back home is tense and Zitao pouts the entire way saying he wasn't even drunk. He's not convincing anyone
EXO reaction when their girlfriend spontaneously says “Kkaepsong!”

I do this sometimes and my mom is like….What?!?! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Beginning for each:  *You shout out Kkaebsong all of a sudden*


Yeol: “I see that Baekhyun has now accepted you as a best friend too!”

You: “Whoa! So, when he says you can say this word you’re his best friend? But What about Jongdae?” (You will see in Jongdae’s reaction)

Yeol: “He does that just to get on his nerves. But really Jongdae is also his best friend.”


Fan: “What the hell?”

You: “What?”

Fan: “I know I miss some of the members but I don’t need a reminder babe.”

You: “You say it in your sleep.” -_-

Fan: *Realizes that he has been caught and starts to laugh a little*


Hun: “You are not allowed to say that around me.”

You: “Why not?”

Hun: “Because…well….you’re only supposed to say Yehet and Ohorat!”

You: “But those are your words.”

Hun: “Exactly.”


Tao: “Are you trying to be Baekhyun?”

You: “Yo, he is killer with the phrase.”

Tao: “Please stop trying to be hipster too. Only Baekhyun can say that. 

You: “But you’ve said it a couple of times too.”

Tao: “Touche” 


Nini: “So, you also agree that he needs to have a song with that word in it?”


Nini: “The title song can be called Kkaebsong.”

You: “And like, all of the songs on there should have at least the word in it or talking bout it!”

(I really would buy it though. What about you guys?)


Minnie: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yeah Why?”

Minnie: “You are to not hang with him”

You: “WHAT!?!?! WHY!”

Minnie: “Because he is turning you into him.” *Whispers this part* –> “He let you say it and not me.”


Baek: “I was wandering how I could love you even more and you just gave me a reason.”

You: “Is this a good thing.”

Baek: *Serious look* “YES!”


Han: “Have you been watching Showtime again?”

You: “Nooooooo…..”

Han: “Says the one who started back with Kkaebsong again.”

You: “IT’S CATCHY!!!”


Dae: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yes he did.”

Dae: *Calls Baek* “Why teach her and let her say the word but not me?”


Soo: “You’ve been hanging with Baek too much.”

You: “It is a catchy word.”

Soo: “I know it is. Why do you think I stay away from him. I might catch the Kkaebsong Disease.” 


Xing: “Are you sure your not Baekhyun in disguise?”

You: “I think I hung out with him too much while we were there for the Monster and Lucky One comeback.”

Xing: “It’s okay! I like it!”


Myeon: “I see that Baekhyun has taught you his special word.”

You: “Yes he has!”

Myeon: “That’s good. That means you have officially gotten into his friendship heart! In other words, you are his best friend.”

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EXO Teaching You Korean

That’s so flattering, I’m so happy you like our blog <3 This is a fun request because I’m pretty decent at Korean and I’m trying to learn more! Gifs aren’t mine. -Admin Amanda
Xiumin: When you ask him in slightly broken Korean to teach you more he would be happy to. However, when you start learning he spends the lesson trying not to laugh at your terrible pronunciations.
“Um… it’s actually more of an ‘uh’ sound… mUHk-ko shee-pUH”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: He’d be a little surprised and flattered you would come to him for help on Korean considering his own Korean language skills aren’t amazing but he would try his best for you.
“This word sounds a bit off… I think?”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: Despite being confident when you originally asked him to teach you Korean, he would soon realize that a few years of not communicating in the language has severely hurt his ability to speak it.
“I’m sorry is that even a word?”

Originally posted by jinful

Suho: He would try his best to teach you through positive reenforcement, always complimenting you even if the pronunciation or wording in your sentences was off.
“Wow, that sounds really good!!”

Originally posted by 89ner

Lay: Agreeing to teach you he would try his best even though Korean is not his first language and he wouldn’t have any issues asking the other members for help, also seeing it as a chance for him to study the language more.
“How do you say this again? Right… Y/N, follow what he said.”

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun: Although he would try to teach you, Baek wouldn’t be able to stop cooing over how cute your broken Korean is, thinking it is absolutely adorable and finding it too distracting to actually teach you anything.
“Oh my god the way you said that is so cute!!”

Originally posted by sebyunie

Chen: Probably one of the best teachers, Chen would throughly explaining things is simple Korean so you understand and refusing to sugarcoat anything so you know exactly when you’re right or wrong.
“Try to add more emphasis on the second syllable, that word still doesn’t sound right.”

Originally posted by chenc-17

Chanyeol: He would both giggle at your incorrect pronunciation of ‘pepper’ and then laugh more at the confused, innocent expression on your face before correcting you, still a fit of giggles.
“No, jagi, just no, please don’t say that.”

Originally posted by thecrazykidnextdoor

D.O: At first he would lose his patience a lot when you don’t pick up the grammar concepts as quickly as he would like you too but the more you study and the more you improve, the more fun he has with you.
“That was perfect, I’m really proud.”

Originally posted by daenso

Tao: Wanting to impress you this poor boy would try his best to recall this knowledge on the language, but after a while of not speaking it he would find he doesn’t really know it well enough to teach you.
“So… I don’t know what this means… are you sure you don’t want to learn Chinese instead?”

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Kai: Kai would be so patient with you, understanding that it is hard to pick up a new language, especially one with a different alphabet, and try everything he can to make it as simple of a process as it could possibly be.
“Let’s just focus on conjugating first, ok? Don’t worry about that yet.”

Originally posted by fy-exolicious

Sehun: He would be a surprisingly good teacher, praising you when you do well and correcting you immediately if you’re wrong. However, after an hour of teaching you he would start to get restless and his attention would waver.
“Yes, very good. Now can we get food?”

Originally posted by oh-sehun-please

EXO’s Reaction To You Working In Their Recording Studio

Anon Requested: Could I request an exo (ot12) reaction/scenario where they start crushing on someone they works with in their recording studio? Ty ty ty! Your blog is so much fun, ty!

Hopefully this comes out good💕 I’d love to write a scenario about this but I can only write for one member -Admin Joey


Originally posted by lu-are-perfect-my-deer

*Constantly is acting shy around you* One day he comes to record with flowers in one hand and hands it to you. “I like you y/n.”


Originally posted by pkjmnie

*Records songs while trying not to look at you feeling nervous on what you’ll think of him. Mumbles to himself “Don’t look at y/n… Focus…”


Originally posted by death-by-jongin

*Doesn’t get flustered but aims for you to get flustered* “Oh hey y/n…” smirks and stares 


Originally posted by ohhsenshine

*Waves to you while recording* Makes time during every recording to check if you are watching him. Whenever he sees you says “Oh, hey there cutie!”


Originally posted by finnodair

*Sings into the mic while only looking at you* After the recording asks “Do you think I did good? You wanna go out with me sometime?”


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“Okay! Let’s get started!” spoken confidently then turn to look at you really fast and gets really shy.


Originally posted by ninikai

*Passionately sings knowing that he has already impressed you with his singing*


Originally posted by sugutie

*Always asks you the same question* “Did I do good? What do you think? Any mistakes?” When you answer him saying that the recording was great, he’d get shy and turn away smiling to himself.


Originally posted by laygion

*Points at you in the middle of singing* Makes sure that you should understand that he has a crush on you by occasionally throwing hearts too.


Originally posted by exosback

While you start talking about how his recording was and how the progress of the song is he would be listening and looking at your eyes the whole time eventually smiling sometimes to show that he was indeed listening to you. Out of no where he’d say “Your eyes are pretty… just like you”


Originally posted by baek-tao-the-future

*Sings* When a part talking about love comes up he looks at you and winks. 


Originally posted by secrethideoutme

*Looks at you and smiles while feeling shy* “I-I think I like you…” *Does aegyo even though he isn’t trying*

Exo React to When you Have to Perform A Sexy Dance Live

This wasn’t a request but since I didn’t post anything yesterday and I really want to have more stuff on my blog, so I’m doing little drabbles and posting them. I only have two requests at the moment which I’m working on so please send your requests if you have any, thank you ~

Xiumin : I know what I’m doing when we get home.

Luhan : *sees the other members staring* OH NO NO NO

Kris : that’s my style…

Suho :

Lay : *as he sees everyone in the audience looking shocked* you really do have a talent, jagi *proud*

Baekhyun : *extremely protective*

Chen : gosh, did you really have to wear those clothes though? *unhappy but doesn’t say anything*

Chanyeol : stay calm, Chanyeol, stay calm

D.O : *doesn’t like the looks you’re getting* Y/N is mine.

Tao : are you being serious right now? not that I don’t like it but are you for real? *protective yet supportive ;)*

Kai : *wasn’t happy that everyone saw that but is proud of you anyway*

Sehun : Y/N you better get ready for later because I’m not letting you walk away that easily after this

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-xxx, Bambi 💕

EXO Reactions: How they would surprise you for your birthday


 He pretends like he forgets your birthday only to surprise you with a day filled with doing all of your favorite things.


He takes you to see your favorite artist in concert and makes sure to blog the whole experience for later.   *you are D.O*


He surprises you with a secret love song he’s spent months writing you, where he expresses his whole love leaving you speechless.


He was planning a surprise birthday party. He invited all your family and even paid for all their plane tickets and hotel rooms. He would take you shopping and keep you out of the house while your family decorated and set up all the food. When you get home you are so surprised and you start to cry because what he did was really sweet. You run and hug him.

“Thank you Lay.”

“It’s no problem baobei. Happy birthday.”


His surprise would be taking you on a special trip to all the places you’ve always wanted to go to. *you are luhan*


 He takes you out on and adventure through China, carrying you on his back while you gasp at the views.


Takes you on a romantic date with beautiful scenery that you both enjoy. *you are suho*


After a nice homemade dinner (in which D.O helps him) he takes you out for part 2 of your surprise which is, he rented a boat and is taking you to a beautiful island for your birthday.


Surprises you with a great birthday with everyone you love and at the end has fireworks for you.  *you are D.O as you watch the fireworks*


 He’d wake you up early with a delicious breakfast *chef soo* and then proceed with the festivities he’s prepared.


 Surprises you by throwing you the sickest birthday party and then gets excited when you get excited. *you are tao*


He’s taken note of everything you said you loved and surprises you with it all on your birthday.


When the skies and the grounds were one, the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the Tree of Life. An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of Tree of Life, and the heart slowly grew dry. To tend and embrace the heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side. Hence, time is over-turned and space turns askew.   The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different ground, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. The day the grounds beget a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red force is purified, the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root a new world shall open up.


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Exo Reaction to You Sleeping Till Noon

A/N: I’ve been wanting to try some of these since I’ve started Tumblr so I finally thought of one. It’s probably not a good reaction but I have to start somewhere. Anyway here it is, enjoy.

DO: It would be one of Exo’s rare days off. You were still sleeping and DO was waiting for you to waking up so he could spend the day with you. He would glance at the time and realize you weren’t waking up any time so he went to the kitchen. He’d make your favorite meal. As it was done, he would bring it in the room. His attempt to wake you with food work because of the smell of his delicious food.

Originally posted by daenso

Kai: He would use his dogs. He would get them both on the bed and start playing with them until they started crawling all over you. “Come on Monggu, we have to wake her up. What was that Jjanggu? You want her to spend time with Y/N…me too.”

Originally posted by mybeautifulautumn

Xiumin: He would see you laying in bed, still fast asleep and immediately get an idea of how to wake you. He’d get in the bed next to you and tightly wrap his arms around you. When you slightly opened your eyes to meet his he would start his signature aegyo. “Babe wake up, please. We can’t spend time together if you sleep all day.”

Originally posted by laywithmexiuchen

Sehun: He would be sitting on the couch flipping through the tv channels but not paying attention to what was actually on. With each passing second, he would get more bored waiting for you to wake and when he couldn’t take it anymore he’d decide to wake you up. “Y/N, wake up.” He would shake you several times and when you rolled away from him, he would find his only option was to push you off. Glaring at him for his actions would cause him to look at you with his arms crossed, “I was promised bubble tea.” Then he’d leave you to get ready.

Originally posted by damnitsehun

Luhan: He would be right next to you…also still sleeping. You and him both stayed up late talking and enjoying each others company since you both haven’t seen the other in a while.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Tao: (ignore Sehun) He would start by taking some pics of you. “You’re so cute when you sleep” he mumbled. When he noticed you were starting to wake up, he’d start a video. “Y/N, you are still sleeping.” He raised the volume of his voice a bit more, “It’s past noon so you should be up so we can hang out.” After that, he would look past the camera at you. Seeing you looking at him would cause him to smile. “Good afternoon, babe” he’d say in a sassy tone.

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Baekhyun: He would go up you where you were still sleeping and place kisses in random places all over you face; forehead, temple, cheeks, and nose. “Wake up, Y/N.” He’d kiss you several times again, “It’s past 12.” At this time you would be awake but he wouldn’t stop with a big smile on his face. The only way to stop him from continuing was to pull his face towards you and finally get a kiss on the lips from him.

Originally posted by rxxbinc

Suho: He’d turn into the concerned ‘mom’. Once he glanced at the time on his phone and saw it was just past noon and you were still sleeping, he’d immediately go check on you. “Y/N, are you feeling ok? Have you not been able to sleep well lately?” Once you reassured him that you were just tired he would smile and either let you go back to sleep or bring you food while telling you that it is bad to skip meals.

Originally posted by 89ner

Chen: He and the others would come back to the dorm for their intermission between schedules. Once he walked into the room you two shared he’d smile at the sight of you still at the time it was. Then he would climb on the bed careful not to step on you and start jumping. After a few seconds, he’d start chanting in a sing-song voice, “Wake up, Y/N.” You were now fully awake. He would smile at you despite the glare he was getting. “I’m home.” 

Originally posted by blondejongin

Lay: He walked into his room to check on you and when he’d see you still sleeping he would walk over to the bed and kneel by you. After gently pressing a kiss to your cheek he would ask, “Are you awake baby girl?” You would open your eyes but shut them again quickly, “10 more minutes.” He would smile as you snuggled into your blanket. “Okay, but only because you look so pretty when you sleep.” He’d then tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before leaving; making a mental note to check on you again in 10 minutes.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kris: He stood in the doorway looking at your sleeping figure. As he stared at you, inspiration would suddenly hit him. He’d run into the other room to get his pad of paper and a pencil. After he pulled up a chair and sat in it, he would begin drawing you. When he was done he would start shaking you, “Y/N look. I drew you.” Your eyes would open halfway and you looked at the paper. “It’s good” you spoke while sitting up to get a better look. You didn’t have the heart to tell him what it really looks like. 

Originally posted by kris-tastic

Chanyeol: (Not my gif) As soon as he would see you still sleeping he would go into the other room quickly and get his guitar. Coming back into the room and sitting in the chair that was now next to the bed, he’d start playing. You recently told him that you loved his performance of ‘All of Me’ so he thought now was the best time to sing it to you. You woke up at the sound of his voice but decided to pretend to continue sleeping just in case he planned on stopping once you opened your eyes. He finished singing, “I know you’re awake. Did you like that?” You opened your eyes nodded and smiled as he added, “Even if you woke up, I would’ve still finished because I mean every word.”


[eng] 20160727 - Grazia BTS - Z.Tao

really short. but boy looks so beautiful. <3